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I am the publicist for this author Filled with history, intrigue and stories of unwavering faith, this book is appropriate for both teens and adults Well researched for historical accuracy, this story of Good King Wenceslas includes a scene from the traditional carol A welcome addition to any library. This is a book I ve long wanted to read but it is quite expensive which is what put me off.I know very little about East European medieval history and almost nothing about King Wenceslaus apart from the fact that he was a Christian king, honoured in the carol, which only served to pique my curiosity the.I do think it s a shame about some of Wenceslaus decisions but since he was a real person, that is hardly the fault of the author.The story is told through the eyes of his personal servant, once a slave of his mother, who was known for her enthusiasm for human sacrifices, and I found it really interesting.His page is the page of the carol who followed his master into the snow.I thought the author caught his character well, making him a good person via whom to view the story Well worth a read.UPDATE Since I wrote this review I ve discovered the ebook price is set by the publishing company and the author gets almost nothing in royalties Now I wish I d bought the paperback as she gets proper royalties on those If you want to read this book, get the paperback so you re supporting the author. I had this book on my Kindle for a little over a year It kept popping up in recommendations from friends, fellow reviewers and authors And every time I moved it towards the top of my reading list, it was quickly bumped down and forgotten until I was reminded about it again This last time I was reminded about it, I immediately started reading the book And what an excellent read it is I had a hard time putting this book down and ended up devouring it in three sessions over two days Over the last few years I have read several Christian, Catholic historical fiction novels Based on a life of a saint, that gives us a glimpse of the life of a saint And this book does an incredible job of just that.This is a story filled with history, betrayal, faith, and following God Most people are aware of the Christmas carol Good King Wenceslas This is a story of that man s life Saint Wenceslaus, or Vaclav in the Bohemian or Czech as is used in the story The story is told through the eyes of a servant a young man named Poidevin Many of the characters are real historical figures, as is the main story Liberties have been taken to write it into a compelling novel Set in the dark ages around the year 930 A.D The story takes place between the years 920 and 929 approximately It is a time of clashes between Pagan religions and the growing Christian Catholic influence After the death of his father, his mother acting as regent returns to the pagan ways While Vaclav is faithful to the Catholic church, as was his father and his paternal grandmother The conflict grows until Vaclav must seize the throne that is rightfully his from his own mother But his own Christian beliefs prevent him from taking the life of his mother and brother, and it eventually has dire consequences for the king, his family and the whole kingdom At one point in the story Poidevin reflects I turned and watched the candle s flame in the dark room I d never noticed before how much light a single candle could produce, how much darkness it dispelled In that moment, a thought came to me My master was like a flame burning brightly in the darkness of Bohemia, the darkness of selfishness, greed, ignorance, and an insatiable hunger for power It was heartening to know how much goodwill one man could spread to others And in many ways that is what this boo does for us 1100 years after the events of the story Wenceslaus or Vaclav depending on what name you prefer for his was by all accounts a good man, a devote man, and an honest man He was canonized lest than 70 years after his death This story is a great read for young men, it will captivate their interest, and show them a man living his faith well It was written with a Young Adult audience in mind, and yet I believe it can be enjoyed by readers of all ages It is wonderfully written The characters are well written, and the plot, written around the facts we know about this saint s life A great read that I can give a solid 5 5 stars.Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More Note This book is part of a series of reviews 2018 Catholic Reading Plan I just finished reading and thoroughly enjoyed this saint story This is a story about Good King Wenceslas you know, from the Christmas song This story is told by his faithful servant Poidevin, whom I really came to love as I watched him grow over the pages of this story Katy Huth Jones does a fantastic job bringing the reader into the story through descriptions and little details I enjoyed watching the saintly actions of Vaclav Wenseslas through the eyes of this servant as they faced trials and conflict and in his everyday acts of charity The story is very moving in several places, especially at the end It inspires me to pursue holiness and even gives me hope for when I fail. Name C.A DavisGrade Age 6th Grade 12I liked the story line mainly because its about a boy servant Poidevin who lost his parents, and was forced into slavery at Castle Praha by infamous Dragomira, and later in the book was saved by her son Prince Vaclav.My four favorite characters are Prince Vaclav, Pribislava, Poidevin, and Zito I like Prince Vaclav because he believes in God, he is a very good mentor to Poidevin, and he is a kind and just ruler I like Pribislava because she knows Vaclav is trying to mentor Poidevin but she doesn t tell anybody Boy, would I be lucky to have a sister like that Poidevin, I like because he is courageous and very humble, and he thinks a lot like me However, Zito is my favorite of all of the characters he is strong, faithful, he is also very protective of his master.I would recommend this book to all of my friends I absolutely LOVE THIS BOOK It only took me a couple days to read it But I think anyone ten and older would really enjoy this book.I thought the fact that Ms Jones tells the reader how to say the names of people and places, and gives explanation of the history, in her Author s Notes, was very helpful.Pauline Books Media provided me with a free copy Treachery and Truth in exchange for an honest review.C.A Davis This was a fascinating read I didn t know that Good King Wenceslas of Christmas carol fame was a real person The author does a terrific job of weaving history into an engaging, intriguing, and ultimately uplifting story. I ve been looking forward to reading this historical saint story, and I wasn t disappointed I really didn t know much about King Vaclav Wenceslaus , even struggling to recall the words of the carol, so it was nice to learn about him.I liked the characters, especially Vaclav and Poidevin his servant through whose eyes the story is told I thought telling the reader at the outset what happens at the end might reduce the tension, but as it turns out there is one big twist at the end that is unexpected.I did feel Vaclav was perhaps presented as a little unrealistically saintly and could have come across human On the other hand, we re seeing the story through the eyes of a freed slave whom Vaclav has taught to read and treated as a brother, so the aura of perfection hero worship in how Poidevin sees Vaclav is actually very convincing view spoiler SPOILER ALERT I had a bit of a niggle with the way the martyrdom was presented at the end I seriously wanted to pin Vaclav to a wall and give him a lecture on his duties and responsibilities as a husband, father, king, and master He seems to totally drop the ball on all those things, with catastrophic results A Christian is not supposed to seek martyrdom, and I d have liked to either see his stubborn determination to put himself in that position explained made acceptable by him feeling a strong specific calling from God to do so, or I d have liked him to be genuinely taken in by his brother as was probably the case historically Clearly knowing that his brother wasn t necessarily to be trusted but doing it anyway came across as plain irresponsible.My other niggle was that the focus on his brother when it came to his martyrdom really obscured his martyr status I actually caught myself thinking, after finishing the book, Of course, he was a saint, but he wasn t actually a martyr, because he was simply killed by an envious brother And then I was like, Hang on He WAS a martyr, he was actually killed by pagan nobles who didn t want a Christian on the throne, of whose number his brother was just one So that really didn t work well for me hide spoiler I lamented that there seemed so few books meant for boys nowadays I know the complaint is often that there aren t enough girls in books for young people, but I have the opposite problem I d like to see moral, strong, heroes for my boys to admire and be inspired by I received this book as a gift in response to my complaint, and I m thankful for it.Katy has woven an excellent story around what is known of Vaclav or Wenceslas I found the historical facts to be enlightening, and her interpretation, inspiring It is an excellent story of a young person who is strong in faith, strong in mind, and strong in love and forgiveness, all qualities that I would hope to see my children develop.Well written, Treachery and Truth is not a book that you will regret purchasing, and the important principles it relays aren t meant just for the young My heart was touched than once as I read it myself As always, Katy s stories strike a chord of weakness in me and seem to find a way to edify and build up my faith in God for the grace to overcome and become stronger. I love history, and this YA historical novel was refreshing It brought to life a Czech hero and saint previously unknown to me, Vaclav, called Winceslas in English I d heard the name Winceslas but didn t know anything about him The narrator, Poidevin, stole my heart immediately This child slave learned the kindness and generosity of Vaclav, who became his master and friend after a turn of political events Through Vaclav, Poidevin grew from a follower of his people s pagan teachings to one of Christ s I eagerly returned to this novel each day until I completed it, while reading a few novels at once Treachery and Truth is short as novels go, but that s a good thing to draw the interest of young male readers If I were to suggest one thing for the story, it s this Toward the end, Poidevin has matured and says he has been trained by Zito to defend Vaclav I wish there had been a scene earlier that shows him in training I think teen boys would enjoy that. Immersed In The Historical Background Of The Tenth Century, This True Tale Of Good King Wenceslas, As Told By His Faithful Servant Poidevin, Brings The Reader Into The Dark Ages Fear Grips The Land Of Bohemia As The Faithful Face Betrayal And Persecution Under The Reign Of The Pagan Duchess Dragomira As She Struggles For Power With The Rightful Heir, Prince Vaclav, Her Foes Forge Alliances In Secret Despite The Risk Of Discovery Who Will Survive