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WINNER OF FIRST PLACE In The Prestigious Pacific NW Writers Association Competition Tepui Is An Intelligent, Cutting Edge Tale Of Adventure, Intrigue, And Forbidden LoveIn , Forty Nine Spaniards Exploring A Tributary Of The Orinoco River Reached A Sheer Sided, Cloud Capped Mountain Called Tepui Zupay When They Tried To Climb It, All But Six Were Slaughtered By S Or So Claimed Friar Sylvestre, The Expedition S Chronicler But Sylvestre Made Many Bizarre Claims Rivers Of Blood, Plants That Lead To Gold Jerry Pace, A Burn Scarred Botanist Struggling For Tenure At UCLA, Thinks The Friar Was Delusional Jerry S Best Friend, The Historian Who Just Acquired Sylvestre S Journal, Disagrees He Plans To Retrace The Expedition S Footsteps, And Wants Jerry To Come With Him Jerry Refuses, Until He Spots A Stain Between The Journal S Pages A Stain That Could Only Have Been Left By A Plant That Died Out With The Dinosaurs Now He Has To Find That PlantBut The Venezuelan Wilderness Does Not Forgive Intruders Battered And Broken, They Reach A Remote Catholic Orphanage Where The Old Prioress Warns Of Death Awaiting Any Who Would Venture Farther But An Exotic Indian Girl Leads Them On, Through Piranha Infested Rivers And Jungles Teaming With Poisonous Plants, To Tepui Zupay The Forbidden Mountain No Outsider Has Set Eyes On Since The Spaniards Met Their DoomThis Is A Story About Life S Surprises The Challenges, Risks And How They Transform Us It Is Also A Tale Of Beauty And The Beast

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    If you liked the adventure stories of Arthur Conan Doyle read some of those again instead of this While solidly pressed out of the Clive Cussler mold, at least the main male character is not devastatingly handsome facial and scalp scars from a horrific fire even though he gets the girl a virgin who is secretly an warrior living in a jungle convent Tepui has a promising start, but then the silly plot takes over and the characters became a confusing, random mess I have a high tolerance for pulp fiction, but making it to the end of this novel was a struggle And I LIKE this kind of storytelling Each character, on this jungle trek, has their own agenda a prehistoric plant, a different plant, gold, and of course a lost city of gold encrusted women All the standard clich s are here poison darts, attacking leopards, cascading waterfalls designed for humans to fall off, piranha, injuries requiring mysterious healing plants, ancient maps with cryptic clues, a villain with a rusty knife who is relentless in his pursuit of the hero, and marauding dinosaurs Okay, there are no dinosaurs but there should have been Even though the dialogue is trite and predictable, the novel, over all, is well written If the ideas had been a little imaginative and original, this would be an adventure worth taking.

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    An enjoyable adventure tale, where two professors head into the each with their own goals for their careers and research Anika, who organized the expedition and recruited the two professors has her own agenda for heading into the , and was less than honest about her reasons.Selena who ends up as the guide through the is a very interesting character, and I found myself constantly wanting to know about her, and her tribe A story filled with deceit, mystery, sex and revenge.

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    Neat Not sure what I expected or hoped for when I decided to give this book a try but I was not disappointed Believable characters and excellent descriptions brought the story to life I liked it so much I m about to buy Papyrus by the same author and read that next

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    Good story even if you have to suspend disbelief so much due to all the injuries sustained and still the hero was able to keep going forward I just kept turning the pages to see what was going to happen next Nice one John

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    Tepui The last expeditionI read this book because I have always found Delhi s to be fascinating , they are truly islands in the sky, not only in geographic isolation, but biological as well They are also probably one of the only extant places on earth still largely unexplored by man This book grabs you by the shirttails and never lets go until the end I will look for the other titles by the author.

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    Lost worldGreat story Held my interest from the first sentence Had to put the book down twice, but only because I had to and I resented my time away from it I kept thinking what a great movie this story would make Better than The Lost World or Green Mansions Definitely a good read

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    Growing up I was a big fan of Tarzan movies and really any jungle movie This book reminded me of that love and of the fascination I had The idea of going into a dense jungle on your own is beyond my imagination The trek to find the route described in an ancient journal is filled with danger, greed, and beauty An excellent book.

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    This is a modern version of the Lost World The Conan Doyle book gets 5 stars Not this one This book is readable but has several irrelevant chapters that could be cropped out and many non credible situations that could have been avoided How come an orphanage in the middle of nowhere Where to do the children come from And so on.

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    An interesting book but slower than I expected Even the action scenes seemed slow Not sure if that was because of the writing or the narrator.

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    Brilliant Brilliant I Really enjoyed this ian novel i felt I was on the adventure with the characters I will read the others now Thank you