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The Tox Files Special Forces Operator Cole Tox Russell And His Team Are Tasked In A Search And Rescue The US President Has Been Kidnapped During A Goodwill Tour The Mission Nosedives When An Ancient Biblical Artifact And A Deadly Toxin Wipe Out Villages Tox Must Stop The Terrorists And The Toxin To Save The President And His Team Before It S Too Late

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    What do you get when you cross James Rollins like writing with the excitement and history of Indiana Jones Ronie Kendig s new and thrilling series The Tox Files Introductory novella, The Warrior s Seal, is just a taste of what s to come.The Warrior s Seal is the perfect introduction to Cole Tox Russell and his Special Forces team If you ve read anything by Ronie Kendig, you ll know to expect fast paced action, complex characters, and a plot that will leave you reeling from its complexity The Warrior s Seal is all of these things and Introducing Tox and his team, this novella sets the scene for great things to come, like book 1 in the series Conspiracy of Silence coming out December 6th The novella is just enough to whet your appetite and provide familiarity with the team As usual, Ronie does an excellent job depicting the dynamics of a Special Forces team Her male characters always stand out on the page because of their authenticity and realness No sissy men here I also absolutely loved the historical element that Ronie brought to the novella and how it is all comingled and weighted with importance to the present It adds a very Indiana Jones like quality to the story something I LOVE as well as a depth that takes the story beyond the natural realm.Given that this is just a novella, you expect the story to be slightly abbreviated, but that in no way made it less action packed or exciting By the end of the novella I was clinging to my Kindle and swiping pages like a mad woman and staying up way past my bedtime I highly recommend The Warrior s Seal to a wide range of readers If you ve read anything by Ronie Kendig, you ll love this If you haven t, it s the perfect introduction to her writing It will appeal to lovers of suspense, military fiction, thrillers, romantic suspense, and lovers of amazing fiction in general Originally posted on my blog received a free copy of this book but was under no obligation to read the book or post a review I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own.

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    At first I didn t like it, and found the writing about the Middle Ages to be choppy and not atmospheric enough for the time period But as I met Tox and his team, and Tzivia and her archaology ancient history team, I warmed to the story pretty quickly and now have decided to buy the book when it comes out It does have a hint of sci fi to it, but in an interesting way I definitely want to know what happens nextIt s free on most ebook platforms, so give it a try

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    Warrior s Seal was very good I now know that I definitely made a mistake by not reading this before the first book I would have been so less confused This book answered a lot of questions I had and I m so glad I read it I liked seeing what actually happened which caused him to not exist I liked how he did it because he felt bad for his team and wanted to do anything to help them Because I ve already read the first book, I know what happens nextso now I m all ready to read the second book.I highly recommend reading this one before book one.

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    This was such an action packed novella and a great introduction to a new series The characters were interesting, the situation dire, and the twists and turns kept me guessing the entire time I am so excited to read the first book in this series now The author did a great job of setting up Tox to be a strong leading character, who definitely seems to have some regrets about events in the past I m looking forward to learning about him and seeing where this series goes.You can read this review on my blog at

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    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy Wait Scrap that HOOAH This novella gives you a whole lot of bang for absolutely zero bucks at the moment, anyway The Warrior s Seal is the prequel novella to Ronie Kendig s Tox Files series, which I have been waiting f o r e v e r for, and it does not disappoint Tox and his team are called in when the President and his wife, along with three secret service men, go missing on a humanitarian trip to Nigeria.At John Hopkins University in Maryland, Tzivia Khalon receives a mysterious phone call warning her that the Mace of Death an ancient artefact that she recently shipped to her mentor, Dr Cathey, in Syria, has gone missing For that matter, so has Dr CatheyI m not going to tell you any than that, but be prepared for action, tension, explosions, and jaw dropping your own, that is If you weren t already chafing at the bit for Conspiracy of Silence, you certainly will be by the time you re finished with this novella

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    Y all know I m a fan of Ronie Kendig she s a fabulous author and human being and I m so excited that her first series with Bethany House is here Available now is the prequel to the first full length novel Just enough to get you hooked Well, this little novella sets up for some fun I love the whole idea for this series and Ronie takes it to a whole new level, starting with the prequel I cannot wait to dive into the full length novel come December If you like a story with some suspense, archaeology, military and an Indiana Jones vibe, you have found your series Fans of Ronie will love what she s done with this and with what s to come And if you haven t read anything from Ronie yet, then this is the perfect time to start I kept it short and sweet since it was a novella, so I ll leave with a short question what series are you looking forward to starting Also, the eBook is free at all retailers, so be sure to snag your copy Originally posted at

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    I loved this novella It s a great intro into the world of the Tox files Great characters, strong plot, and tons of action and twists This one will leave you breathless If you ve been on the fence about buying Ronie Kendig s books, do yourself a favor and get this one You won t regret it I can t wait to dive into the rest of the series

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    A deadly plague ravages villages, an ancient artifact vanishes, and a power thirsty group has kidnapped the president of the United States As a special forces operative, Cole Tox Russell knows danger He has come face to face with it on than one occasion For that reason, his team is sent to find and rescue the president However, the mission quickly goes awry when they are sidelined due to the mysterious toxin and the people who might know how to stop it disappear or are taken hostage.The Warrior s Seal is the fast paced prequel novella that introduces the elite team in Ronie Kendig s new series The Tox Files Combining history and modern day, archeology and military, it reminds me of Indiana Jones with a special forces twist True to her style, Kendig delivers plenty of action, along with the chance to travel the globe without leaving your chair Intense from beginning to end, the novella closes in a way that has me fervently begging for .

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    Cole Tox Russell and his Special Forces team were sent to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram But when the US Ambassador contacts them with the news that VIPs have gone missing in country, the team s mission takes a drastic turn The VIPs in question are none other than the President and First Lady of the United States, who Cole s brother just happens to be running against in a hotly contested election campaign When the team arrives at the site of the abduction, they discover that a deadly toxin has been unleashed on the villagers, a trail of destruction that follows the terrorists use of an ancient artifact known as the Mace of Subjugation.Archaeologist Tzivia Khalon knows all about the mace s bloody history, but she s concerned with assisting her mentor in getting the artifact safely loaned to Syria for the swearing in of the new president and safely returned to their university When the weapon and her mentor go missing, Tzivia finds herself drawn into Tox s investigation as her antiquities expertise makes her a valuable asset as Tox s team faces a foe that believes in the legendary powers of the priceless artifact Everything Tzivia and Tox thought they knew is called into question as the mace s influence ripples through their mission to save a president a mission rapidly spiralling out of control The Warrior s Seal is my first introduction to Ronie Kendig s writing yes, finally I ve long been familiar with her work as I ve heard friends rave about her fast paced novels, but my gigantic to be read pile always got in the way until her first release through one of my favorite publishing houses downloaded to my Kindle I expected action and suspense, and on that score Kendig delivers in spades But what I didn t expect was the historical supernatural twist with the introduction of the mace and its impact on current geo political events The thirteenth century prologue starring Tox s Templar Knight predecessor felt forced while an interesting concept the Crusades era action felt rushed and detached when compared to the meticulously constructed Special Forces operation play by plays to come.While some may find the combination of heart stopping action with a dash of the supernatural to strain credulity, I have high hopes that in a full length novel the blending of these two disparate genres will come to feel even seamless This is a thoroughly entertaining introduction to Kendig s writing and one of the better series intro novellas that I ve read, featuring well developed characters, high stakes action, and a series set up that calls to mind 24 in its heyday I cannot wait to see how Kendig develops Tox and his team, and particularly how Tzivia s archaeological endeavors are woven into the narrative This is an entertaining way to lose an hour or two, and as the novella is free on most e book platforms, the risk is little while the payoff of being introduced to one who promises to fast become a favorite suspense author is priceless.