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When Draven And Cali Escape Capture By Law Enforcers, They Are Forced To Flee Further And Further From Their Home And The Lives They Ve Always Known The Landscape Around Them Isn T The Only Thing Changing, Though No Longer A Part Of Superior Society, Draven Faces The Implications Of His Growing Attraction To Cali On His Own Without The Laws And Customs He S Always Known, He Must Hold Fast To His Moral Compass If He Is To Resist His Human Companion Resistance Is No Small Featespecially When Cali Shows Signs Of Returning His Affection With Byron Closing In On The Fugitives, They Grapple With Their Alien Environment, The Toll Their Enemy S Relentless Pursuit Takes On Them, And The Extent Of Loyalty To One Other A note to all readers There is about to be a fifth installment As a review of the series thus far There are countless marvelous series which feature dystopian worlds with both paranormal and non paranormal characters, but rarely does a reader find they have no perspective to grasp within that imagined world The Superiors world is one in which both main characters are paranormal to the reader despite the fact that one of the main characters is human In The Superiors universe the human also seems paranormal since we can t immediately understand the world she s existed in, although it s a world that she understands quite well I suggest that the connection with the reader is that both characters struggle with their own sense of humanity towards each other within the larger dystopian universe that Lena Mae Hill has created The writing is fantastic and the story continues into Cali and Draven s journey book 5 is coming soon I think the series is brilliant Love this series I need book 5 please Can t wait to read what happens to Cali and Draven