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It Began With One Memorable Encounter For Jason McKittrich, A Reporter For The Chicago Tribune Hours Later, The Woman He Met Was Gone, A Burnt Out Car All That Was Left Behind For Anyone To Go On Not Even His Obsessive Reporting Could Solve The Mystery And When He Was Ordered To Move On, He Did, Literally, First To California And Then To Louisiana Almost A Year Later, He Is Finally On His Way Back To Chicago When Unexpected Car Problems Land Him In The Town Of Bella Ridge, Tennessee From The Moment He Lands In Hollis County, He Finds Himself Involved In Murders, Extortion, New Friends, A Joint Government Operation, And A Strange Contest Perhaps There Will Also Be The Chance At A New Beginning For Jason And The Answer To A Year Old Riddle Read Murder In Bella Ridge And The Other Stories That Will Introduce You To The People And Places Of Hollis County, Tennessee Revised Edition With An Additional Story Of An Unusual Road Trip First In A New Series