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An ocean voyage of unimaginable conseuences Not every thirteen year old girl is accused of murder brought to trial and found guilty But I was just such a girl and my story is worth relating even if it did happen years ago Be warned however If strong ideas and action offend you read no Find another companion to share your idle hours For my part I intend to tell the truth as I lived it

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    This book just flashed into my mind this evening unbidden I can't believe how completely I had forgotten it But for several years after I just started to read YA novels I thought this book was the epic shit And it has a heroine And she's good for something besides good manners Either this is way out of character for me or perhaps as a ten year old I wasn't a cranky misogynist unlikely I also read some of the other reviews here for this book and I have to say on behalf of ten year old Isaiah that you're missing the point Ten year old Isaiah doesn't give a damn if it's implausible that the lace frilled permed and buxom Charlotte reject her social s jump on a ship and start swabbing and mizzen yard arming The trajectory itself was the excitement The strong willed woman in an implausible fight against sinister forces greater than her There's a reason this book won a Newberry and it's not because 30 year olds recognized how historically inaccurate it is It's because 10 year olds recognized how AWESOME it is ps Charlotte Doyle I love you Please write

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    Middle school girls who know nothing whatsoever of history will undoubtedly find this book utterly enthralling I won't deny that the story is paced well and the prose is well constructed The problem is it has no internal integrity Books with talking animals and intergalactic travel reuire less suspension of disbelief Charlotte makes a completely implausible personality shift An etiuette obsessed well bred snobbish wealthy Victorian girl in a fit of remorse suddenly rejects her social status and joins a ship's crew We are supposed to swallow this despite the fact that at the beginning of the book she completely believes in the values of her society that she is superior to the crew that any type of physical labor is beneath her etc That kind of value shift would take several months maybe years not the short time alloted in the book To think otherwise is to overlook the personality of the character in uestion and the deeply ingrained nature of social s Add to this the fact that Avi makes feeble attempts at duplicating the language of the time period and I just couldn't handle the book On the strength of Avi's ability as a writer I gave it two stars instead of one However this book's complete failure to tell a story that is in keeping with the heroine's personality makes it in my opinion an unworthwhile read

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    When I was about 12 or 13 years old I read this book Before this book I had read all other reuired material but was not a passionate or avid reader After this book I have a passion for reading and literature that is very strong I love the adventure and the imaginative dreams that follow such an adventure There are so many books that my mind is open up to now and I really cannot imagine the idea of not loving to readIf you have a pre teen girl that does not like to read currently I strongly suggest you get her this book It opened millions of doors for me and I just really hope it would for her as wellThis book is about a heroine of outstanding strength and moral character She teaches and shows that you are capable if you try

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    A sailor chooses the wind that takes the ship from a safe portAh yes but once you're abroad as you have seen winds have a mind of their own Be careful Charlotte careful of the wind you choose One of my all time favorite books from my childhood Imagine that paperbacks like this one used to cost Canadians only 499 Awww the 90's I was a huge fan of Avi when I was in grades 4 6 and The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle was my #1 favorite I decided to read it to my secondary 1 2 grade 78 students as a read aloud reading one chapter before the beginning of our lessons The transformation of Charlotte from the beginning of the story until the end the fascinating insight into life on a 19th century ship class differences race differences and intrigue on the high seas My students only disagreed with the author on one event that comes at the end of the story They were a bit bloodthirsty Lastly it has one of those really great hooks at the beginning of the book Not every thirteen year old girl is accused of murder brought to trial and found guilty

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    I adored this book as a teen Maybe it stretches credulity now But it fired my imagination and made me want to find books about girls who went adventuring in historical times and for that I love it

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    Avi is an incredibly accomplished author and this smoothly written work is well constructed with a good dose of adventure However I disliked the heroine intensely and found it extremely implausible that a young lady of her disposition and upbringing should so utterly and permanently reject nearly all societal s and roles she was taught to revere in such a short time period Moreover it was absolutely unbelievable that the crew would accept her offer to work as a sailor I thought Charlotte was an unbearable prude at the beginning of the novel By the book's end she her values had changed but she was no less priggish in her adherence to this new set of values I know that MANY people disagree with this assessment and less historically inclined readers will find this a rollicking good adventure Despite a major flaw in the book's historical realism and my personal reaction to the character this is a well written and carefully constructed work

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    Set in England in the 1830’s this high suspense historical fiction story takes place on a ship carrying thirteen year old Charlotte Doyle a young lady of proper upbringing home to her family in Providence Rhode Island There is high suspense as the tale unfolds and Charlotte is accused of murder Charlotte learns a valuable lesson about not judging people based on first impressions or positions of authority The book has won many awards including the Boston Globe – Horn Book Award Newberry Honor Award and ALA Notable Children’s Book Award A major theme in the book is the conflict that arises when Charlotte acts outside the expected gender conventions of the time A compare and contrast study of the social expectations of young people today with those of the early 1800’s focusing on expected roles as they relate to gender would be an appropriate activity for upper elementary to middle school students studying this book Some prior instruction in the societal structure of the time and in nautical history and conventions would be necessary to help students grasp the magnitude of Charlotte’s decision This could be a 5th grade social studies lesson to satisfy PASS 32

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    “A sailor chooses the wind that takes the ship from a safe port Ah yes but once you're abroad as you have seen winds have a mind of their own Be careful Charlotte careful of the wind you choose” ― Avi The True Confessions of Charlotte DoyleHonestly? I am in lovewith this bookSo we all read and read and as each new year starts I know for me I look forward to finding not just books I like but maybe a few that I c an adoreyou know what I mean don't you? It's why we readalways looking for that next hidden treasureAnd so far this year I have read some good ones but nothing I'd say just leaps into unforgettable territory Until this bookSo I read across all genres But I do so love Historical Fiction Specifically the type where a certain time period or location can come alivethat really just does it for meOne of my all time favorite Historical reads is 'The Witch of Blackbird Pond which I first read as a kid and I reread it every so often This reminded me so much of that bookThis has been on my TBR list forever No in depth plot recount on this one as it is a pretty well known book with hundreds of reviews But I will talk about why I liked it so muchLike the other book I mentioned this book True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle has the theme of an unusual young female struggling to find her identity in a world that wants to keep her down and mold her to the wishes of other people And like with Kit in Blackbird Pond Charlotte is at heart a warm sassy and strong female forced to fight for her life and identity under life threatening circumstancesI also adored the homage to the sea I loved the camaraderie of the sailors and the slow and easy pace of the book I loved that I felt right there on the ship as the wind whipped about and Seafoam sprayed everywhereI loved Charlotte's gutsiness and her authenticity I loved everything about this book and found the writing sweeping and magnificent Read it in one sitting Those are the types of books to savorAlso agree with the authorno seuel Ending was perfectHighly recommended to all fans of Historical Fiction and adventure stories A wonderful sea drenched five stars for this story

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    Is it possible that I have never reviewed this book? Or maybe I've just reviewed another edition? Whatever the case this book is fantastic A young respectable girl returning from her English boarding school to her home in Massachusetts ends up caught in the middle of a mutiny and pressed into service as a sailor Wonderfully descriptive with meticulous detail about life on board a ship readers of all ages and sexes can enjoy this book

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    I was forced to read this in the 6th grade and I couldn't stand Charlotte Doyle and the sheer unbelievability that this loser 12 year old participated in a mutiny and became the captain of a ship