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Witch Queen By Bestselling Author Kim Richardson Is A Rich YA Fantasy Perfect For Fans Of Throne Of Glass, Graceling, The Girl Of Fire And Thorns And The Shannara ChroniclesELENA SURVIVED THE GREAT RACE And The Clutches Of The High Priests, But At A Cost The Heart Of Arcania, The Most Powerful Magical Stone In The Land Is Now In The Hands Of The Wicked Priests But Worse Jon Is CapturedThe Black Blight Is A Scar On The World, Infecting Everything With Its Black Magic, Festering Until No Living Thing Can Endure, And Elena Might Be The Only Key To Stopping It She Quickly Finds Herself Thrust Into A Mystery That Could Shake Her World Apart And Potentially Unleash A Greater Evil Me gusta la traves a de Elena, solo me aburri mucho que se concentraran tanto en el camino Otra vez mala traducci n al espa ol. Getting hotterI am fully enjoying this series I wasn t sure at first, but of course it s all about knowing who the players are Now, that Elena has proven herself worthy, she s on her way, with her army of witches to fight The foulest of evil So ready for book 3 Highly recommend this book. Amazing Absolutely stunning book I couldn t stop reading I am a young writer and I was inspired by this excellent novel We received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Jessica at The Reader s HollowOh, things are getting good The previous book ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, and this one picked right back up and started off with a bang I found myself starting to like Elena She s a tough little thing and I think she found a purpose in her life that really had me, as the reader, rooting for her.The author did try to isolate her some, as she s a witch and those helping her are humans, but there wasn t much proven that they didn t like her other than Elena s own uncertain thoughts The journey to the land of the witches wasn t as drawn out as I suspected and there was plenty of adventure along the way I really enjoyed the imaginations that went into the familiars and other evils in the forests.Arriving at the palace was like the story had been turned on it s head Suddenly, there were new obstacles in Elena s way I actually really liked where the story was headed once she found the palace She really got to know her powers a bit better, and a bit of the political intrigue that was going on I don t want to give too much away, but the scandal had me glued to those pages I had to find out what would happen The beginning definitely didn t prepare me for the ending, and I think that s why I can t resist five stars The obstacles in the way were entertaining, and the characters were becoming interesting and the pacing kept me on my toes I look forward to the next book in the series Okay, I ve finished it It had none of the entertaining factors of the first one, it was just bad I barely managed to force myself to finish it I will not be reading the last book, I m pretty sure I know what happens Justugh, no The zombies in the forest were probably the best part And some of the magic stuff was interesting Too bad just about everything else was just bone achingly bad. I m glad I purchased this book Many mysteries of the story started to unfold and you definitely learn a lot about the characters I love Elena s determination even though their situation seems bleak and hopeless at times I can hardly wait for the new book in the series Fantastic Engaging, vivid and emotional installment has Elena fighting dark forces, prejudice, loneliness, evil king and Queen to save her world and her love, Jon Hardship, betrayal, fights with magic wielders were heart stopping On to the next installment. As is so often the case with the second installment of a trilogy, I expected this book to be a meandering tale which did not really go anywhere Happily this was not the case and Richardson has delivered a fast paced, compelling story which explores themes of power, justice, friendship and humanity.Readers who have not read the first in the series Steel Maiden will miss quite a bit as Witch Queen is not meant to be read as a stand alone novel Needless to say, the end of the book feels like a pause in the story and I am keen to read the third book in the series to find out how the saga concludes. 5 Stars Full Review and Rating will be up on Boundless Book Reviews I seriously love this series