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Cole Has Been Lizzy S Best Friend From The Moment He Found Her Crying In The Woods Two Weeks Before Her Tenth Birthday Growing Up Without A Father, Lizzy Was Raised By Her Alcoholic And Drug Addicted Mother Being Branded As The Town Whore S Daughter, She Had One Bright Spot In Her Dark World Cole He Was The One Constant In Her Life, The Only Person She Trusted Would Never Let Her Down He S Her Savior, Her Protector And The Secret Love Of Her Life Now, Sixteen Years Later, They Both Live Successful Lives In Boston But While Lizzy Still Harbors Hope That One Day Cole Will Come Around And See What S Right In Front Of His Eyes, Cole Enjoys His Bachelor Lifestyle With No Intentions Of Slowing Down It S Time For Lizzy To Move On Cole Has Been In Love With Lizzy Since He Can Remember Those Gorgeous But Sad Green Eyes Of Hers Have Held Him Captive Since He Was Twelve Years Old But She Is Too Pure, Too Perfect, Too Innocent For Him And His Lustful And Promiscuous Thoughts He Has Promised Himself He Won T Touch Her That Is, Until He Doesn T Have A Choice But To Claim Her As His Or Lose Her Forever Is It Possible For Them To Have What Both Their Hearts Desire Or Will The Cruelty Of Life Keep Them Apart

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    DNF at 70%Hear that, that would be the sound of the final nail going into the coffin for this author Good Lord, at first I was hopeful because the heroine wasn t a virgin, so at least she got herself some whilst pining for him, but the OTT OW drama, and the continuous reminders of ALL THE WOMAN the hero has screwed, was really just to frigging much.Not to mention inconsistency, like the hero says he never brought women home to his apartment then a few chapters later, he is referring to his apartment as his fuck pad So which was it He also says He never goes back for seconds with the ladies Yet, he has been banging crazy Courtney on and off since high school This guy is so much of a douche noodle that he claims to be Lizzy s best friend and protector, but is banging the biggest mean girl to Lizzy WankerAlso, this smells of a KA wannabe book, right down to a beach scene that is eerily similar in some respects to the one in KA s Lady Luck Unfortunately the doormat heroine forgives this douche bag Bu Bye author

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    So, I really struggled with this I hate it when an author gives a supposed alpha male a juvenile voice and thoughts, and Cole is a perfect example of this Yes, he s the consummate manho and a total jerk with it, but he s whiny and snivelly and very insecure and he drove me bat shit crazy.I couldn t connect with Lizzy Cole and his childish thoughts and actions totally dominated the book and overshadowed Lizzy totally that she had not much of a voice.Other niggles The beach scene No, just no That just smacked way too much of Kristen Ashley s Lady Luck The iconic beach scene between Ty and Lexi that is just pure gold and class could not and should not ever be replicated in any way Why the author went there with this one, I can t even The exaggerated behaviour of all the characters didn t work, mothers calling sons girlfriend whores, mothers pulling revolvers, a naked on his desk in his office whilst supposedly pregnant with his kid nutzo ex stalker, every man around ogling his girl, his Neanderthal antics it all got too much to the point of being plain silly.I liked the author s first two books, sadly this one didn t work for me and I had to skim to get it done.

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    Always looking for new authors who write great stories, last year I came across the debut book of Julia Goda Bent Not Broken Although the writing style was very similar to the one of my favorite author, I did enjoy the book Wrong Side Girl is Julia s third book and in it the author has found her own author voice the resemblance to that other author is gone From friends to lovers books are one of my favorites and I adore this sweet book No cake No candles No present Not even a card She forgot I couldn t help but start crying Silent tears of disappointment were running down my face I swiped them away, but they kept coming I couldn t keep up I felt alone So terribly alone Lizzy Watson didn t have an easy childhood She wasn t physical abused, but growing up with a drug addicted, neglecting mother made her life hard All she learned from her, and from the other people in town, was that she wasn t anything special Her friend Cole was the only who cared for her and tried his best to protect Lizzy from the bullies Nowadays, Lizzy works as a social worker Because of her own childhood she feels compassionated about teenage runaways, always doing her very best to help them Cole is still a part of her life, but as her best friend Growing up she did have a big crush on him, believing he was waiting for her to get older But after she saw him with one of her classmates, she firmly believed he saw her as nothing but a friend She still does Even if he couldn t fill the place in my life I had hoped he eventually would, he would always be a priority in my life No matter what, I would always be there for him I had promised him that when we were kids and I would keep that promise if it killed me There was no way I could disappoint the only person that had ever loved me and cared for me And protected me Cole Brooks has grown up in a wealthy family, but the loveless marriage of his parents and his supercilious mother had left a mark on him Especially his mother has high expectations for him, the friendship Cole has with Lizzy is something she is not fond of Although Cole has been in love with Lizzy since the day he met her, he has never acted on those feelings, trying to protect her from his mother Over the years, Cole sleeps with lots of girls and women, but he never started a real relationship Seeing Lizzy laughing with a man makes Cole realize he could lose her and finally gives in to his feelings for Lizzy I never let on how much in love with her I really was Yes, she knew she held a special place in my heart, knew we had a bond that nobody would ever be able to break, that I considered her my best friend But she had no clue that I was head over heels in love with her And I would never tell her I was too scared of losing her Lizzy and Cole have been friends since they were 10 and 12 years old Although they are the best of friends and tell each other everything, they don t tell one another about their true feelings Cole knows Lizzy had a crush on him, but he was too busy with other women and didn t want to draw his mother s attention to her When he man s up at last, he and Lizzy fall easily into the early stages of dating They already have real feelings for each other, but actual dating is a whole new game for both of them Together they are sweet, at ease with one another and there s great chemistry The problems Cole and Lizzy encounter are not of inner struggles they know they belong together but caused by outsiders The story of Lizzy and Cole is told in the past and the present Reading about Lizzy s childhood is hard, especially as a mother myself I can t imagine neglecting my children in such a way Against all odds, Lizzy has grown into a sweet and caring woman, always taking care of the less fortunate children she encounters at her workplace Wrong Side Girl is told in a dual POV getting a look into the inner thoughts and feelings of both Lizzy and Cole helps understand where they are coming from with their behavior The adults in this story meaning the parents of the young adults involved and especially the mothers all have made great mistakes in their pasts, influencing the lives of their children in a big way If their choices would have been different, the lives of Cole and Lizzy, and even their nemesis Courtney, would have been much easier I was young and stupid So fucking stupid Causing you all this pain I promise you, baby, from now on there won t be any secrets between us Ever I won t keep anything from you I will always share my feelings and thoughts with you You are my first priority Always Forever I love Wrong Side Girl, it s a great book with easy flow and a sweet heroine and an Alpha hero I give this story 4.5 stars Wrong Side Girl was provided in exchange for an honest review Check out my blog www.mariekesbooks.com

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    Wrong Side Girl The Girl Series Book 1 by Julia Goda 5 Stars CAPTIVATING, NOT TO BE MISSED Cole has been Lizzy s best friend from the moment he found her crying in the woods two weeks before her tenth birthday Growing up without a father, Lizzy was raised by her alcoholic and drug addicted mother Being branded as the town whore s daughter, she had one bright spot in her dark world Cole He was the one constant in her life, the only person she trusted would never let her down He s her savior, her protector and the secret love of her life Now, sixteen years later, they both live successful lives in Boston But while Lizzy still harbors hope that one day Cole will come around and see what s right in front of his eyes, Cole enjoys his bachelor lifestyle with no intentions of slowing down It s time for Lizzy to move on Cole has been in love with Lizzy since he can remember Those gorgeous but sad green eyes of hers have held him captive since he was twelve years old But she is too pure, too perfect, too innocent for him and his lustful and promiscuous thoughts He has promised himself he won t touch her That is, until he doesn t have a choice but to claim her as his or lose her forever Is it possible for them to have what both their hearts desire or will the cruelty of life keep them apart WHOA WHOA WHOA This is the first book of Julia Goda I read and I love this author already What a great love story I LOVED IT This is a friends to lovers book, one of my favorites This book is written in dual POV and alternating past and present which I really like because you get to see what is in both of the characters minds Lizzy has a very difficult childhood but she is strong and determined to leave the past behind She works as a social workers helping teens that are in the same situation that she was years ago She is compassionate, caring and has a big heart but she is also tough with a no bullshit attitude There is not sugar coating around Lizzy that s goes the same for her best friend Cole.Cole came from a wealthy family but his parents are so wrapped up in their own social life that they might as well don t exist Cole has been in love with Lizzy since they were kids but he thinks Lizzy deserves better than him So, instead Cole is acting like a man whore making his rounds with woman without ever looking at them twice Around Lizzy he can t help but being a protective best friend jealous boyfriend even though he is not her boyfriend So, will Cole ever build up the courage to claim Lizzy once and for all or will he lets her slip through his fingers forever This book is about friendship, sacrifice, betrayal, healing and forgiveness From the very first chapter I had tears in my eyes Throughout the whole book, I feel like a rollercoaster emotionally, going from sad to happy to heartbroken and finally blissful ending I was definitely in the mood for this kind of story emotional, angsts, heart pounding There are twists and turns that surprised me and had me gasping for air There isn t always sunshine and rainbow, hearts will be tested, but at the same time there are very funny dialogues and some light hearted moments Cole and Lizzy are cute and sweet together Cole is really alpha and overly proactive of Lizzy but he takes good care of her I love both Cole and Lizzy characters good hearts, sweet, beautiful, and sexy The story line is definitely compelling, one I have not read in the past The author s writing is flawless and captivating funny banters and stimulating narratives This is not one you want to miss I highly recommended this book I am looking forward to Julia Goda next story of the Girl Series book ARC was kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

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    Wrong Side Girl by Julia GodaLizzy ColeMOVING AND CAPTIVATINGThis is a story of friendship, love, betrayal, and acceptance They don t really happen in that order and they happen than once, but make no mistake about it you will have to go through some awfully emotional shit to get to the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow This story is not cut and dry, boy meets girl, boy wins girl You ll be on an emotional roller coaster for most of it Lies, truths, and revelations will be revealed before you can utter a coherent word I fell in love with these characters from the start and lived every aspect of their lives with them I m spent It s comical, it s emotional, and it s a beautiful story that will take you on a wild ride and, well, set you down not so gently lol Lizzy is ten years old when she meets Cole I believe she fell in love with him that very first day She comes to trust in him and his friendship over the years As she progresses into womanhood and blossoms into a beautiful woman her feelings for Cole only intensify, but her checkered past and soiled upbringing seem to be the one obstacle she can t overcome in order to show him and the rest of the world that she is worthy of the love of this man Not for lack of trying, but because there are town folks that just won t let her forget where she came from and who her Mother is To them she ll always be known as the town whore s daughter Cole is rough around the edges and seems to be missing a heart at times He never settles down, he never commits, and for all intensive purposes, he s a manwhore Don t get me wrong He would never intentionally hurt Lizzy, but his actions are indirectly sabotaging his intent towards her Cole also had a rough upbringing, but nothing like what Lizzy had to endure His Mother seems to think she s above being nice to anyone not within her standing This includes Cole and most definitely Lizzy Although Cole could care less what his Mother or anyone thinks, he s still kind of tethered to that life and with it comes much defense for Lizzy and for him The supporting character cast is fairly large and mostly rotten to the core Lizzy has some pretty good coworkers and friends she can rely on to get her through most anything The malice starts with Cole s Mother, her friends, and Cole s Ex girlfriend Courtney Holy shit is this girl wicked She makes the devil himself look like Mother Teresa Throughout the entire story her sole purpose in life is to drive a wedge in between Lizzy and Cole so that she can take Lizzy s place The things this girl comes up with are inconceivable The storyline is extremely compelling So much so that I found that the character s lives became my main concern while submerged in their world The dialogue flows with efficiency and feels exceedingly natural It s not necessarily a dark read, but by no means is it light hearted The story itself was effortless to read and the pacing just right The tension that Ms Goda creates leads to an unexpected climax that shook my soul ARC provided by author for an honest review5 Stars

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    I read the blurb for Wrong Side Girl and I knew I had to read it I thought I had it figured out boy and girl from the wrong side of the tracks, they fall in love, have some challenges and live HEA But HOLD ON, it was MUCH DEEPER than that Elizabeth Lizzy lived a nightmare every day, not only getting verbal abuse from her own mother but by being bullied and judged by her classmates and the townspeople It was heartbreaking because, no matter what, no one deserves that Her only solace was when she went into the woods, to her cave where silence and the stars were the only things that calmed her Little did she know, her prince would come to her rescue Cole knew the moment he saw Lizzy that she was the one and only one for him, but their friendship was something that he never wanted to lose so, instead of pursuing her, he went after other girls I must say, though, that Cole was a big time manwhore and that did irritate me quite a bit I appreciated that this was told in dual POV, so I could see things both their ways Something snaps in Cole and he finally decides to let Lizzy know how he feels about her but she s skeptical and I can honestly see why his manwhoring days I loved seeing Cole truly prove to Lizzy that he was serious about them but we know things are never that easy, and boy, did Lizzy have him work his butt off Like I said earlier, this was a deep story and that involved Lizzy s past, who her father was, why her mother became who she did and how Cole s past collided with Lizzy now I have to say that when the truth came out I was numb and my heart just went out to Lizzy I fell in love with Cole for standing up for what was right and fighting for the one he loved And Lizzy, I loved her determination, resilience, feistiness and beautiful heart Yes, this story blew me away Kara, 5 stars

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    Well I have been sitting here for about an hour trying to figure out the perfect way to put my thoughts and emotions into this review to give it any kind of justice I don t think there are enough words or praise to give Wrong Side Girl Julia absolutely blew me away with this book I was immediately intrigued by the blurb and teasers and could not wait to dive in The moment this showed up on my kindle I was sucked into the world of Cole and Lizzy Everything in this book worked for me The writing by Julia was superb, never a dull moment and I did not want to put it down The characters, Cole and Lizzy, wow I dont even know what to say about them Lizzy is amazingly sweet and caring, just so likeable ColeWOW, he is an alpha male to the max which I love but so sweet and caring towards Lizzy he will honestly melt your heart The plot and twists and turns blew me away, I was literally left with my mouth hanging open a couple of times The chemistry was hot and holy smokes With just the perfect amount of drama and angst this is the perfect combination for a remarkable read I would without a doubt recommend this book to everyone It was a beautiful and emotional story filled with love and moving on from the past Julia did an awesome job of grabbing my attention, hook, line, and sinker I can not wait to see what she has to come next Easily one of my favorite reads in awhile

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    Wrong Side GirlJulia Goda4 starsThis was my first time reading this author, and it won t be my last When a friend of mine send me the link I wasn t sure what to expect But I m a sucker for a friends to lover book SuckerSo I see the blurb and I m right away dying to know Cole has been Lizzy s best friend from the moment he found her crying in the woods two weeks before her tenth birthday This part right here made my breath hitch The reading of this little girl looking forward to her birthday like every single little girl does only to be let down Her mother who was known to be an alcoholic and drug addict raised Lizzy all by herself The only light in her life was Cole He was the one constant in her life, the only person she trusted would never let her down He s her savior, her protector and the secret love of her life Oh this is getting good this is going to be amazing Except now they are both grown up both are successful The only thing that hasn t changed in both their lives was their friendship They were the best of friends and nothing was going to change that.They have both dated other people, both secretly harbouring the love they have for each other You see Lizzy isn t just Cole s bff he s the woman he is secretly and madly in love with The problem was that I wanted her to be mind in every way possible, but I knew I had no right to make that so.She was totally out of my league She could come across as rough and arrogant, especially when she didn t like someone, but really, she was sweet and funny and loyal to a fault.That was my Lizzy.His Lizzy So Cole has been secretly in love with Lizzy from the minute he wiped away her tears But Cole has been in love with Lizzy since he can remember To Cole she is too pure and perfect for him He doesn t want to taint her with everything that he comes with His family have also frowned on their friendship forcing him to make sure his feelings stay hidden for her sake.That is when push comes to shove When he finally snaps, when he finally stops running away from the feelings that he has been fighting forever Yeah I was a selfish bastard but that laugh was mine, those bright green eyes were mine She was mine.So now he has no choice but to spill his heart out to her She has no choice but to accept it and finally give into everything that she has felt To finally be that person to him Be able to hold his hand and love him freely The only thing is will Cole be ready for the fight of his life to make sure that everyone knows that he loves the Wrong Side Girl I loved how the story flowed There was also a couple of twist and turns It was a great friends to lovers

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    Let me start off by saying that Julia Goda is definitely one of my Top 5 favorite authors This book is just damn golden From the moment I read the blurb and teasers for Wrong Side Girl, I was hooked I tried being patient, and let me tell you, it was so worth the wait Julia gave us one of the best love stories I have read in a long time The emotions, the feels are all so heartbreaking gooooood In Wrong Side Girl, we meet Lizzy at the age of ten She comes from a horrid nightmare she calls home Her mom is a single parent if you can call her a parent She is a pathetic excuse for a mother Your heart just breaks for this little girl Until she goes to her special place on her birthday and meets Cole Cole is rich, unlike Lizzy, who is dirt poor He has both parents but still gets no love at home There are times when you just want to bang both mothers heads together I hated them and what they did to their amazing kids Fast forward ten years and these two are still best friends They both secretly love each other And when Cole stakes his claim, he is all about love and his amazing alphaness breaks through It was great to watch I promise you will fall in love with these two I adore how they love, care for, and stand by each other whether friends or lovers, they are the most perfect couple Lizzy is amazing I loved watching her become better and proving everyone that even if you don t have parents who love you, and even if you re dirt poor, nothing can stop you from having a beautiful future These two teach us that love and friendship don t care what clothes you wear or how much money you have They teach us that love can move you leaps and bounds They teach us that love overcomes all And most importantly, they teach us to never give up on the person you love Cole s ex starts causing problems and let me tell you, this woman is damn crazy She plots and does things to drive these two apart, but the stupid woman doesn t know how deep their love goes, or that Cole would move heaven and earth for Lizzy He would protect her love and take care of her till his last breath Most importantly, she doesn t realize what lengths he would go to to make sure nobody comes between them Cole is damn possessive and protective, and I absolutely love, love him He is my all time favorite book boyfriend That s how amazing he is When truths are revealed and their past comes back to haunt them, it s a damn shocker and something I never saw bloody coming But damn, was it awesome No words could do this couple or this book justice As always, Julia gave us another page turner The side characters are so adorable You never get bored for a second in this book And trust me, you have to be prepared for a huge book funk after you re done Thank you to Julia for giving me an ARC in exchange for my honest review I hope you all take a chance on this beautiful book and are prepared to have your minds blown.Enjoy Ladies

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    Stars 4.5Hero Cole 4.5 Stars Heroine Liz 5 Stars Hotness 3.5 4 StarsCheating None, view spoiler though there was a terrible ex who did create a little drama between the pair but that conflict was resolved rather quickly and not stretched out thank god for that hide spoiler