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California Is Devastated By A Mega Drought Water Is Severely Regulated By The PWD With A Gestapo Kind Of Reputation Five Homeowners Had Built Their Remote, Isolated Dream Homes Above The Once Lovely Santa Ynez Valley, Now Barren And Thirsty The Five Homeowners Have A Source Of Water And Plenty Of It They Vow To Protect Their Secret And Illegal Water Source At All Cost, Until The Cost Devastates Their Lives Alexia Suspects Her New Husband S Horrific Accident Is Actually Murder Her Neighbors, Some Decent And Honest, Are Caught In A Web Of Lies And Deceit By Those Neighbors Intent On Fame And Fortune And Hiding Than The Secret Of Water Greed And Corruption Is Nothing New In The Actual World Of Water Rights And Usage Based On The Present Drought Threatening California, Drought Is Uncomfortably Close To Reality

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    well, I don t know if this is kosher, but after my own book was published, drought, I read it as a reader The characters are convincing, and you either love them or hate them so there is a good combination of conflict and that resolved toward the end of the story about a drought severer than today, but real, in southern California What people will do to keep their water is nothing new even in the real world I can easily see this story happening in the near future without it being called fiction today.