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The First Scout Ships Of The Chrysallaman Empire Made Contact In Their Mission Was Simple Find A Suitable Planet For Colonization Earth HG Was The Perfect Target Rich With Land, Minerals, And Water, The Blue Planet Could Boast Only Of A Primitive Race Of Defenders Known As Humans, Bugs Who Could Be Easily Squashed By The Might Of A Single Chrysallaman S Mind When One Of The Scout Ships Is Unexpectedly Brought Down, The Advance Party Is Forced To Return To Their Home Planet Light Years Away To Report And Regroup In Their Wake, They Left Behind A Broken Ship, Dead Crew Members, And A Young Alien Boy Who Would Grow To Become One Of Earth S Greatest Assets And Her Greatest AllyThe Lizard Like Aliens Would Be Back, And In Force Mankind Must Prepare A Strategy Capable Of Defending Against Not Only Superior Technology, But Superior Psychic Ability And Strength It Will Take An Elite Group Of Military Personnel, Brilliant Scientists, A Sombrero Wearing Alien, And Another Generation To Plant The Seeds That Will Grow Into A World Wide Defense, The Likes Of Which The Chrysallamans Have Never Known Every continent except Australia had multiple ships flitting about at speeds greater than Mach 8 So far the Chrysallamans were untouchable April 2014The Origin of F.O.R.C.E fittingly begins in Roswell, New Mexico, where the military has just taken down a spacecraft in July 1947 A lizard like creature emerges from the ship and immediately takes telepathic control of the soldiers, including one Major Jim Blunt Given his military training and background, Major Blunt is the only one able to repel the alien s control The young creature DrrTrr Zenk, or Whatsit , named by Major Blunt has succumbed to Blunt s power and the two eventually develop somewhat of a relationship albeit one sided telepathically, but overall a mutual understanding of respect Whatsit transfers the idea that his people, the Chrysallamans, are in need of a new planet, their sights set on planet HG 281, Earth.The most brilliant, talented scientists and military personnel are gathered to establish a plan of action to ensure they can defend themselves in the wake of the returning Chrysallaman Empire Each is responsible for a different role in the plan, eventually determining that the public needs to be prepared but not aware of their predicament The hilarious relationship between the egocentric Dr Heinbaum and sometimes irritating Lt McPherson resembles one of Oscar and Felix from The Odd Couple they have been tasked with replicating the Chrysallaman s flesh cauterizing weapon Among others, the other members seek assistance from the likes of the Dalai Lama and a renowned although unsettling Voodoo New Orleans character.Sixty years of awaiting the Chrysallaman Empire s return, the group is ultimately given a name by President Ronald Reagan, F.O.R.C.E Federal Organization for Response to Celestial Enemies A new generation of military personnel and scientists has taken over including some of the founding members children, as well as every President throughout the years has been privy to the potential takeover of the Chrysallaman Empire.Simultaneously fast paced and gradual, Sam B Miller II adeptly crafted a story that spans the course of 67 years seamlessly Inventive and imaginative, the characters were well developed, including both aspects of human and Chrysallaman differences and similarities Miller was able to skillfully conceive a character such as Whatsit, with whom the reader identifies and connects First in a new series, The Origin of F.O.R.C.E is sure to be a hit as Miller promises a follow up novel, where Whatsit makes a reappearance 4 StarsThe Origin of F.O.R.C.E.By Sam B Miller II310 PagesPublished 2015 by Digital Services, L.L.C.Genre Fiction, Mystery, Sci fi, ThrillerASIN B010T04A2O Disclaimer This eBook was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.Gilt Buckram Reviews the framework that holds adventure This book, unexpectedly, blew me away In a word, WOW The title of the novel, F.O.R.C.E., was both puzzling and intriguing, so I purchased a copy, and began reading The author opens with a well known event to sci fi aficionados, the downing and recovery of an alien spacecraft, and an actual alien survivor, at Roswell, NM, in 1947, and the government s subsequent coverup of the event The author then introduces you into the world of a response team consisting of memorable characters the upright Jim Blunt, rat faced Dr Heinbaum, the mischievous Scotsman, Lt, MacPherson, and many others Perhaps the most memorable character is the surviving, teenage alien a six foot tall lizard named Whatsit , who wears a dark green raincoat, sunglasses, and a sombrero Whatsit is a typical teenager, despite his physical appearance, and speaks to others by telepathy a clever innovation by the author and you can t help liking him The basic plot is the intention of the Chrysallaman Empire, located on a planet thirty light years from earth, to colonize our planet and destroy mankind Jim Blunt, and his team, calculate that they have 65 70 years to prepare for the expected invasion They use this time to prepare a defense against the Chrik invaders The author obviously invested considerable time and effort researching every facet of this book Although astounding and innovative science is presented in the preparations for the Chrysallaman invasion, it comes across as believable I especially liked the author s generous use of humor throughout the book I also liked the uniqueness of each of his characters The novel moves quickly and relentlessly toward the climatic battle to save humankind I would call this book a real page turner Looking forward to the sequel. I m a science fiction fan but not typically a fan of initial encounter alien invasion stories However, this book pleasantly surprised me Even being an avid reader, I was somewhat put off by the enormity of the book, but I m glad I read it anyway.Miller presents a new look at the classic Roswell UFO incident Rather than Grays, we have a race of reptilian beings called Chrysallamans Instead of an immediate invasion, Miller gives us a 65 70 year time frame Most importantly, in place of the entirely evil alien race trying to invade, we see a sample of both good and bad Chrysallamans.Whatsit, who s only a scared child when he is found at the Roswell crash site by Major James Blunt, quickly became my favorite character He has flaws and emotions he lives and he learns For a lack of better words, he is utterly human, a normal being like us who just happens to have evolved from a different string of creatures on a different planet Of course, some Chrysallamans fit the evil alien stereotype, particularly the high ranking military Chrysallamans Still, Whatsit is a refreshing break from the us vs them mentality that many alien invasion books and movies take.I was most intrigued by the process of creating and implementing defense plans for the predicted Chrysallaman battle In particular, I loved the search for uniques The scene between a teenaged Dalai Lama and Whatsit especially brings a human element to the situation as well as some comic relief.The story isn t perfect In addition to a few stereotyped characters, Miller uses an excessive amount of exposition This exposition doesn t often to get in the way but sometimes slows down the narrative, which is otherwise a quick paced and entertaining read I also noticed a few grammatical errors sprinkled throughout the book, mostly in regards to punctuation and extra missing quotation marks The errors didn t detract from my enjoyment of the read but I still think another round of editing could help improve the writing in that area.Overall, I really liked this book I expected a typically Roswell UFO story but I got so much , an exciting book which has clearly been thoroughly planned, especially in the scientific areas I highly recommend this book to fans of science fiction, specifically alien lovers. Having read over dozens of sci fi novels in the last few years, there is hardly any twist or storyline that I m unaware of However, The Origin of F.O.R.C.E somehow felt fresh and by the time I was done reading its description, I had to devour it Sam starts out slow and vividly portrays the scenes and within no time, I was hooked on to it The characters including the non human ones are extremely well developed and are pretty relatable The thing I loved the most about it was in spite of being a sci fi novel, Sam keeps it simple and there is literally no unnecessary sciencey stuff that bores you I d highly recommend this to anybody looking for a perfect book to read over the weekend.