Independent Journey: The Life of William O. Douglas Audible –

The First Major Biography Of Justice William O Douglas Presents A Vital, Human Portrait Of The Most Controversial Man To Sit On The US Supreme Court In Its Year History The Book Is Based On Three And A Half Years Of Research And Interviews With Douglas S Friends And Enemies, His Children And Wives, And Douglas HimselfThroughout His Record Years On The Court, Douglas Promoted The Causes Of Human Dignity And Enrichment In His Judicial Opinions And Produced Books On His World Travels And Crusades To Save The Natural Environment James F Simon Probes Behind The Public Image Of Douglas, The Generous Libertarian, To Find A Man Of Personal Insecurities And Fascinating Contradictions His Book Traces Douglas S Life From His Early Days As A Three Year Old Afflicted With Polio And Aware Of A Country Doctor S Prediction That He Would Die By The Age Of , To His Climb To Health And, Later, National Prominence On The US Supreme Court Along The Way, Simon Describes Douglas S Fears As A Youngster, His Bitter Feud With Felix Frankfurter, His Enigmatic Role In Behind The Scenes Drama In The Case Of Julius And Ethel Rosenberg And His Challenge To The Imperial Presidency Of Richard NixonHis Causes So Offended Conservative Members Of Congress That, On Four Separate Occasions, They Tried To Impeach Him They Also Disapproved Of His Private Life, Particularly His Four Marriages, The Last Occurring When The Justice Was Years Old And His Bride Simon Also Writes Of Douglas, The Famous Humanitarian, Who Could Be Cruel To His Wives, Callous To His Children, Indifferent To His Colleagues And Brutal To Those Who Worked For Him Independent Journey The Life Of William O Douglas Presents And Insightful And Intimate Portrait Of Douglas S Generosity And Pettiness, His Genius And Intellectual Laziness, His Personal Problems And Public Greatness It Also Accurately Portrays The Nation S Highest Court

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