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Reading Lovecraft is sometimes a bit frustrating There is only so long that the nameless terror can move the narrative forward Perhaps a longer review to follow which might explain how I can like Lovecraft without really liking his writing. I just don t know what to say about Lovecraft It s all good spooky fun, but he really isn t a good writer He s very repetitive, and tends to fall back on the trick of this is the memoir of stuffy and stilted layman, so that s why it s badly written Also there s way too much ZOMG It was so terrifying to behold that words cannot describe it It was like that indescribable utterly terrifying thing that you are utterly terrified of but can t describe because it s so utterly terrifying Needless to say I ll be reading of it.Oh yeah it s interesting to compare Lovecraft s stuff to M.R James ghost stories James is also no great writer, but he has equally cool horror ideas haunted binoculars, anyone He s a tad aware of his limitations though there are even places where he effectively goes and then they had a scary ride home, blah blah whatever on to the next bit. To save you time, I shall summarize this novelette for you If the subject comes up at a cocktail party, 1 pretend you ve really read it, 2 find cooler cocktail parties But, really, this has some INTENSE spoilers AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS Now with additions to satisfy the whiners Okay, so, there s like TEN scientists, and it doesn t matter what their names are, because none of them have personalities For the purposes of making this exciting, lets say their names are Michael, Eh , Jacob, Ceridwen, Caris, Jason, Manny, Brian and Aerin And, by the way, now would be the appropriate time to turn all the lights off, except for maybe a few candles to get a spooky mood going.Okay, so Our brave crew of scientists are going down to the South Pole to study something Scientific Lets imagine it s the effects of global warming They re gonna check to see how much ice has melted, and whether or not the penguins are sweating to death and whatnot But, when we get down there to the pole, there s a big snow storm Some of us are kinda big pussies, so we don t want to fly to the research site and maybe die on the way, so we let the most courageous ones go first So Ceridwen, Brian, Jason, and Eh all hop into the plane and fly into the snowy sky We cowards are all hanging around and playing Mario Kart and arguing about whether Jay Z is the new Frank Sinatra, and, if so, whether Beyonce is Dean Martin or Sammy Davis Jr We re waiting on messages, but we re all on T Mobile, and you can t even get service in fucking KANSAS CITY on T Mobile, so you aren t getting SHIT at the south pole Every now and then, though, our associates manage to get a text message through to us The first one is all like, WEIRD BUILDINGS, REMINISCENT OF ROERICH PAINTINGS, ALSO OF CHAPTERS FROM THAT OH SO HARD TO LOCATE TOME, THE NECRONOMICON, WRITTEN BY THAT CRAFTY FOREIGNER, ABDUL AL HAZZAD BIN LADEN And we re all like, Yeah, I remember that old, impossible to find tome I was flipping through its shadow laden pages for no reason whatsoever this one time So, there s general agreement sounds like Necronomicon, chapter 5 On Scary Arctic Architecture and Other Scary Things Too Meanwhile, Ceridwen was building a small hospital with her bare hands, crafting perfect rectangular bricks out of snow Jason, who was practicing his quickdrawing skills, said, Do you want any help with that Nope, Ceridwen said It s just a small hospital it shouldn t take me too long Meanwhile, Eh was standing in a snowdrift in deep meditation Focusing her qi energy, she pitched a ball of focused, dense air forward, and used it to explode the head off of a snowman that Brian was making Stop doing your ninja moves on my snowmen, Eh Brian said That s the fifth snowman you ve ruined With a shrug, Eh turns toward a high plateau of ice and begins focusing her qi once again With another blast of air, she caused an avalanche of frozen ice shards that levelled the rest of Brian s snowman army.Back in cowardville, the phone vibrates again, and says WE FOUND SOME FREAKY, HALF VEGETABLE HALF ANIMALS THAT SEEM PERFECTLY FROZEN WE RE GONNA DESCRIBE THEM FOR LIKE 1000 WORDS, BUT YOU AREN T GONNA HAVE A FUCKING CLUE WHAT WE RE SAYING, and then they do When they re done describing the strange beasts, they say, WE RE KINDA FREAKED OUT, IT LOOKS LIKE SOME STRANGE ANCIENT RACE HAS LIVED HERE IN THE PAST WE ALL AGREE IT SOUNDS LIKE THE ANCIENT ONES FROM THE NECRONOMICON, CHAPTER 7.Now, we were all excited about the scientific possibilites, so much so that Jacob thoughtfully scratched his ironic beard, and Caris jizzed in his pants We waited, and we waited, but no texts arrived Then, finally, we got one last message AAAAAAARRRRRGH ICK DEAD.And we were skeptical about exactly what this means, so we all loaded into the other helicopter The arctic storm had lessened, btw We flew out there to the research site, and we saw the penguins were indeed sweating to death But, importantly, we saw the strange, arctic structures that immediately reminded us of our undergrad perusals of that old, lost and forgotten tome, and also the Roerich painting This comparison to Roerich is VERY important if my imitation were even close to the original, it would sound like this Roerich, Roerich Roerich Roerich Roerich, Roerich Necronomicon Roerichimage error Ohhhhhhh THIS is why everyone loves H.P Lovecraft Jeez why didn t anyone tell me Let s talk about horror I don t mean Stephen King horror where no matter how many alien clowns or rabid dogs there are the worst monster will always be man s cruelty And I don t mean zombie plague horror Or even Dick Cheney, Bohemian Grove, we all know there s a shadow government running everything oh jesus I need to build a bomb shelter real world horror I m talking about primordial, instinctive, part of your blood and bones horror.Because that s the kind of horror H.P Lovecraft was interested in Before I began reading his work my impression of Lovecraft was limited entirely to large monsters with octopus faces And to be fair there are an abnormally high number of those in many of his stories Creatures like that do figure somewhat in At the Mountains of Madness and Other Tales of Terror but they re part of much grander, bleaker story that totally delighted me and gave me the best kind of shivery tinglies.The story is told from the perspective of geologist William Dyer In the early 1930 s Dyer was part of a much publicized expedition to Antarctica that ended under a shroud of mysterious tragedy The details of what actually transpired were never made public Now, some years later, on the eve of another expedition Dyer is telling his story to the world in the hopes of averting an even greater disaster.Right out of the gate the stakes are enormously high There s a sense of urgency to everything Dyer shares with us Even as he chronicles the mundane details of organizing the trip and the initial days of discovery there s a roiling tension underneath that only grows as the expedition moves further into heretofore unexplored territory Lovecraft just totally nails the balance between the desolation of this part of the world and the intense, untouched beauty of it I wanted to see this place with my own eyes, he totally made me understand why these men wanted to go there.This place is epic in every way I could feel the endless expanse of it, the fucking agelessness of the place I wanted to know what it looked like thousands of years ago, what amazing mysteries might be hiding under the ice that could change the entire history of civilization just as much as Dyer did.Inevitably things start to go very wrong Dyer and his fellow scientists discover some fossils that simply do not make any sense and the geological formations they can begin to make out in the distance look distinctly unnatural Then tragedy strikes when a group breaks off from the original party to scout ahead and their camp is attacked Dyer and the survivors are left to learn what became of the scouts and what or who is responsible But even when they find the answers it seems there is something else out there in the blinding, white, and ageless mountains that is terrible than anything they could have imagined Honestly I don t want to go into too much detail than that because even if you think you know how the story plays out, even if you ve read monster s from beyond the dawn of time tales a hundred times, you haven t read nothin till you ve tried this one on There s something so seductive about the way Lovecraft blends mounting terror and the sort of preternatural beauty of his setting Even while you re dreading the inevitable confrontation with some kind of epic evil you want the men to keep going so you can see of this world Its like he breaks his characters and the reader down to these very basic, primitive forms These explorers don t have a choice but to keep moving forward even while logically they know what they re risking The war between primitive instincts and modern knowledge is just totally gripping.Yes, Lovecraft s language gets a little overwrought sometimes If he can t figure out how to describe something he literally writes things like I don t know how to describe this but trust me it was so scary I ve read short stories of his that are utterly absurd in that regard But, At the Mountains of Madness is one for the ages I finally understand why he s regarded as the father of modern horror I am desperate to see Guillermo Del Toro make his into a movie This isn t just a scary monster story, its a fascinating parable about the damage hubris can do, where it can lead The search for knowledge is a noble one but its also fraught with dangers that we can t even conceive of Not all the answers to our questions will be the ones we want Not all the things under the ice were meant to be found We have to decide which terror we can stand The terror of not knowing or the terror of knowing too much. A Complete Short Novel, AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS Is A Tale Of Terror Unilke Any Other The Barren, Windswept Interior Of The Antarctic Plateau Was Lifeless Or So The Expedition From Miskatonic University Thought Then They Found The Strange Fossils Of Unheard Of Creaturesand The Carved Stones Tens Of Millions Of Years Oldand, Finally, The Mind Blasting Terror Of The City Of The Old Ones Three Additional Strange Tales, Written As Only HP Lovecraft Can Write, Are Also Included In This Macabre Collection Of The Strange And The WeirdTable Of Contents At The Mountains Of Madness Cthulhu Mythos Novel By H P Lovecraft The Dreams In The Witch House Cthulhu Mythos Novelette By H P Lovecraft The Shunned House Novelette By H P Lovecraft The Statement Of Randolph Carter Randolph Carter Shortstory By H P Lovecraft I ve read several collections of Lovecraft Often I ve read the same story as he was mortal and had to stop writing at his deaththough if anyone might have continued on it would probably have been H P Lovecraft or Poe Oddly I suppose I m not a died in the wool horror fan, but something about Lovecraft and his original twist on it which has been copied often since caught my interest I ve since looked up books Lovecraft himself listed as influences and read many of his pulp era peers and successors.Lovecraft s voice frankly dancing along the borders of madness in some of his stories contrasts with others of the time and since He gives us stories where normalcy gives way to the strangeness beneath They are well done and often stick with you In short,I like Lovecraft. Lovecraft is a writer highly skilled in imagination, intelligence and words This is not for me a scary story but how can I describe it but a cerebal adventure of unknown worlds and creation I find when I read his work I always have to take note of words to look up in a dictionary The story explains about an area that has been discovered and this is the account of the discovery and findings.Excerpt Here sprawled a palaeogean megalopolis compared with which the fabled Atlantis and Lemuria, Commorion and Uzuldaroum a megalopolis ranking with such whispered pre human blasphemies as Valusia, R lyeh, Ib in the land of Manr, and the Nameless Coty of Arabia Deserta Also he says hellish Archean organisms. The color out of space.Lovecraft, what can I say that has never been said You tend to babble and overindulge in unnecessary explanation, but I forgive you Aeon is your favorite word and fittingly so Your art will last as long, if not longer At the Mountains of Madness 4The Shunned House 2The Dreams in the Witch House 4The Statement of Randolph Carter 3 En las monta as de la locura, es un s mbolo representativo de la obra de Lovecraft Narrado en primera persona por uno de los integrantes y sobrevivientes de la expedici n a la Ant rtida, exhorta a la pr xima expedici n que no se arriesguen a seguir investigando en aquella cima del mundo Las monta as enormes, y la nieve, ocultan una civilizaci n jam s documentada en la historia de la humanidad La innata curiosidad del cient fico los lleva a encontrarse con huellas de los antiguos ocupantes de aquella ciudad olvidada Y a descubrir, con horror, que hay algo que aun respira.Bajo la acostumbrada premisa de Lovecraft de las ciudades muertas, los monstruos aterradores, y una prosa que hace parte al lector, es imposible no seguir las historias hasta el final, aunque el ritmo no sea tan veloz como el mercado actual exige. Me reafirmo Esta es la mejor obra con diferencia de Lovecraft Quiz s deba demasiado a otros textos suyos, ya que se da por sentado conocer cosas como las que se relatan en el Necronomicon vaya, lo que algunos lectores de ese libro en otras historias de su autor dicen haber le do y otros textos ap crifos, al igual que detalles sobre su mitolog a De hecho En las monta as de la locura es una de sus ltimas novelas, por lo que se dan muchas cosas por sobreentendidas, al tiempo que quiere dar alg n tipo de explicaci n a las m ltiples dudas que su mitolog a primordial hab an creado en anteriores obras.Pero al mismo tiempo es una muestra ampliada de todos los defectos de la narrativa de Lovecraft Esta novela no es m s que una extensa relaci n de descripciones de lugares y seres que en principio son calificados de indescriptibles A pesar de ello, de la inagotable sucesi n de descripciones, es admirable como consigue que la narraci n fluya y nos inquiete.Esta novela, que es mi favorita de l, contiene tambi n la criatura m s perturbadora de todas sus narraciones Y no se trata de un ente indescriptible venido del espacio Es un ping ino albino y ciego de seis pies de altura.