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Like you wouldn t be intrigued by a book with this title While at times, fiction can take us to worlds, places, times, and or cultures we can only imagine, at other times, fiction can be equally as effective chronicling the ordinary, everyday activities and foibles we confront in our lives and relationships Perhaps not all of the situations described in the stories in Christine Sneed s new collection, The Virginity of Famous Men , happen to people every day, but I d imagine many happen rather frequently.Sneed s stories are about relationships of all kinds marital, romantic, parental, sibling, colllegial, even other worldly The characters are often flawed in some way, or struggling with some type of crisis or challenge some serious, some humorous, some ridiculous But while nothing earth shattering happens in these stories, they re all tremendously compelling, and nearly all pass the ultimate test of a good story for me I d be happy to see many of them converted into novels.Among my favorites in the collection were The Couplehood Jubilee, in which one half of a long dating, unmarried couple decides it s time she be somewhat compensated for the many weddings and bridal showers she has participated in Older Sister, about a vulnerable college student confronting something she thinks happened to her, as well as the sudden discovery that she has an older half sister Words That Once Shocked Us, which tells of a middle aged divorced woman who wants to get involved when her younger coworker is contemplating infidelity Clear Conscience, about the tug of war between sexual attraction and family loyalty the title story, which deals with an unsettled rivalry between a man and his movie star father and my favorite story, Five Rooms, about a teenage girl who spends time with an older blind man, and the favor she does him.I was really impressed with the way Sneed was able to lay out a story in a short amount of time, creating complex and memorable characters, and fascinating situations She has a real ear for dialogue, both interpersonal and internal, and you could actually imagine people saying such things to one another While not all of the stories worked perfectly, I found this to be a really strong collection overall, and it has definitely motivated me to read some of her earlier work.NetGalley and Bloomsbury USA provided me an advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks for making this available See all of my reviews at Christine Sneed s first short story collection was called Portraits of a Few of the People I ve Made Cry After reading the stories in her new book you can add me to that gallery of the tear streaked Not that The Virginity of Famous Men is necessarily sad because it also blooms with joy in places but it contains some of the emotionally rich writing I ve read in quite some time Whether it s a mother walking a taut tightrope with her brooding teenage son, a woman trying to break up with her ghost lover, a couple getting payback for all the money they ve shelled out for friends weddings, or, in Clear Conscience the one that really broke me in half , a wife gradually slipping into a dangerous love affair with her brother in law, Christine Sneed goes for the heart, the head, and, quite often, the funny bone Reading The Virginity of Famous Men is like binge watching a dozen of your favorite movies all the ones that make you laugh and cry in equal bursts of emotion. 3.5 Choices, infidelity, a ghost, a disrespectful son are just some of the topics observed in this collection First Wife reminded me loosely of the Pitt, Aniston and Jolie pairings Can t say I had a favorite nor were there any that I disliked They were well written but the stories never really touched me, never penetrated beneath the surface So good, a worthy collection but this year I have read better and maybe that is my problem, too many comparisons.ARC from Netgalley. I wrote these stories over a period of about 7 years, and they range from comic to serious in theme and tone In The Functionary, the male point of view character works for a senator who is involved in whitewashing the murders of dozens of women in a neighboring country The New, All True CV is written in the form of an annotated resume, with possibly a little too much truth telling about the main character s employment history and personal life Five Rooms focuses on a teenaged girl who helps out a blind man each week with household chores and unwillingly becomes involved in the aftermath of his break up with a woman who lives several hours away The title story picks up a year and a half after where my second book, Little Known Facts, left off, with Will and his famous father Renn Ivins meeting up in Paris. This Intimate, Psychologically Astute Story Collection From The Winner Of The Grace Paley Prize For Short Fiction Asks The Question, What Compels Two People To Fall In Love The Virginity Of Famous Men, Award Winning Story Writer Christine Sneed S Deeply Perceptive Collection On The Human Condition, Features Protagonists Attempting To Make Peace With The Paths They Have Taken Thus Far In The Prettiest Girls, A Location Scout For A Hollywood Film Studio Falls In Love With A Young Mexican Woman Who Is In Love With The Idea Of Stardom Than With This Older American Man Who Takes Her With Him Back To California Clear Conscience Focuses On The Themes Of Family Loyalty, Divorce, Motherhood, And Whether Doing The Right Thing Is, In Fact, Always The Right Thing To Do In Beach Vacation, A Mother Realizes That Her Popular And Coddled Teenaged Son Has Become Someone She Has Difficulty Relating To, Let Alone Loving With The Same Maternal Fervor That Once Was Second Nature To Her The Title Story, The Virginity Of Famous Men, Explores Family And FortuneLong Intrigued By Love And Loneliness, Sneed Leads Readers Through Emotional Landscapes Both Familiar And Uncharted These Probing Stories Are Explorations Of The Compassionate And Passionate Impulses That Are Inherent In And Often The Source Of Both Abiding Joy And Serious Distress In Every Human Life There are people I have loved without them knowing it So many people than seems sane or worthwhile What do you do with so much heartfelt but unessential affection, I wonder Because I doubt there is a remedy. Christine Sneed s stories never disappoint I loved the range she showed here and her sly humor, which was fully in play. Wow This was a fabulous read With each story in this touching, quirky, inventive collection, I grew and enad of Christine Sneed s talent Highly recommended Don t let the title fool you, The Virginity of Famous Men, it isn t about what you think Christine Sneed is a fantastic story teller, who packs a punch in this collection of short stories These stories are all about relationships Although a lot might not seem to be happening there is a lot of stuff going on under the surface I really enjoyed this collection Most collection have a couple good stories, a few okay ones and a few duds There really isn t a bad story among this bunch Most of the stories are not long and are perfect way to pass the time if you take public transportation to work or just want to sit down for a quick read Most people aren t fans of short stories, but I highly recommend this collection Check it out. Really lovely story collection A few of the pieces take off from where Little Known Facts left off, but overall the collection is varied and full of new voices my favorite piece is Five Rooms, about an adolescent girl who learns to care about something outside of herself, with a complete irreverent and snarky voice that we find is redeemed in the end I loved it