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Janette Oke has an endearing writing quality that can tug at you a little bit While I did enjoy number two in this series I did find myself wishing that instead of everybody growing up and out so quickly that the pace could have been day to day I wanted to linger over coffee at the table with a friend while the children were laughing and picking strawberries I wanted a quilting bee in town where friends were gathered to discuss hearth and home and a little gossip and giggles Everything was just too quick for me and I missed the slow and steady pace which I preferred. Reviewed for THC Reviews 4.5 stars I m pretty certain I read Love s Enduring Promise years ago in my teens, but prior to picking it up again, I couldn t really remember a thing about the story As a consequence and knowing that this was a continuation of Clark and Marty s relationship, I was kind of expecting an epic love story which isn t quite what this novel is all about The book opens about two years after the ending of Love Comes Softly It is still primarily about Clark, Marty, and their growing family, but like a series of snapshots of their lives together over a span of approximately twelve years It is also about how the community in which they live and the people within it grow and change as time goes by as well I didn t find this one to be quite as romantic as the first book of the Love Comes Softly series, probably because it doesn t focus in on the building of one couple s relationship, but I suppose there was enough romance present in the multiple courtships and marriages among secondary characters and the next generation of the Davis family to loosely characterize the story as a historical romance.Once again, I loved reading about life on the frontier, the sense of warmth and love that comes from family, friends, and community, and how they all share in the joy and sorrow, laughter and tears that life can bring Most of the story is still told from Marty s point of view, but occasionally snippets of other character s perspectives pop up Then Missie takes over some of the bits near the end, probably as something of a transition to the next book, Love s Long Journey, which will be her story There are numerous mini sub plots that highlight all the changes in the community As people come to the area, the residents welcome a new teacher, new preachers, and new neighbors I particularly liked the part about the new preachers, because it highlighted a spiritual position with which I agree, that true spiritual sustenance doesn t come from big words or fancy sermons, but from an ability to sense an earthy oneness with God on a much simpler level The people also say good bye as some of their fellow residents move on and others pass on I was very taken with a sweet side story about a young couple s much longed for child not being exactly what they were expecting, but he ended up being a remarkable boy who was their pride and joy There was also one of the many romances that ended in heartbreak, which also tore my heart open a little too, not just because of what the couple experienced but because of other issues which I ll address in a moment Overall, every little piece of the narrative came together to make me feel like I was a part of this little frontier neighborhood.I would have to say that Marty is still the main character in this book She strikes me as a no nonsense kind of woman who works hard, and would do just about anything for anyone She can be pretty stubborn and independent at times She can also be fairly exuberant in her faith, and is eager to share it with others, but I wouldn t characterize it as being particularly overbearing or preachy Underlying everything is a loving woman who is a great wife and mother I was rather disappointed that Clark didn t play as much of a role in this book, but what we get to see of him through his interactions with Marty and their family, I could tell that he is the same kind, gentle man with a heart of gold He is a loving, attentive and protective husband and father, always thinking of others before himself Clark is just an all around great guy Clark and Marty s family grows by leaps and bounds until their little frontier home is just about bursting at the seams, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about their interactions with each of the children and watching some of them grow up and move on to lives of their own.Overall, Love s Enduring Promise was a gentle book that was a joy to read, but there was one little part involving the secondary romance I mentioned earlier which left me rather troubled It involved a white young man a character I had come to care about a great deal and an Indian girl who was very sweet in her own right , which raised the issues of racism and prejudice The couple was obviously very deeply in love and wanted nothing than to be married, but not a single person in the story supported that desire except for one short line from his sister who was immediately chastised by their mother for being na ve and having her vision clouded by her own upcoming nuptials Marty came the closest by agreeing to meet the girl and talk to the boy s mother, but even she wasn t entirely on board with the relationship What bothered me the most though was when the boy s mother essentially stated that it wasn t God s will for people of different races to be married and have mixed race babies I realize that prejudice of this nature was quite common back then, and that no matter what happened the couple would have faced a difficult road However, they certainly wouldn t have been the first white Indian pairing of the era, and since the only way to combat prejudice is for someone to stand up and say it s wrong, I couldn t help wondering if things might not have been different for them if well respected members of the community like the Grahams and Davises had taken that stand instead of being wishy washy about it After all, they are supposed to be good Christian people and to me, that seems like the Christian thing to do Admittedly, the girl s Indian grandfather wasn t any better, but since he had lost many family members in white attacks, I felt like he at least had a good reason for hating them The main point I m trying to make with my mini rant, is that I felt the author opened a can of worms that ultimately went nowhere and then copped out on a very sensitive issue However, I m willing to admit that perhaps, I m applying too much of my modern sensibilities to a historical fiction story that was written over thirty years ago This was the one and only thing that kept me from giving this book the full five stars Thankfully, it was a very small part of the overall narrative and otherwise, Love s Enduring Promise was an enjoyable, feel good story that left me with warm fuzzies all over, and very much looking forward to revisiting Missie s book soon. I read this book, having previously seen all the movie versions of the books in the Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke I enjoyed this book than the first, but them movie seems to depart even farther from this book than the first, and there is quite a bit of liberty taken with the first book It is almost as if one could put a disclaimer on the movie that any similarity between this movie and the book it is based upon is coincidental Seeing as I think this book was better than the first or perhaps to the author s writing style has grown on me , I think I may read the other books in the series also. This is the second book in this series and probably the last one I will read It was sweet, but if I have to be perfectly honest, a bit boring I kept waiting for some sort of prairie disaster to happen, like a fire, snow storm, or bear mauling, but no such luck Also, I felt the author side stepped any difficult issue For example, one of the sons of the heroine s friends falls in love with an Indian woman Rather than dealing with the cultural racial implications of this union, the problem is dealt with sort of wussily The Indian grandfather takes the Indian girl away, where she is expected to marry an Indian brave, and the young white man goes off for a few years to work in a saw mill and then shows up back home with his new white and therefore acceptable wife, his heart since healed I also found this book to be considerably religious than the first It sort of crossed the line for the amount of scripture reference that I m willing to put up with when I read a fiction novel That said, I really did enjoy the book It s very sweet, sort of a religious Little House on the Prairie. Tragedy Brought Them Together, But Love Bound Them Into A FamilyClark And Marty Davis, The Pioneer Couple Thrown Together After The Death Of Their First Spouses, Now Preside Over A Growing Number Of Youngsters In Their Prairie Home Together They Face The Joys And Trials Of Life On A Homesteader S FarmWill They Be Able To Find A Suitable Teacher For The Long Awaited New School Is The Very Learned Eastern Preacher Going To Be Able To Communicate With The Simple People Of The West And How Do Clark And Marty Guide Their Lovely Daughter, Now Grown To Womanhood, In Her Choice Of A Partner The second book in the Love Comes Softly series After finishing the first novel I found myself aching for I immediately picked up this book with my hot chocolate and dug in Started at 9 30am and finished at 2pm Great read Having watched the movie series I was sad to find the book completely different, but was glad to learn about this wonderful family and watch them grow I can t wait to start the third, but needed to shower and check emailoff I go. I read these books ages ago when I was a pre teen and though it would be fun to revisit them The first one is quite charming simple, not overly complex but touching and even a bit believable This second one however raced along from year to year haphazardly but through all that somehow remained, as one reviewer put it, a little boring It ran into trouble for me when Marty Clark have their disagreement about whether or not she should visit Wanda Marshall Although Clark was clearly intended to be in the right and the scene was supposed to illustrate Marty s stubbornness, it in fact is one of the few scenes that made Clark appear like a domineering, sexist bully and Marty like a petty child who doesn t know what s good for her In and of itself, it s not a problem all couples have these problems and it could have been a great opportunity to address them However the author skimps over the problems and in the end portrays a decidedly anti feminist resolution in which the bratty Marty is sufficiently chastised by her all knowing husband The next issue was even concerning and made me unsure if I want to continue with the series The author s treatment of the illicit relationship between Mrs Graham s white son and his Native American love interest is highly racist Although Marty sympathises with the young lovers, Ma repeatedly says it s unacceptable and no good can come of children that are not white or brown She further goes on to say she will pray God breaks the lovers apart Even Marty is concerned the couple will be hurt and hopes they will break it off Literature is full of complex and challenging portrayals of racism and racist protagonists Gone With the Wind, anyone but in this case, the racism is never addressed, directly or otherwise The couple breaks it off and everyone else seems to breath a sign of relief, especially when Tommy comes home with his new white wife several chapters later.This scenario left me feeling extremely uncomfortable As the reader, was I supposed to accept this unsettling incident and continue enjoying the book Does that and me complicate in the supposedly Christian characters overt racism As an author, if you are going to tackle an issue like racism, do it right You can t just pop it into the middle of a book, gloss it over, and worst of all make it look like it was no big deal and the characters were probably justified in their sentiments to begin with Wait no, worst of all isn t that, it s the fact that they all seem to think God is on their side and ultimately an inter racial relationship wasn t part of his divine plan Disappointing doesn t begin to cover it I was so deeply sad when I read this book because it moved way too fast, and did not give me the details I desperately craved after finishing Love Comes Softly I still loved the story It was a simple yet very fulfilling read, but I was hoping to get details of those early years between Clark and Marty I felt like Marty became seasoned and wise like Ma Graham over night,and I missed hearing about her struggles and learning processes Still, this book left me with a warm heart, and a greater appreciation for what people went through in those times gone by. I want to love these books because they have so much going for them, especially the great characters but what stops me from rating them higher is how quickly the timeline moves From one paragraph to the next it is just as likely that a year has passed as it would be an hour had I despise that Maybe it s me, but when I m in a story like this it is the ins and outs of daily life that make it From the first book to this one there was a gap of about three years in which a lot happens that we aren t privy to Anyway, good book but annoying also It moved a bit too fast, and the dialogue was annoying other than that, I enjoyed it.