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THIS IS A BOXSET That Contains FULL Length Novels About The Rock Band Bottles Worth Of Books Bundled Into ONE PLUS An Exclusive Chapter Sneak Peak Into Zoey S Upcoming Release Aryn S Desire A Bold Security Novel A Spinoff Of Bottles The Trio S Trilogy Claiming Addison, Craving Talon, Redeeming Kyle Books In The Bottles SeriesFor Addison Beltrand, PR Rep For Bold International, Inc Climbing The Corporate Ladder Is All That Matters In Life Her Hard Work Is Finally Rewarded With The Promotion She S Worked Her Ass Off To Earn But The Gig Comes At A Price She Leaves In Two Days For A Twelve Week Tour With America S Hottest Alternative Rock Band, Bottles Two Men One Dilemma Talon Is Wild, Reckless And Loves Control Kyle Is Calm, Collected And Loves Passion The Perfect Balance Or Addison S Ultimate Undoing Talon And Kyle Push Their Boundaries And Addison S, But Can They Throw Their Reservations To The Wind And Claim Her Together Two Men One Woman A Rock Band A Tour Bus One Wild Ride Dex Raine Duo Taming Dex And Devouring Raine Books In The Bottles SeriesDex Harris, Drummer For America S Hottest Alternative Rock Band Bottles, Has Never Gone Looking For Love For Good Reason After An Ill Fated Night After A Tour Stop In Phoenix, His Wicked Demons Resurface Is He Strong Enough To Resist Falling Back Into The Black Hole That Was Once His Life Or Will He Let Addiction Consume Him Defining US The Calvin Eric Story Book In The Bottles Series Loving Someone Completely Means Giving Them Your Heart, Soul, Body And Mind What Happens When Your Heart And Soul Love Someone, But Your Mind And Body Refuse To Follow For Calvin Caldwell, Being The Lead Guitarist Of America S Hottest Rock Band Bottles Has Its Perks Performing Night After Night With His Closest Friends, He Finds Peace With A Guitar In His Hands Playing Music Wipes Away His Unimaginable Past, Albeit Temporarily He Struggles Not Only With Who He Is As A Person, But With Who He Wants To Become And What He Is Hiding CONTENT WARNING Read This Book If You Enjoy Unconventional Relationships, Reading One Handed And You Re Ready To Dive Into The Rock God World That Is Bottles This Massive Box Set Contains The Following M F, M F BDSM, F F, M M, M M F, M F M, And Some Fun Female On Male Action It Also Includes BDSM, Rough Sex, Fun As Hell Sex, And Sex Scenes That May Have You Reaching For Your Vibrator Batteries Are Not Included Defining US May Also Contain Triggers And Stories Of Abuse, Neglect And Conversion Therapy And It S Aftermath

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    Craving Talon and Redeeming Kyle were good, but I started to find contradictions in storylines when it came time for Taming Dex and Devouring Raine .I mean how does Raine not know who Michael really is that didn t make sense to me Then there was a timing issue with when Dex and Raine got married that was different at the end of Addison, Talon and Kyle s storylines, then what actually happened I kept going back to the original three stories to figure out if I was mistaken with what I had read in a couple of cases And I wasn t It felt like the author wrote the first three books in the series Then decided later to write the rest and there were some inconsistencies that were glaring.I didn t dig Defining Us at all I just wasn t drawn into the story I didn t get the connection between Cal and Eric I got Cal s issues and how deep there were and that saddened me, but didn t read the connection for them at all I m not generally a fan of M M stories, but I don t think that was the issue.Therefore I m struggling with rating I liked it enough to read all of it, but still had issues with it and really sort of skimmed some of the last book in the series What to do what to do I guess I m going to go for a 3 star rating.

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    Best series everI can not put into words how amazing this series is I instantly fell in love with every character its a must read

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    5 Star reads All 6 Books in the 69 Bottles Series by Zoey DerrickThe following review is based on the individual reviews I posted for each of the stories in the 69 Bottles Series Claiming Addison Book 1 The smart and sassy PR Exec Addison is thrown into turmoil when she has to attend to the one band she fan girls after 69 Bottle.She forms an immediate attraction to the bands lead, Talon but she also has a major attraction to the band manager Kyle.No spoilers though just know that Zoey Derrick takes a very hot situation and writes it exquisitly She encompasses all the passion and fire of this unique relationship as well as the emotional rollercoaster of past trauma and new found desires Awesome read one worth putting on your Kindle Craving Talon Book 2 Book 2 in the 69 Bottles series and passionate, hot and explosive Love the characters with their individual intricacies but love some of the dramatic events that happen to Talon, Kyle and Addison.Great character development by Zoey Derrick keeps me coming back for 69 Bottles Redeeming Kyle Book 3 Redeeming Kyle sent my emotions into overdrive and over the moon Zoey Derrick has sent me spinning with the final instalment of the story of Talon, Kyle and Addison No spoilers it was heartbreaking heartwarming, sexy as sin and sad as well It candidly addresses the many emotional issues that this trio faces in order to seek their HEA I feel like someone has taken away my best friends but I know that Zoey Derrick is following through with books about the other band members I can see a whole lot posibilities for this wonderful cast of characters.Taming Dex Book 4 Zoey Derrick never seems to disappoint and she has taken the 69 Bottles series to new heights with Taming Dex You just want to punch some sense into Dex and his manwhore ways but he s met his match in Raine The feisty, but some what personally scarred PR rep, sent to help out Addison on the tour will work her butt off to tame Dex of his whorish ways Their relationship for want of a better word is volatile, smokin hot and very rocky Can t wait for the follow up book Devouring Raine.Devouring Raine Book 5 Raine Montgomery the assistant PR Rep for 69 Bottles and Dex Harris Drummer for 69 Bottles continue their torrid relationship in Devouring Raine the follow up book to Taming Dex Without giving any spoilers, readers will be pulled apart and mashed back together by the emotional, soul splintering, sexy as hell and heartwarming situations within this story It continues the exploration of the relationship between two very soul beaten and broken people, allowing them to be the glue and string that binds each other s lives back together What a stellar story this wonderful writer has woven through the lives of not only her 69 Bottles characters but also the complimentary characters that inhabit her other wonderful works I recommend readers definitely need to read Taming Dex before embarking on this story I would also recommend that to truly understand the relationships amongst the characters in this story, readers would enjoy reading the stories of the contributing characters in Zoey Derricks other stories including her Claiming Addison, Craving Talon and Redeeming Kyle The Trio s Trilogy 69 Bottles The Loves Wings series which introduces Cami and Tristans relationship and One Week 365 Days where we fall hard for Dacotah and Dereck in their story A truly marvellous story and I look forward to reading about the characters from 69 Bottles.FAVOURITE QUOTE FROM DEVOURING RAINE Zoey Derrick when she pulled me from taking steps toward destruction, that she was what I needed, that she was the light, the sunshine, that would pull me out of the tunnel I lived in Defining Us The Calvin And Eric Story Book 6 It was my total pleasure to have read the conclusion to the 69 Bottles Series Zoey Derrick has taken her characters to the heights and depths of emotions and none so than in this moving story of Calvin Mouse Caldwell and Eric Peacock Richardson Calvin is the lead guitarist for the hotter than hot 69 Bottles but he s running from a past, so traumatic, that it won t allow him to explore the one relationship he craves.Eric is the bass guitarist for 69 Bottles and the best friend of Calvin, but Eric s deepest wish is to take his love for his friend beyond friendship The sexual tension between these guys is off the charts and at times, circumstances conspire to hijack their burgeoning relationship Their friends are like family and are a wonderful support and an integral part of the story The way that Zoey Derrick handles the complicated physical and psychological and emotional scars of these characters is to be commended I have read many M M stories but Defining Us broke my heart and then stitched it back together with such warmth and love, it was just wonderful I recommend this book for readers prepared to risk their emotional wellbeing to truly appreciate a poignant and very topical storyline Kudos Zoey Derrick, you managed a difficult subject of gay rights, equality and understanding with delicacy and aplomb One of my favourite quotes from the book is by Addison Beltrand to Calvin Caldwell Life is too short for what ifs It s way too short for never and it s never going to be long enough for you to realize you re ready Regardless of what the past tells you, there is happiness in your future and he s right on stage A final word about this series Thank you Zoey Derrick for making your characters a part of my life I highly recommend the 69 Bottles Series to any reader who is truly prepared to commit to a series that will feed your soul, tickle your funny bone, fan your flames of desire and make you a total quivering mess of emotions by the end This series has it all

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    This is my shortened reviews of all 6 books individually as they were read If you want the full reviews, check out each book then I love this series and hope you do too Claiming Addison Book 1 This story had me from the very first page and I was about ready to throw my kindle because it ended This story is hot, sexy and will have you reaching for a fan, bottle of something stronger than water, tea or soda and by the end ready for a long cold shower Addison works for a PR company that takes care of celebrities It is her job and she does it well When she is assigned to a band, 69 Bottles, she can t believe her luck She loves there music but knows nothing of the band members Craving Talon Book 2 Addison, Talon and Kyle are getting closer and the concerts are getting better with each show There are things that happen that will break your heart and things that will make you smile So Jump into the world of 69 Bottles and enjoy the ride Redeeming Kyle Book 3 With a series that keeps you on the edge of your seat, you wonder if the author can hold your interest through three books Well you don t have to wonder with this series Redeeming Kyle picks up where Craving Talon left off Addison, Talon and Kyle are a working threesome, the love each person has for the other is unwavering When life takes an unexpected turn, you have to wonder who will run first Taming Dex Book 4 Taming Dex is one of those stories that will have you in a love hate relationship with him and you will be so happy for it Dex Harris is a man whore and everyone knows it and he is proud of it He never gets their name, he just uses them for his pleasure and theirs After all he is Dex Harris, drummer for 69 Bottles and everyone loves this alternate rock band After the lead singer, most fall in love with the drummer and why not he is gorgeous, sexy and very lickable Devouring Raine Book 5 Oh what to say about this book, only one thing comes to mind Absolutely Perfect Raine Montgomery works for Bold, a PR firm for celebrities and she is assisting Addison on the 69 Bottles tour With Dex Harris, drummer for the band, Raine is learning what she wants in a relationship and Dex is all to happy to help her As they get closer and their feelings become , they have to deal with crazy people after Raine Defining Us The Calvin Eric Story Book 6 Being part of the rock band 69 Bottles, Eric Richardson Peacock has finally come out to the band He has had no problems being gay His family is supportive and the band has no problems either While Calvin Caldwell Mouse was raised very different in a Podunk town from Eric, he can t give in to his feelings for a male or female His demons are real and always on his mind, he can t be who he wants to because of them A rock band, A tour bus, One wild ride Oh and enjoy the teaser into her next series which is a spin off this series with the security team Can t wait for from Zoey, she is fabulous.

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    Well, this series was recommended to me because of the steam factor and I will say, that did not disappoint If you are looking for a book with a very basic story line but serious hotness, this is it I was actually looking forward to the story line as well though, and if I m honest if it weren t for the sex scenes I wouldn t have kept reading, as it is I only read the first three books Its not that the story wasn t realistic, which it totally wasn t but its fiction come on, but some of the conversations between Addie and well anyone were beyond annoying I want to say they were too mature but thats not really the word I am looking for I quit after the third book, the story itself has serious potential but the execution lacked That brings me to book three, I am not sure I have ever read something so rushed The first two books seemed to go into every thing, every little detail often many that were ridiculously unneeded Then book three, it skipped through so much with nothing then a we had fun for the remainder of the tour I don t mean to sound harsh if I am I just had higher hopes and many parts of this story I actually really liked It all just got ruined with the ending.

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    Unlimited StarsThis Complete Box Set is nothing short of a fascination that you will become enthralled in Putting it down is not an option for fear you might miss a word or two that this author writes a journey that will have you incomplete AWEFollow the 69 bottles series with your hearts open to all possibilities of life Never underestimate or think you know what will happen cause when you do the author throws twists in that will make your heart soar to new eruptions.Enjoy and Happy Reading

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    A MUST READ SERIES OMG This is a hot hot hot and steamy series You might need a new Kindle when you finish Zoey Derrick is an outstanding author You will defiantly fall in love with her and her books.

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    Love love love this series

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    Claiming Addison book 1 This was my first book by this authorit most definitely won t be my last keeps you hanging..on your toes..awesome read will be reading of her Craving Talon book 2 Talon is my kind of guyloved this book Keep em coming Zoey..Redeeming Kyle book 3 Well worth the wait Redeeming Kyle awesome Zoey keeps you on your toes Keep tissue handy The I read from Zoey, the I fall in love with her work Keep em coming Zoey Fan for life Taming Dex book 4 Dex is the bad boy man whore of the group Can Raine tame him or will he break her heart This is an awesome series and I would live to be riding on this tour bus Keep the band moving and bring on of 69 Bottles Devouring Raine book 5 Another awesome story from Zoey Derrick from the 69 Bottles tour bus In this story we learn about Raine s past and the life she ran from When her past comes back to haunt her, will she let Dex help or will she push him away to keep her independence Will Dex take control and keep her safe I recommend this story and this author but read the warnings because Zoey has no filter when it comes to her writing Enjoy Defining Us book 6 Eric has been in love with Calvin for over a decade Calvin is afraid his past will scare Eric away Will Eric stand beside Calvin Will Calvin push Eric away This author is an amazing author If you haven t read 69 Bottles yet, I highly recommend you read the whole series I guarantee you won t put them down

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    OMG One of the best series EVER This series is HOTTER than HOT I received the first book Claiming Addison free in a reading challenge I loved it so much I had to purchase this boxed set so I could read the rest of the series and I will say I was not disappointed I LOVED everyone of theses books Talon, Addison Kyle were my favorite because what woman doesn t want to have to gorgeous men loving and pleasuring her and each other Then Dex Raine Raine is a lucky lady to have been able to tame that sexy man and find what they both truly needed in their lives Then Eric Calvin the emotions in this story Calvin s past was heartbreaking He had a lot to work through to get where he would need to be Thankfully he was ready to try and admit to Eric what he had always felt for him and Eric was also ready to do the same I can t get enough of Zoey s books and I m truly addicted I can t wait to begin reading of her work