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Loosely Based On The Author S Real Life Story, This Is A Provocative, Titillating, And Intelligent Novel About A Strong, Independent Woman Elizabeth Who, Following A Divorce, Decides That The Modern Paradigm Of Love Needs A Revolution Given That Infidelity Is Rampant And That % Of First Marriages End In Divorce, She Decides That Trying To Get All Of Her Needs Fulfilled By A Single Man Just Doesn T Work In Today S World What She Needs Is Men One For Conversation, One For Sex, And One Handyman To Do Work Around Her House What Follows Is A Riveting, Sexy, Saucy Tale About Her Search For Men Willing To Play Those Roles Set In Copenhagen, Elizabeth Advertises On A Dating Website And Men Reply To Her By The Droves Over The Course Of A Year, Elizabeth Experiments With Her New Model Of Love And Sex, Dating Many Men, And Discovering How She Often Can T Decide Which Role They Will Play But Nor Can The Men Most Guys Reply To Her That They Are Her Perfect Sex Partner, And A Few Offer To Be Her Conversational Partner With Sex Or Her Handyman With Sex One Promising Date Turns Out To Be Like A BD Character From Shades Of Grey, Another Guy Pretends To Be A Successful Entrepreneur, While Another Is An Army General Who Secretly Wears Dresses Elizabeth Finally Meets Someone Who Intrigues Her Beyond All Others A Unique Man Of Intellect And Savoir Vivre He Invites Her Into A Secret Society Of Men Who Adore And Worship Women He Neither Wants To Own Her Or Control Her Exactly What Elizabeth Is Looking For He Might Be A In It Turns Out That Other Men In Her Life Are Friends Of His When All Men Meet Elizabeth One Night For A Special Dinner In A Castle, Elizabeth Gets To Experience Men All At Once In A Way She Never Imagined But That Night Gives Elizabeth A New Impetus To Reconsider Her Model Of Love When Another Man Courts Her, She Comes To Realize That, Perhaps, Romance Between Man And Woman Is Not Entirely An Outmoded Idea It May Actually Be The True Way That Men And Women Can Love, Though She Remains Convinced That Women Need To Be Equal Partners In A Relationship And Question The Romantic Stereotypes Of Love They Are Lulled Into Believing Modern Love And Sex Still Need A Revolution

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    Its an interesting read, for sure A woman goes through an emotional breakup and decides to change her concept of dating to divide her needs into three categories Its written in a blog type format where you debate topics and recite your thought processes as well as the day to day diary type entries While I enjoyed the various intellectual ideas she posits in the course of the book, it really does not fit the romance novel genre There is a little explicit sex, but not enough to consider it an erotic novel either It s just interesting fiction to me So as an independent reviewer for Romance Authors that Rock, it gets four hearts for holding my attention all the way through