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In her triumphant new novel bestselling author Valerie Wilson Wesley one of the most respected and acclaimed voices in contemporary African American fiction poignantly examines the stubborn bonds of family passion and a past that insists on repeating itselfDani Carter was seven years old—her sister Rose seventeen—when their beautiful impetuous mother Maria walked out of their lives abandoning her husband and family for a love affair that would end tragically mere months later Over the decades that followed Dani was able to overcome the persistent pain and feelings of betrayal eventually wedding a successful man and giving birth to a wonderful son But love has long been missing from her marriage propelling her into the arms of another and inspiring troubling thoughts of escape If it were not for the distress caused by the recent death of her father she might well have already been gone The sins of the mother Dani fears have been visited upon the daughterDani’s sister Rose never spoke or speaks of their lost parent And their iron willed driven father—who channeled his shame and anger into phenomenal business success—always made it brutally clear that he considered his ex wife to be evil incarnate But Dani remembers a sweet funny vivacious young woman who did everything with exuberant love and tenderness And now that she finds herself in a similar heartbreaking situation Dani can’t help but wonder who Maria really wasIt’s a puzzle that may soon be completed after a lifetime of searching for missing pieces Maria calling herself Mariah is about to reenter her daughters’ worlds—at a time of emotional confusion and physical chaos—bearing secrets and bitter truthsand perhaps long awaited answers to what could possibly drive a mother to sacrifice what was dearest to her heart

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    I am really surprised by the drubbing this book has taken It is not a light hearted book The characters are deeply flawed but there is a thread of love and sense of family that is uite compellingI think the publisher did the book a disservice by putting reviews on the back cover that were incongrous with the book I'd grabbed this book in the Library thinking it was a romantic comedy based on the back coverAfter the first 50 pages I read the cover closely and found that those comments were praise for previous booksThis book is a bittersweet family tragedy and a departure for Ms Wesley So if you are not into family melo drama and heartbreak you may want to skipBut if you do appreciate a family drama with secrets lies heartbreak and flawed characters then this will be one to enjoy I thought is was a worthwhile readand very well written

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    From July 2005 School Library JournalValerie Wilson Wesley is in high form in her latest novel—this time with a story about mother daughter relationships When she was in her 30’s Mariah had an affair that led to her leaving her husband and her two daughters Several months later she shot her lover and spent time in prison for his murder Now Rose and Dani are grown and she has just read of her ex husband’s death Desperate to make peace with her daughters after all these years she makes plans to attend the funeral Meanwhile Rose and Dani have spent their lives trying to come to terms with the desertion of their mother The choices that they have made in their relationships reflect both the influence of their Aunt Lucille who raised them and the lingering memories of Mariah When the three women meet again long buried issues are brought to the surface and change each of their lives in ways they could not have anticipated Told from the first person perspectives of Mariah Rose Dani and Lucille the story is rich and compelling and much complex than it appears on the surface Interwoven into the story of Mariah and her daughters are themes of racial relationships and the drug culture of the sixties and seventies Wesley a contributing editor at Essence and the author of several previous novels shows her skill at developing characters who are utterly believable in their various combinations of grace and flaws High school students will identify with the struggles of each of these women to define themselves rather than letting their circumstances define them

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    I don't like stories told by one person at a time Three women a mother and her two daughters along with their aunt narrates the storyMaria better known as Mariah is the mother of two kids Rose Danielle describes her life and how she really had no identity Her mother was color struck and got by on her looks Maria is set up by her mother to marry a man twenty years her senior Hilton Dells As the years go by he treats her like she's less than the dirt on his shoes Maria meets Darnell and falls for him hard only to find out that he's not what makes himself out to be She finds him in bed with her oldest daughter and she kills him She's sent to prison for twenty years and haven't seen her daughter's since the day she left to be with DarnellHilton has prevented Maria from seeing her daughters and now he's dead Maria finally sees her daughters and they each tell their part in the storyI have mixed feelings about this book It was slightly boring and full of real life scenarios I wish it would have just been written from a different perspective

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    I'm always happy to read books that expand my world view All we have is our perception of the world and that can be very narrow This book made me very sad that people spinning in their own little worlds can hurt themselves and each other so much But it is nice to think of a world where time and love can help repair damage

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    Came across this book at a book exchange Absolutely loved every minute of it It's well written the story is engaging and the characters are real These days there are few books I keep but I refuse to part with it because one day I intend to read it again

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    I didn't enjoy this book It was kind of boring

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    Loved this story and how it was told from the voices of each of the women

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    This book is about a mother Maria and her 2 daughters Dani Rose When I started this book the mother got on my nerves she was so naive that I could not believe anyone could be that clueless As I continued on I felt sorry for her realizing that she was sheltered while growing up and she did not make the best choices for her children Maria ends up not raising her daughters due to some bad choices that she made when she realized it it was too late Very good book and I gave it 4 stars

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    I've been reading this for a while I found it interesting because tf the premise a woman leaving her children and then spending time in jail for murder the characters were different but somehow the same in the way their roles mimiced their elders The secrets were numerous and the ending a tear jerker I liked that it was unclear how they would end up in the future

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    I like the story but I don't uite like the ending I want to know what will happen to Dani and Chance Rose and Marshall and Lucille and Mira I hope there'll be a seuel to this story