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Robinson Crusoe is a novel by Daniel Defoe first published on 25 April 1719 The first edition credited the work's protagonist Robinson Crusoe as its author leading many readers to believe he was a real person and the book a travelogue of true incidentsEpistolary confessional and didactic in form the book is presented as an autobiography of the title character whose birth name is Robinson Kreutznaer a castaway who spends 28 years on a remote tropical desert island near Trinidad encountering cannibals captives and mutineers before ultimately being rescued The story has been thought to be based on the life of Alexander Selkirk a Scottish castaway who lived for four years on a Pacific island called Más a Tierra now part of Chile which was renamed Robinson Crusoe Island in 1966Despite its simple narrative style Robinson Crusoe was well received in the literary world and is often credited as marking the beginning of realistic fiction as a literary genre It is generally seen as a contender for the first English novel Before the end of 1719 the book had already run through four editions and it has gone on to become one of the most widely published books in history spawning so many imitations not only in literature but also in film television and radio that its name is used to define a genre the Robinsonade

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    It's really sad that people judge books from the 17th century from their 21st century politically correct perspective You don't have to agree with Defoe's worldview and religious beliefs to like the book I'm repulsed by Homer's beliefs but I know his works deserve to be classicsPeople who think this book is boring probably think hikes through majestic mountains or uiet afternoons in a beautiful garden are boring This book is slow at times But the slowest parts are the best Defoe is a master of detail And the action is much exciting when it comes after the calm A book with only action would be boring to me not to mention corny eg Treasure Island This is hands down my favorite novel of all time Rich detail gripping plot profound character development insightful meditations and the meeting of two radically different worlds in Robinson and the cannibals I never stop reading this book When I finish I start again I love Robinson and Friday as if they were a real life father and brotherBTW There is an audio recording by Ron Keith that is spectacular The publisher is Recorded Books

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    This is one of those books that really serves to remind a modern audience of why we should kill whitey Robinson Crusoe is the story of a young man with atrociously bad luck who unfortunately for any shipmates he ever has suffers from an extreme case of wanderlust Every ship he gets onto sinks but he just keeps getting onto them Even after he's got a nice successful plantation of his own he decides he's just GOT to get on ANOTHER ship to get this procure himself some slaves It crashes of course and he gets stranded alone on an island Not to worry though he's got a bible and he successfully becomes a religious zealot while alone with nothing better to do It's too bad that his only book couldn't have been a copy of Don uixote or something because maybe then he'd have become a interesting storyteller But no like so many people who have terrible luck he turns to god and starts counting his blessings or less out of a lack of anything better to do Then after he's been alone for 24 years he sees a footprint in the sand and he totally freaks and he becomes convinced it must belong to the devil Ummm ok So I'm sitting there thinking Maybe it's your own footprint But it takes this genius a whole day of scaring himself before he comes up with that explanation Anyway it turns out not to be his footprint at all it actually belongs to the savages Carribean Indians who apparently visit the island sometimes in order to cook and eat their prisoners which for the record was not actually a common practice among Indians in the Americas And here's the part where you really hate white people He then saves one of the prisoners from being eaten and makes him into his slave who he renames Friday teaches English and converts to Christianity Friday instead of kicking this pompous jerk's posterior from here to next Friday after repaying whatever debt he owed Robinson for saving his life is a faithful slave in every way for the remainder of the book Friday speaks in a pidgin English which is probably realistic enough for a man who learned English late in life from one solitary individual but Robinson has an offensive habit of translating easy enough to understand things that Friday says to us the idiot readers At which he smiled and said 'Yes yes we always fight the better;' that is he meant always get the better in fight Also during Friday's religious education he asks Robinson why god doesn't just kill the devil and end evil and because there is actually no good answer to such a uestion for a religious person Robinson simply pretends not to hear him and wanders away What a jackss Luckily Robinson Crusoe's religious conversion doesn't last forever As soon as he's back in civilization and making money hand over fist he pretty much gives it up Speaking of which what was with the end of this book? He gets rescued he goes home but there's no emotional payoff and instead he goes on about his European adventures with Friday We don't care about the wolves and dancing bear We want to know did you learn anything from your years away? Do you feel like you missed out? Was anyone happy to see you? Did they have a funeral for you while you were missing? What did your mother do when she saw you again? Robinson Crusoe is a man without any of the human characteristics that make people interesting to read about when they get into difficult situations He has no regrets no personal longings and he never reflects on his life before he was on the island during his decades on the island I understand that this is just an adventure novel but people actually still read this tripe and consider it a classic

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    Reading Robinson Crusoe is like reading a grocery list scribbled in the margins of a postcard from Fiji Weather's fine Wish you could be here Need fruit veg meat I understand it's an early novel and should be respected as a pioneer of the craft but dang it this is the most boring pioneer ever

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    987 From 1001 Robinson Crusoe The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Daniel DefoeRobinson Crusoe is a novel by Daniel Defoe first published on 25 April 1719 The first edition credited the work's protagonist Robinson Crusoe as its author leading many readers to believe he was a real person and the book a travelogue of true incidents Epistolary confessional and didactic in form the book is presented as an autobiography of the title character whose birth name was Robinson Kreutznaer—a castaway who spends twenty eight years on a remote tropical desert island near Trinidad encountering cannibals captives and mutineers before ultimately being rescued The story has since been thought to be based on the life of Alexander Selkirk a Scottish castaway who lived for four years on a Pacific island called Más a Tierra now part of Chile which was renamed Robinson Crusoe Island in 1966رابینسون کروزوئه رابینسون کروسو دانیل دفو جامی ادبیات؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش سال 1972میلادیعنوان رابینسون کروزوئه؛ اثر دانیل دفوئه، مترجم محمود مصاحب؛ مشخصات نشر تهران، گلشائی، 1343، در 404ص، فروست گلشائی 33، موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان انگلیسی سده 19مرابینسون کِروزوئه، یا «رابینسون کروسو»، مشهورترین رمان نویسنده ی بریتانیایی «دانیل دِفو»، نخستین بار در سال 1719میلادی، در انگلستان منتشر شد، کتاب خود زندگینامه ی منحصر به‌ فرد خیالی ست، که لقب «پدر رمان انگلیسی» را، برای خالق آن به ارمغان آورده است؛ قهرمان داستان، که نامش بر تارک همین کتاب است، زندگی مرفه خود در بریتانیا را، برای مسافرت در دریاها، رها می‌کند؛ پس از آنکه از یک «کشتی شکستگی»، جان به در می‌برد، بیست و هشت سال را، در یک جزیره، به گذران زندگی می‌پردازد؛ «رابینسون» یک بومی جزیره را نجات میدهد، و نام «جمعه» بر وی می‌نهد؛ این دو، سرانجام جزیره را، به مقصد بریتانیا ترک می‌کنند؛ «دفو»، شاید بخشی از کتاب را، براساس تجارب واقعی یک ملوان اسکاتلندی، به نام «الکساندر سِلکرک» نگاشته باشد، که به سال 1704میلادی، پس از ستیز با ناخدای کشتی، وی را به درخواست خودش، در ساحل جزیره‌ ای خالی از سکنه، رها کردند؛ رمان پس از انتشار نخستین در انگلستان، و دیگر کشورهای اروپایی، با موفقیت روبرو شد، و برای همین، «دفو» رمان دیگرش «ادامه ی ماجراهای کروزوئه» را نوشتندا شربیانی

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    August 1651Dear DiaryWoo hoo Run away to sea at last Mum and Dad didn't want me to go but honestly what's the worst that can happen? So far I'm loving life on the ocean wave and have only been a little bit sea sick Anyway it's Bye bye Hull hello HonoluluYours RobinsonJanuary 1653Dear DiarySorry it's been so long There was a minor incident with a shipwreck and just when I'd managed to find passage on another boat some pirates turned up and I ended up as a slave I had to do loads of work for this Moorish guy and while it was all nice and exotic it's not nice being stripped of all your civil liberties Anyway I've just escaped with my buddy Xury and we're heading out to sea in order to see if we can flag down a bigger boat er sorry shipYours RobinsonMarch 1654Dear DiaryJust arrived in Brazil wowee it is hot here Much hotter than hull at any rate I'm redder than a snapper on stick and am having a bit of trouble finding my feet There's some sort of carnival on and I've seen a big hill which would like nice with a big statue of Jesus on it I've met some nice blokes on the boat and they said they'd help me make my fortune Someone is predicting that Brazil nuts will be the next big thing come Christmas next year so maybe I'll give that a goYours RobinsonJune 1660Dear DiaryWell it's been a while and a lot has happened I got myself all set up with a nice plantation and enjoyed the good life for a while here but I miss the salty tang of the sea air the creak of the sails and the gentle rocking of the boat so I've decided to sink my money into slavery and am going to put to sea as soon as I can I've realised I'm not one for a landlubbers lifeYours RobinsonNovember 1661Dear DiaryWell I am literally scuppered My slaving venture didn't go too well Guess I should have thought about my own time as a slave with that Moorish guy before I set out in order to profit from other peoples misery but hey everyone else is doing it and even Bristol are getting in on the trade now by all accounts Anyway that's all by the by now We headed for Africa but a devil of storm came and dragged the ship and all the men on down to Davy Jones I think I'm the only survivor and the sea has spit me up on this miserable sliver of land with only the clothes on my back A couple of animals survived too I've called the dog Defoe and the cats are called Swift and Behn For now I just pet them but if I can't find any food then Defoe is going to make a tidy stir fry Am off to set up camp now so will write upon my returnYours RobinsonJanuary 1662Dear DiaryI've settled in and created a uite minimalist base camp It's taken a lot of ingenuity to make all the things I need Wreckage from the ship and flotsam and jetsam have washed ashore and provided me with some raw materials like sails and timber bits of rope and metal It's not exactly the Radisson Blue but I'm uite proud of my little house The cats and rats are multiplying uite ridiculously I shudder to think what it's doing to the ecosystem I kill and eat the goats and birds but they're getting wise to my tricks now I've kept one of the birds as a pet and called him bird brian I'm having to go further and further afield for food the other month I fell into a ravine and broke a limb I thought for certain I was a goner but the lord has been kind to me since I arrived here I'm not normally one for solitude but the peace and uiet has been educational I suppose I've become a bit introspective but I don't have much time to mope as staying alive takes up most of my daysYours RobinsonAugust 1665Dear DiaryVisitors Wish I'd baked something Turns out they're cannibals though so I guess nice scones and a cup of honest to goodness tea bark probably is not their thing Was tempted to smite them for being heathenish devils but I'm looking pretty heathenish myself these days and beggars can't be choosers over company at a time like this One of them chose to stay behind Can't understand a bloody thing about him and he's not one for chatter I've called him Friday and he's put up no objections so far Am looking forward to spending some time with my new friendYours RobinsonMarch 1672Dear DiarySeven years since I last wrote well you could have knocked me over with a parrots feather when I realised Friday and I have become firm friends Still not a lot of chatter but then a man is glad of companionship without all the additional twittering He's got a bit of a grip on my lingo now though and has shown an interest in the ways of our Lord I told him about my big statue idea He laughed Yours RobinsonApril 1685Dear DiaryRecently some other cannibals came to the island They were planning to hot pot someone but we soon put pay that idea There was a bit of a to do and now we have two newly saved captives on our hands The island is starting to feel uite crowded One of them is a Spaniard who says his country men are near by and could save us the other bloke was none other than my man Friday's father The two of them are off back to the mainland to rustle up a rescue party I keep thinking about bacon buttiesYours RobinsonDecember 1686Dear DiaryToday was my last day on the island Felt a bit sad to say bye bye I've grown fond of all its nooks and crannies now and though admittedly I would give my eye teeth for a bacon sandwich and a nice cup of tea I suspect that never again shall I experience the resplendent solitude which I experienced on the island Don't know if I'll ever get used to sleeping in a bed and not a hammock either I'm thinking of writing about my experiences though Wonder if this is the sort of thing that people would like to know about? Friday has agreed to come with me which is nice but I'm not sure what he'll think of Hull after all it's no paradise islandYours Robinson

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    Spoiler alertRobinson Crusoe was a total douchebag If anyone deserved to get stuck on an island for 28 years it was this guy His story begins with his dying father pleading with him to stay at home but the teenage Crusoe won't have it He wants to be a sailor he swears that he's meant to be a sailor he totally loves the sea even though he's never been on a boat So against his family's wishes he runs off to a buddy's ship And guess what? He hates it He's sick all the time the boat is super rocky there are too many waves then they crash It's the worst Somehow he survives Once on land he gets drunk with some of his friends and is all like maybe I was wrong about the sea maybe it's actually great So after a night of binge drinking with the sailors Crusoe forgets that he hated the sea and vowed never to go to sea again So like the idiot that he is he gets on another boat The minute he's on this other boat he's captured by pirates and he's forced to become a slave Once again asking for it So after a few years of slavery he escapes on a tiny boat You'd think that once you're MADE INTO A SLAVE you'd have some pity for other slaves but NO Not this guy He escapes on this tiny boat with a guy who is now HIS slave and after making HIS slave kill some huge dangerous lions so Crusoe could have a blanket to lay on what's the slave sleeping on? nothing they finally meet some other sailors Crusoe sells his slave to them and ends up in Brazil He starts a farm and is doing pretty well on land mind you Of course old dickish Crusoe forgets how lucky he's been to make it this far and decides it's time for another voyage Why? Because he's a lazy prick and wants some free slaves to run his farm So he sets off for Africa and gets what's coming to him If only it ended there After about 24 years on this island he saves this kid who he names Friday from being cannibalized This is the first person he has spoken to in 24 years And what does he do with him? Makes him into a SLAVE Why? Because he can't be bothered with making corn and wheat because he's too busy being STRANDED ON A DESERTED ISLAND All he has is time What do you need a slave for? After a mess of shit involving cannibals some Spaniards and some mutineers Crusoe and poor Friday make it to civilization His time off the island is summed up in this paragraph In the meantime I in part settled myself here; for first of all I married and that not either to my disadvantage or dissatisfaction and had three children two sons and one daughter; but my wife dying and my nephew coming home with good success from a voyage to Spain my inclination to go abroad and his importunity prevailed and engaged me to go in his ship as a private trader to the East Indies; this was in the year 1694 Meaning the dick is back He gets married has some kids and when the wife starts to die he decides it's time to leave Ring any bells? Dad is dying time to be a sailor Same deal Asshole If all that isn't proof enough this guy was a total douche he drowns a TON of kittens on HIS island so many he lost count

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    Many consider this the first English novel It was published in 1719 and the setting was around 1650 But the amazing thing about this novel is that it's timeless Being stranded on a deserted island would be much the same today as it was 350 years ago It's a great tale though one I grew up with along with Treasure Island and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer The 18th century writing style is a negative for most kids today I would think

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    It is hard to estimate the literary and cultural impact of Robinson Crusoe First published in 1719 this is certainly the benchmark upon which most all castaway stories have been judged since Though I had to consider that Shakespeare’s The Tempest was published in 1610 No magicians or witches here and no Calaban lurking in the shadows this is all about everyman Robin taking care of business on an island that may have been present day Tobago Having never read the novel before I still felt like I knew the story simply because of all the references to it that exist in various media What is not generally known is the uality and style of writing and the very illuminating before and after chapters particularly his dangerous travails in seventeenth century France that had than its share of wild trails and snarling beasts This is also an introspective work with a loner of than twenty years having plenty of time on his hands to consider social economic political philosophical and theological mysteries A book everyone should read

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    Hoo boyI'm surprised and amazed and dismayed by the ex post facto muy contempo correct nosity readings belowshouldn't be I guess but amGee whillikers kids uhm here's one of the great social and perhaps even spiritual documents of Western Civ and it's a ripping read that declared ongoing archetypes and it's getting dissed forfor being a bit blind to its own time Which of us won't end up wishing for at least that when our tombstone gets knocked over?'sides which how many first novelists can say they wrote the actual first novel? Hmmm?

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    Robinson Crusoe was the first book I had read by myself – I was absolutely entranced I had no smallest idea that books could be so hypnotizing Strange may it seem but most of all I enjoyed reading the lists of the items Robinson was salvaging from the wrecked ship“My next care was for some ammunition and arms There were two very good fowling pieces in the great cabin and two pistols These I secured first with some powder horns and a small bag of shot and two old rusty swords I knew there were three barrels of powder in the ship but knew not where our gunner had stowed them; but with much search I found them two of them dry and good the third had taken water Those two I got to my raft with the arms”I dreamt to be shipwrecked and to have all that stuff for myself and to live on some desert tropical isle where there’s no winter and coconuts just lie underfoot And I followed Robinson step by step participating in all his adventures and misadventuresBut somehow after Robinson Crusoe had found his man Friday the charms started dissipating His solitude and lonely existence in the wilderness were much enchanting Robinson Crusoe is a book one should read in one’s childhood otherwise the greater part of its romantic charms would be lost And although I was literally stunned by this novel I never had a desire to reread it Robinson Crusoe is a timeless memorial to the human willpower and invincible will to live