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I should first disclose that I am a bit biased I wrote HACK3R, but if you enjoy well written Fiction, and in particular if you are interested in Cyberpunk Science Fiction, then you will love this book almost as much as I do.HACK3R centers on a professional thief named Richard in the year 2072, who makes his living breaking into secure virtual reality environments hacking , but Richard s next job just might become his last Hiding from the FBI, running from the Mafia, and trying to learn the true intentions of a femme fatale hacker named Yvonne, Richard must navigate an unpeasant future, and fight for the one thing he has left his freedom. A really good premise which mostly fulfilled its promise Hard to say very much without revealing any of the plot twists Most of the story was quite riveting I ve always felt hackers were akin to magicians, albeit naughty ones doing very clever things with strange strings of letters, numbers and symbols which makes as much sense to the non computer programmer as ancient Etruscan Adding virtual reality to the hacking was a quite mind boggling idea and the author communicated the ideas clearly and it was easily understood Apart from the too rapid capitulation of a central bad guy I was expecting a brilliantly thought out strategy and it was somewhat of a letdown and it was also why I deducted a star , it was an extremely enjoyable story well told The editing and proof reading was pretty good too I hope to read by this new, to me, author Highly recommend, it s a quick, twisty high tech sci fi read. In A World Where The Line Between Reality And Fantasy Is Blurred, Where The Only Decent Living To Be Made Is In The Underground, One Young Hacker Is Presented With The Opportunity Of A Lifetime Will His Quest For Fortune Lead To An Early Retirement, Or To His Whole World Crashing Down Around Him Hunted By The FBI And The Mafia, This Hacker Must Survive In A Perilous Future, And Fight For The Only Thing He Has Left His Freedom