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As The Growing Conflict Forces Logan To Embrace His Newly Discovered Heritage, He Fights To Control A Power He Has Long Kept Buried A Power That Threatens Everything He Has Tried To Make Of Himself Desperate To Spare Astarti Yet Another Burden, He Tries To Hide His Crumbling Control, But She Has Long Since Learned To Recognize A Lie As Logan Becomes A Danger To Himself And Those Around Him, Astarti Must Find A Way To Help Him, Even If He Doesn T Want It Unfortunately, Astarti Has Other Problems Good And Evil Wear Ever Shifting Faces, The Right Course Of Action Grows Increasingly Unclear, And The Stakes Are Only Getting Higher In This Final Installment Of The Griever S Mark Trilogy, Astarti Must Decide, Once And For All, What She Stands For And What She Is Willing To Sacrifice The World of this story is unbelievable innovative I like the magic, although I am not sure that I can call it like that, the characters with their deep and authentic profiles and the social criticism that I read between the lines.It was really impressiv that one cannot only understand feelings and thoughts of the two protagonists Astarti and Logan, you can really feel and think like them However, in this last book of the trilogy it was a bit too much of thoughts and to less of action Sometimes the doubts of Logan got on my nerves, because it was a returning cycle With Astarti it worked much better The ending was round and in its essence really impressiv too, but unfortunately it was written boringly There was no excitement.All in all a good ending but the realization could have been much better. Nice closureThis book was full of intense moments and of course evil Belos will be involved There was much closure and answers, which made this last book perfect in its ending Astarti and Logan both look inside themselves and find who they really are. Unbound by Katherine Hurley is the thrilling conclusion to The Griever s Mark Trilogy.Everything about this series has been quite unique and adventurous from book 1 all the way till book 3 The characters were well written, and the story line was something else I would give Unbound a 10 out of 10 rating The thing I liked the most about this book, was that it was such a well balanced conclusion to the trilogy It was nicely paced, and spaced out There were some new elements brought to the table in Unbound, but nothing felt rushed or went unexplained I also liked that every detail had a purpose or greater meaning.Since the beginning, I have quite enjoyed the magic system that Katherine Hurley developed It was a different sort of elemental magic system that I quite enjoyed learning and reading about I think I especially enjoyed the Drifter s magic and the way you could Drift up weapons That was a neat aspect portrayed.SEE THE REST OVER ON MY BLOG BEYOND THE BOOK REVIEWS Very satisfyingI really enjoyed the last installment of this series It s been so refreshing to read about strong characters who aren t too stupid to live.I love the character development and how the main characters come into their own They overcome so many obstacles, both internal and external This was very nicely plotted and paced I enjoyed the plot turns and was highly satisfied with the ending.I just wish this author had books out Oh man I couldn t wait to get my hands on this last book and it completely delivered for me I felt everything Astarti felt The author made sure of that She was such a strong MC and grew so much throughout this series, I loved it Poor Login, I got frustrated with him occasionally but that s because I don t have the patience and compassion Astarti does He really suffered in the second book and it was still in here also and had no idea of how to deal with what he was going through This book kept me anxious waiting to see what would happen next and had next to no downtime It was perfect for me and hopefully will be for everyone else Confession I m not finished with this book Why am I reviewing a book I m not finished with Because I m irritated, and I seem to be in the minority.Here s the timeline as I see it Astarti is enslaved, meets Logan Logan is like able for a brief period of time Things move at an odd pace, there s something keeping them apart but of course there are feelings He is taken before they have time to have any relationship at all, comes back in no shape to be in a relationship with anyone, and Astarti essentially becomes his caretaker person responsible for bringing him out of this darkness With almost no history at this point, very few good memories, and NO foundation.I m married to someone with PTSD Let me tell you, love or no love, commitment or no commitment, it s been a bumpy ride I appreciated the book s acknowledgment of that, but BUT They have barely been together I was ALREADY married when this became an issue in my marriage, had memories of the time before then, a SOLID foundation, and it was STILL a struggle Astarti had known Logan for like a couple of weeks, and suddenly when she is seeing nothing but the worst of him, a side of him that lashes out and hurts her, she s nothing but understanding and patient and blah blah blah Also, Logan irritates me so badly I m so bored of reading about how he s going to lose control and Astarti deserves better He thinks about Astarti, but acts for himself I m not sure I ll even finish this book because I don t even want them to end up together now Don t get me wrong There are a few scenes that I feel the tenderness between them, but the overarching relationship is so incredibly unlikely and frankly unhealthy that I m not buying it on a whole Then again, I know relationships with men who are broken have a huge following, but I like to see a little before that point to be worth it Outlander, Scarlett, etc., all had PTSD issues but not before there was love and relationship Alternatively, I ve seen where the person has it from the outset, and that can even work, but right at the start of a relationship just feels like a No to me.In addition, I didn t really love the direction the plot story went with the Old Ones and whatnot I realize I m in the minority, but this has not been my favorite, and it s taking me a lot of slugging through to even read it. Everything is out of control before this story begins and the lines between who is right and who is wrong and how far the leadership on all sides is willing to go just blurs I can t talk about this book without spoiling something in the previous two, so beware.I thoroughly love this dive into the grey area of real power The leader of a city or people group has big decisions to make that will effect so many others There is no answer that is purely right or a choice that will result in no death, so who is willing to go the furthest for their cause Who will be able to live with themselves afterwards Anyone who has had some authority has bumped into this, but the author expands the idea until thousands and hundreds of thousands are effected The stakes are too high for anyone to back down In fact, the one who is willing to risk the most seems like they will have the only chance at success.Yet somehow Astarti and Logan maintain themselves with honor In fact, they learn to let go of bitterness that could infect their decisions even though it is a painful process, like prying fingers one at a time off of the only control they feel they have My favorite scenes are the ones where they open up to each other and allow themselves to trust and let go I m not sure I ve seen bitterness and letting go of it so well portrayed anywhere.Very realistically, the bad guy turns out to be human or close enough all along The fathers who hold too much of the power are also vulnerable and I held my breath with the world waiting to see what they ll decide.You shouldn t get to read this one until you ve read the first two It s only fair And this one s worth reading, so there you go.If I found fault, it s only that everything explodes right off the edge of reality this story balances on Somehow the author made me feel that zipping along energy lines or riding tree wind currents was completely natural My neighbor may be able to do it and I just didn t know it But when it gets to the flow of time and creation of everything that feel of this is real slipped through my fingers I lost my personal grip and was left watching the big light show Everything was grand and awe inspiring enough, I just didn t feel as sold on all of it and I was quite committed, believe me I don t want to take anything away from it because all the pieces were necessary for that scene, THAT scene you ll know when you read it There s one scene that is THAT ONE and it s only possible because of all the nearly unbelievable other stuff In the end, worth it, totally, but I do hope that Katherine will take the time to drag my emotions through all the dirt again in future books.Oh, yes, I ll read anything Katherine Hurley writes, by golly I m sold.4 Stars for this one and the series all together may stay at 4 or grow to 5 if I find I cannot help but return and re read it No doubt the reading experience would be completely different now that I know just the way I like my library Complex and satisfying. This story sucks you inFrom the moment I stumbled on to the first book in the series I knew I had found something special Having finished the story I can say it was even than I thought it could be With realism the characters grow, question themselves and fight their way to the truth the choice is theirs but the impact affects everything and everyone around them.Its not just a coming of age story, or a romance, or an epic war story its a life lesson With an almost overwhelming ferociousness the author digs into who people are at their core, how bad and good right or wrong are two sides of the same coin and how much evil can be justified for the greater good Yes there is magic, ancient Gods and a whole vaguely familiar world but the story, so light on the surface, twists deep into who we allow ourselves to be petty, disdainful, prejudiced and looks at the lies we tell ourselves to justify those failures.Our heroes, like all of us, must learn that it is their choices that make them who they are Their circumstances may have been moulder by others, their action s may once have been controlled by those in power but now their choices are the only thing with the power to save, or destroy, them all. I hate writing reviewsI very rarely even bother, but after completing Unbound, I want to give the author some encouragement The series, as a whole, was excellent The world building, the powers, everything Great imagination, and great detail Her two character made me laugh, clench, and cry I felt the struggle Sometimes I wanted to slap them both Sometimes I wanted to hug Astarti because she had no one to talk to Astarti shouldered a huge burden with Logan Her strength and restraint was incredible Good job, Ms Hurley, on showing her fragility as well as her backbone The problems I had are issues that will resolve with time and growth as a writer Her language, her conversations could get repetitive She used the element of surprise and betrayal a lot It feels like she got really excited about the story and crammed every thought into the story line He enthusiasm for her book really shines, but she just may need a steady editor to tell, You don t need so many surprises or Not every battle has to be lost as a result of your main character being too slow to react Nothing that won t work itself out Katherine Hurley is a fantastic writer I will read of her in the future I think her story building could be along the lines of Ilona Andrews, and I don t make that comparison lightly It was incredibly hard to finish the series, to know it will end I think as she grows as a writer, the little things I ve mentioned will go away.