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A copy was provided by NetGalley in return for an honest reviewI ve been reading this series from the beginning and I ve been a fan all along This has been the best yet There was so much growth in Jay and Alice both as submissives and as people Jay is learning how speak up for himself redefine his limits although he still has work to do when it comes to his birth family And Alice is learning how to grow as a switch she s learning that her men have great capacity to love and not just romantically She s learning how to expand the meaning of family into something that doesn t include blood relatives how to show friendship to someone she thought was a rival for Henry s affection but who really is just a dear friend.She unlocked the apartment door, and nothing Sex god Henry might be, but he wasn t omniscient This had me laughing so loud So many books portray Doms as all knowing, all seeing beings when really, they re just as human as us vanilla people Safewords are required They form the first rule of safety This club s rules are based on the safe, sane, consensual ethos as both a moral imperative and a liability issue My slaves first rule is no safewording I m done when I say I m done You won t be moved from that belief From the only real fun The moron laughed like he d won a prize I make them scared and begging for it, until they don t know what s coming and can t stop it This class is not for you Nor is this club Henry extended his arm toward the door You re free to go You can t throw The color of your name tag tells me you re a guest A probationary member sponsored by another, perhaps You have no privileges You admit you would not abide by the club s code of conduct, and you have disrespected your instructor and your fellow students Let s go, buddy Master Henry says you re out, then you re out Your name and photo will be marked in the club s database I recommend you don t attempt to return One of my pet peeves when I m reading a book featuring BDSM I will quit reading if the characters are not playing safely I loved that safety is featured so prominently in this one.During their anniversary celebration, Alice is thanking Henry for not returning the panties he d kept from their first time together his response really struck me with how truly sentimental he is For not giving back my panties If the time ever came, she d know it now for the end of their relationship You ll keep them forever On the day I m laid to rest, they shall occupy my inner breast pocket I plan to continue reading along with this series as long as it continues. Another great installment in this series Henry is amazing he always knows what they exactly need and gives it to them I loved Henry letting Alice be Mistress over Jay at the club that was really hot I m glad that Alice finally comes to terms with Em and it looks as if they will actually become friends I wish that Em would find someone as she is so lonely, I know no one will ever take Victors place but she shouldn t be so alone I don t really like Jay s family, even though we really haven t meet them Poor Jay leaving them that weekend not only broke Alice s heart but I know it did Henry s as well Calvin is such a sick SOB and what he did to those two subs was sick He deserves than just being banded from the club What Jay did to finally rid himself of Cal was perfect I can t wait for the next book please write faster Ms Barber I received a copy from NetGalley in return for an honest review. Must read this saga I was hooked from beginning book 1 to book 4. Review for Finding Their Balance by M.Q BarberHenry, Jay, and Alice are back in Finding Their Balance book number five in M.Q Barber s Neighborly Affections series In order to fully enjoy this book, I suggest you read the series in order Barber has a lyrical quality to her writing Each detail perfectly executed to create a world in which the reader can get lost Every step of the way you feel the forward motion of the characters Not only do you see growth of the individual, but also within the relationships Each book in the series sees new challenges for Henry, Jay, and Alice and each book sees growth from the experiences of those challenges and those experiences seamlessly move the reader through the next book and the next set of challengesFinding your balance is a delicate dance at first This book picks up where book three finishes Book four can actually be read as a prequel as it is Henry and Jay before Alice comes into the picture Alice is moved in with her boys and they are finding their new normal It felt like this step was a long time in the making, but really it s been quite quick but because we know how very long Henry and Jay desired Alice and knew that things could be perfect together, it seemed like it took her forever to come to terms with her feelings Definitely no insta love for them It s a very satisfying slow build to an epic romanceIt s no an either or either we re in love or things aren t perfect and love is an illusion Imperfect love I can t quantify it, but I feel it Henry is a Master and a complete alpha gentleman I honestly never thought I would enjoy reading a BDSM book with a Dominant that uses a softer touch, but Henry completely changed my mind Barber proves it is 100% possible to write an alpha hero without him having to be a jerk in the beginning Henry masters with steady love and respect, it s beautiful Jay is often lovingly referred to as an excited puppy So full of life and energy His need to serve and be mastered such an integral part of who he is makes him the perfect submissive Alice is new to the lifestyle and is still coming to terms with what it means to belong to Henry She s trying to find the balance between submitting to Henry and showing dominance to JayYour confidence and strength are closer to the surface Your belief and trust in yourself and your lovers has never been apparentSo many wonderful things happen in this book I want to spill all the beans, but I won t The storyline is phenomenal, five stars for sure and the erotic scenes are so much than I could have asked for There may or may not be a Henry Jay Alice moment and a Henry Alice Jay moment and those may or may not deserve five plus drenched panties.ARC Review by Miranda at Mommy s a Book Whore. I have been sucked into the Neighborly Affection series for awhile now If you know nothing about this series, WARNING there is sex A lot of sex Hot hot sex My blog partner loves book with hot sex in it I told her that this is a series that she has to read Finding Their Balance is the 5th book in the Neighborly Affection series I can t really been read as a standalone M.Q Barber intended it to be read as a series.In Playing the Game Neighborly Affection 1 we meet Alice She is a single female trying to make her way As she is moving into a new apartment building she meets one of her neighbors, Jay Jay starts chatting with her and Alice discovers that Jay shares an apartment with a gentleman named Henry As things move forward you find out that Henry and Jay are together, sexually They share a BDSM relationship Over time they ask Alice to join them.As the series moves on, we get to read how the relationship between Alice, Henry Jay develops.In Finding Their Balance we see Alice start to find herself She yearns to be dominated by Henry and yet wants to dominate Jay It s a perfect balance of who she is in real life We read how the three of them navigate this change to their relationship Will they be able to make it work or is it a recipe for a disaster I love Henry He is a perfect dominate He lets his subs shine with everything that they do and through everything that he asks them to do I love the dynamic between Henry Jay Jay is so eager to please He is like a dog that is happy when he pleases his master Jay cracks me up as well He is an adult child The three of them are a perfect match.Although this series is in the erotic category, it is not raunchy sex Henry turns sex into an art M.Q Barber does a great job writing erotic scenes that do not make you uncomfortable.M.Q Barber, thank you so much for trusting me with your work I feel honored to be have read Finding Their Balance prior to its release Please let me that Henry, Alice Jay s story will continue They have found a place in my heart You have a fan for life Review written by Heidi Pharo Be warned, this is a fan girl review so there s a high chance I m going to be a little bit giddy and rambly I ve read all 4 previous stories in this series and while I could probably recommend this as a standalone, I m not going to because this is a continuation The story of the three main characters Henry, Jay and Alice is told in a traditional over arching storyline Each story builds on the last and there s very little, if any, retelling That s one of the big pluses for me, the ability to fall right back into the lives of these three.This picks up directly after book 3, Healing the Wounds Book 4, Becoming his Master tells Henry and Jay s story and how they came to be Henry, Alice and Jay are still living together, they re still functioning as a m nage and they re still determined to be happy They all know that happiness is a choice and they want to be together no ifs, ands or buts about that As we ve come to expect, this is primarily from Alice s perspective, we get to know move beyond the walls of their apartment There s a big focus on the people and activity within the club where Henry met Jay Surprisingly, I really thought I was getting to know Henry and how he ticked but while his relationship with Jay and Alice are his main focus it turns out Henry is a very good friend to have He s a nice guy And believe me when I tell you it has nothing to do with Alice or Jay It has to do with his relationship with Emma and a little bit of Will, but mainly Emma Emma s been a present force in the last few books but there s so much to her than I could ever have imagined I would really enjoy reading her story that s a shameless plea And then there s Will Every time Alice refers to him as Santa, all I see is a big bellied guy with a white beard I m not sure that s the image I m supposed to have but that s what I ve got and with that I truly do not want to see Santa in any kind of a D s situation I don t know the situation between him and his wife, we have some idea but it s a one sided perspective that I m not convinced it s the whole truth that s not a shameless plea for his story If you ever wondered what happened to the slime ball Cal who is one of the worse human beings there s some good stuff there about that The chemistry between Henry, Jay and Alice is still very strong Alice takes on a bigger role helping Henry build Jay s confidence outside of his work and the apartment There s still a lot of work to be done but there s actual progress made The Henry and Alice dynamic continues to fascinate me because I wonder if not for Jay, would Henry have ever had a chance with Alice I say that because Henry s personality is so strong and he s so restrained that if not for his blatant passion and compassion for Jay would Alice have ever seen a gentle side to him But that s a thought for another day because in the end this story is a m nage and there s no ruse that s it was or ever would be something else.If you ve read the prior installments, this is a must If you ve not read the prior installments, I definitely recommend the entire series if you like a good story about a reluctant heroine building a relationship with a Dom and his sub.Happy Reading folks Rating A Book provided by publisher via NetGalleyReview also posted at www.redhotbooks.com Ahhh how I love this series It is best read in order, and this book is not a stand alone One of the things I appreciate the most about these books is that M.Q Barber has created people and circumstances that are realistic These characters are flawed, can t read eachother s minds, and have daily lives and struggles They become real Re connecting with them in this book was like getting a long phone call from a cherished friend In this book we see a Jay, Henry, and Alice s relationship grow as a whole, but we also see Alice become a lot confident in her skin With that being said, she becomes aware of the struggles between Jay and Henry s relationship now that she isn t so intrinsically focused In the past Alice has seen Jay as almost the perfect sub, trying to live up to the standards he has set Jay isn t perfect and Alice starts to realize where some of those fissures are during this story.We also get to see a lot of the secondary characters namely Emma and William in this book, and I loved becoming familiar with the people who helped make Henry who he is More time is spent in the club, and we start to finally see how their relationship will manifest in public settings.Lastly, we are finally seeing some love scenes between Jay Henry I really loved seeing all three of them together instead of the two men just focusing on Alice as we have seen predominantly in the past All in all, another great book in this series I m already excited to see what happens next This book was graciously provided to me via Netgally in exchange for an honest review I would have bought it anyway because I love this series Another fantastic book by M Q Barber I don t think I ll ever get enough of Henry, Jay, and Alice This book was really about growth You know the characters, you love them, and now you can see them all grow and become comfortable with themselves and their relationships I really did not care for Emma, however, this book changed my mind We get insight into why she does things the way she does and I m so glad for that because she is important to both Henry and Jay I absolutely LOVED Finding Their Balance I definitely recommend not only this story but all of the neighborly affections series I received this book through Netgalley for an honest opinion Spoiler alertJay stands up to Cal, Alice and Emma connect, and what Henry reveals.honestly I felt as stunned as Alice and had to reread multiple times In the next book Ollie will visit and hopefully we ll see the trio interact with the men s family I would love to see Jay stand up to Peggy and have her put in her place I bet Henry s mom would love the three of them and having Alice there to calm Jay would allow them all to visit her. Three S The Naughtiest Kind Of Crowd Getting To The One Year Mark Is Hard Enough In A Relationship Between Two Lovers For Three, Just Getting Through The Day Can Be Half The Battle Between Alice S Headstrong Insistence On Pushing Her Sexual Limits And Jay S Need To Confront An Abusive Former Lover, Henry Has His Hands Full Keeping Both His Partners Safe And Happy But Despite All The Challenges And Unexpected Dangers That Lurk In Their Hedonistic World The Three Have Formed A Union That Brings Each Of Them To The Edge Of Something New Something They May Not Be Able To Hold Onto I haven t read the other 4 YET I highly recommend this as a stand alone but definitely could feel where I was missing the inside story The author does a great job of filling in necessary information without oversharing Lyrical writing When Henry speaks it is poetry It adds to the magic in their complicated relationship This story is not about punishment Safety, trust and love form the foundations that each partner builds on to serve one another Jay defines himself as servant but not a slave Alice is the binding piece She completes them both Alice is soft when Henry demands it and firm as Jay needs her to be Successfully Finding Their Balance will be key in finding forever together ALERT There is one dangerous scene that is essential to the story Power through my friends.Thank you Netgalley for the ARC.