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As Winter Begins In The Dragon Lands, Amy, A Timid Street Urchin, Is Discovered By The Master Of A Notorious Brothel When He Invites Her In And Tells Her You Will Not Be Harmed, Not Unless You Wish To Be Amy S Dark Desires Begin To Take Shape Though Amy S Nervousness Wars With Her Curiosity And Desire, She Enters His World And Discovers A Place Where Her Fantasies Can Come True Bondage, Submission, Voyeurismso Much Can Be Found In House Black And Amy Wants To Know About It All But Amy Is Shy She S Never Been With A Man Much Less Had A Spanking Seduced By Pain And Pleasure, Amy Hesitates But Soon Learns What It Means To Submit To A Dominant Will Her First Time Be Than She Imagines It Can Be This Is A Short Adult Story Featuring BDSM And Is For Mature Readers Only