[[ Audiobooks ]] A Pair of Golden Handcuffs Author Carol Collins – Multi-channel.co

Kerry S Embarrassment At Reversing Her Car Into A Mercedes Owned By A Good Looking Stranger Increases When She Learns That He Is An Inspector In The Local Police Force She Is Even Disconcerted When He Takes The Flat Above Hers, But Then Compassion Softens Her Heart Since She Discovers He Has A Paralysed Daughter She Soon Realises, However, That Ross Curran Is A Difficult Man To Care About Clashes Between Them Are Inevitable As Kerry Feels He Is Attempting To Assert The Same Authority Over Her As He Uses With His Junior Constables, And She Also Begins To Despair Of Ever Penetrating The Cold Outer Shell Which Seems To Prevent His Real Feelings From Showing Only When She Hears Terrible, Frightening News Does She Realise The Full Extent Of Her Love For Ross