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Suzanne Richelieu may be of the noblesse anciennes, but her parents Huguenot faith endangers her life But who to trust A fast paced, sensory delight, Saving The Marquise s Granddaughter whisks the reader into the intrigues of the 1700s French court, on a desperate escape across the countryside to Amsterdam, and over the seas to Colonial Philadelphia Suzanne s unlikely companion is Johan Rousch, a half French, half German son of a farmer, the very boy she admired enough to paint years earlier But now it seems their mutual attraction is doomed by very realistic class boundaries, not to mention illness, a sentence of indenture and a pursuing former fiance More than a romance, this novel is a story of surviving incredible loss to reach spiritual maturation and realize a faith that is one s own Denise Weimer, author of The Georgia Gold Series and The Restoration Trilogy Saving the Marquise s Granddaughter had me on the edge of my seat almost from word one, and I m not sure I relaxed until I reached the author s notes at the end Twists and turns, danger, intrigue, romance, faith, history Carrie Fancett Pagels has seamlessly woven a little bit of everything into this fascinating story I m also something of a family history buff passed on to me from my grandfather and his sister Lucy, whom I take after so the book became even fascinating to me when I learned it was loosely based on Carrie s ancestry.Suzanne s story is tragic and yet full of moments of hope despite the sorrow Religious persecution, religious confusion, family tragedies not to mention running for her life while grieving phenomenal losses And then she meets Johan, who is a giant sleepwalking teddy bear of a German Full of joy but faithful with the weighty responsibilities he s been given In fact, most of the characters in the book are multi dimensional like this, adding texture to the story and making their personalities come to life on the pages.Johan rescues Suzanne several different times over the course of the book, in many different capacities First on a mission from his uncle, then as her friend, then as the man who loves her fiercely, then as her husband And yet, the greatest rescue in the book comes not from Johan but from the One who had been pursuing Suzanne all along Jesus, the Shepherd, the One who gently taught her that her faith had to become her own Not her grandmother s Not her parents Not her newfound friends Hers Suzanne s An important lesson during that time of religious persecution and an important truth for us to embrace today as well.Bottom Line Friendship, faith, courage, and love blend with intrigue, adventure, and history to create a story that will captivate you from the first page to the last Carrie Fancett Pagels has done her research, and it s evident in the attention to detail, language, and setting But none of those elements border on tedium instead, they act as a fascinating backdrop for a period in history during which brave men and women carved a path for us to follow Suzanne and Johan leap off the page and into your heart, and if you re like me, you want I received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest review Read my full review at Reading Is My SuperPower In A Land Fraught With Religious Strife, They Must Break The Barriers Between Status And Faith To Forge A Fresh Future In A New World After Her Huguenot Father Is Arrested, Aristocrat Suzanne Richelieu Escapes Versailles Handsome German Peasant, Johan Rousch, Risks His Life To Bring Her To The Safety Of His Family S Farm In The Palatinate Duchy, But When Suzanne S Brother And The French Army Arrive With A Warning That They Plan To Burn The Area, She And Johan Are Forced To Flee With No Money Or Options, Both Become Indentured Servants In Exchange For Safe Passage To Philadelphia Suzanne Falls Gravely Ill Aboard Ship And Marries Johan, Only To Survive With No Memory Of The Wedding A Reality Made Worse When Johan Spots The Priest Who Married Them Working As A Surveyor And Later In Quaker Cleric Garb Are Their Wedding Vows Valid When Suzanne S Former Fianc Arrives In Port, Planning To Abduct Her, Johan Must Save Her Again But Can He Do So Before Suzanne Is Lost To Him Forever Beautiful story Review to come This book drew me in with the very first paragraph, and I stayed transfixed by it until the very end There is a marvelous cast of characters, and following them through the various twists and turns of the story is captivating.There is religious persecution, betrayal, death, surprises, misunderstandings, suspense, love, and happiness among other things in the course of this story The author makes you feel you are right there with the characters, not just reading about them.I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of historical fiction I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Reviewed at The Power of Words in the year 1742, Saving the Marquise s Granddaughter gives us a glimpse into a turbulent time in history, one that I m not all that familiar with, and that is one of this novel s strengths for me Hidden faith, persecution, betrayal, indentured servitude, and class distinction are just a few elements readers will find as well as courage, friendship, romance, and intrigue The story is extremely well researched and rich with historical detail that vividly conveys settings and scenes from France, Germany, and colonial America There s good character depth, and gradually getting to know about Suzanne and Johan a couple who couldn t be different on the surface was very enjoyable I loved the unfolding of their friendship, attraction, and spiritual growth.Carrie did a great job in conveying the realism of something I ve never understood, and that s intolerance and persecution in the name of religion The courage of both the Huguenots and those who helped them at personal risk was moving I recommend Saving the Marquise s Granddaughter to all who enjoy historical fiction.Thank you to Carrie Fancett Pagels and Celebrate Lit for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I enjoyed reading Carrie Pagel s Saving The Marquise s Grandaughter Ms Pagel obviously did her homework and her love of History is quite evident throughout the book I would like to know a little about the Hugonaut Faith but otherwise, I was quite pleased with the story The characters had depth to them and the scenes were described in vivid terms I would love to see a sequel that details what happened after this book ends I feel there is to the story I was given this book by in exchange or my honest review All thoughts are my own. For most of this story I was waiting and wondering what would happen to Suzanne and Johan two of the most delightful and important characters of this story.There is history, action and romance all rolled up into one I can t imagine what Suzanne has gone through by losing her family and then getting seperated from her brother on their way to the New World Johan feels called by the Lord to go to the New World to do what he wants to do.I felt as of Johan and Suzanne were my new real friends and I could imagine them running for their lives in order to get to the New World because Suzanne was a Hugenought Religion was a pretty big thing back then and still is today I liked how Un the story God told Suzanne that she had to find her own region, not someone else s in other words I thought God meant that she had to find her own heart and where she needed to be I also admire Johan for protecting Suzanne even though he didn t have to I also admired his strong faith in God I know that there were times that he doubted God as we all do It just showed that he was human His determination was wonderful as well.I like how Carrie worked evil in with the good ppl like Eitienne, Paul who want to use ppl for themselves and not the good of others God proves that good wins over evil everytime I m so glad and blessed that I got to read and review this wonderful novel We receive God s blessings every even though sometimes I don t see it God also has a way of working things out in His own time I received a copy of this book from the Book Club Network Thank u for the opportunity to read and review this book these words come straight from my heartI love Carries stories and her ability to make her characters real I enjoy traveling to different places and in this particular time and place France I ve never traveled to France before. From the opening pages of Carrie Fancett Pagels latest novel, I was drawn into a time and place I know little of, despite my fascination with history The action is immediate and urgent, and I couldn t put the book down or even quit thinking of the story for very long The plight of a Huguenot Protestant family in Catholic France, despite their position at King Louis court, is dire almost from the first lines.A very complex story, things are revealed layer by layer as we get to know the players Sometimes I felt a bit lost by terminology or a plot point, but not long after, things were explained or expanded and I was back in the story While momentarily frustrating, I really enjoyed the intricate storyline and its involved nature.This novel contains excellent historical detail, from descriptions of Versailles to the headlong flight for safety and then into the Colonies, I felt as if I were witnessing history as it happened The struggles of the main actors, made poignant by the suffering of secondary characters, really brought home to me how difficult living in the past could be.I would recommend this novel for those who, like myself, know little of Huguenot history it is a fascinating look at a time when spiritual beliefs could very well lead to martyrdom We really do take our freedom to worship as we see fit for granted to be arrested, then executed the next day simply for being a Protestant is unfathomable to me and I would imagine it is also so for many modern Christians in the US.I received a free copy of this book through The Book Club Network but no compensation for this review I was not required to write a favorable one and the opinions expressed are both honest and my own. Loved, loved, loved this story Follow Johan and Suzanne story as they travel from land and ship to enter the new world for a new life Adventure, intrigue, danger, and love are all entwined in this beautifully written story by, Carrie Fancett Pagels