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ThinkingI now will side on my porch and contemplate all that I have read It brings me closer to me. while you can definitely read The Road Back To You and benefit from its contents without the study guide, some additional found in this little book helped to define and differentiate clearly some of the concepts discussed in the book, and the questions in the back of each chapter helped to keep our study group on track when we veered off course This Study Guide FeaturesAn Overview Of The Enneagram With New Material About TriadsSNAP A Helpful Tool For GrowthFive Sessions With Questions Appropriate For Personal Growth Or Group Discussion, With Space To WriteReflections From Individuals Of Each Type About What It S Like To Be Their NumberWhether You Are On Your Own Or Meeting With A Group, This Guide Will Help You To Grow In Knowledge Of Yourself, Compassion For Others, And Love For God Really great read Very helpful, for myself, in many ways Although, I m not positive on my number, I ve got a good idea where I fall on the scale IT IS incredibly helpful to see where others might be coming from who exhibit various behavior and habits Compassion is easier to see if you have but an inkling as to where that attitude may be coming fromperhaps it s that someone feels threatenednot really that they are trying to act out just to frustrate you Understanding the motivations behind many behaviors can help us all treat one another with dignity and love Compassion is the main goal of this book, I think Giving it out freely to yourself and extending it to others before passing harsh judgmentperhaps maybe we can pass on a helpful word or some strength instead of pointing out something in someone we happen to perceive as a weakness at that moment CompassionGraceit s free to give away, we can afford it, a lot of it. Good intro to the enneagram, makes it s user friendly but in the process diminishes some of the depth of the tool Additionally, doesn t draw strong theological parallels However, I love the tone, with, and relatability. I read this by myself as I was reading TRBTY and I think I would have rated it higher had I been part of a group discussing it The author notes that it can be done either way, but I found myself wishing I had a person from each Enneagram type to discuss the questions with I highly recommend the actual book A great companion piece for the book I found the additional insights helpful, and the SNAP tool helped lead to some significant shifts for me in terms of beliefs I have about myself. Definitely get this book if you are studying enneagram with The Road Back to You. The Road Back to You is a very accessible and thorough take on the enneagram It s easy to read and provides several examples through story of each type The authors tone is down to earth and relatable It helped clarify my type for me If you have read Richard Rohr s book on the enneagram and struggled with the academic language, give this a try Helpful QuestionsThis high level study guide provides a good companion to the book Questions and discussion points direct the readers thoughts thru the initial stages of self discovery Can be done alone but could be beneficial in a group setting.