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As Sisters They Share An Everlasting Bond As Queens They Can Break Each Other S Hearts There Is Only One Bond That I Trust Between A Woman And Her Sisters We Never Take Our Eyes Off Each Other In Love And In Rivalry, We Always Think Of Each Other When Katherine Of Arag N Is Brought To The Tudor Court As A Young Bride, The Oldest Princess, Margaret, Takes Her Measure With One Look, Each Knows The Other For A Rival, An Ally, A Pawn, Destined With Margaret S Younger Sister Mary To A Sisterhood Unique In All The World The Three Sisters Will Become The Queens Of England, Scotland, And FranceUnited By Family Loyalties And Affections, The Three Queens Find Themselves Set Against Each Other Katherine Commands An Army Against Margaret And Kills Her Husband James IV Of Scotland But Margaret S Boy Becomes Heir To The Tudor Throne When Katherine Loses Her Son Mary Steals The Widowed Margaret S Proposed Husband, But When Mary Is Widowed It Is Her Secret Marriage For Love That Is The Envy Of The Others As They Experience Betrayals, Dangers, Loss, And Passion, The Three Sisters Find That The Only Constant In Their Perilous Lives Is Their Special Bond, Powerful Than Any Man, Even A King

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    I would have loved if this focused on the sister relationship Margaret, while an interesting narrator, got to be a bit tiresome at times as she was veeeery whiny and jealous I feel like I only got 1 3 of the story since it was only from her perspective It would have been great to get Mary and Katherine s perspectives, which based on the title I thought I would be getting So not terrible, but a bit dull than it should have been

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    Philippa Gregory is a historian capable of crafting beautiful stories from her research and imagination I rather enjoyed The Other Boleyn Girl, which had a full, fascinating ensemble of characters with many viewpoints The title Three Sisters, Three Queens deceived me I thought this book to be about the three queens and how their lives intertwined A tale told from each of their perspectives It was not Very disappointing Gregory s fictional portrayal of Margaret Tudor is one that is obsessed with hierarchy and being above her sisters, Mary Tudor and Katherine of Aragon She is proud, entitled, full of jealousy and contempt Her woe is me attitude fills the pages and she repeats her thoughts often, over and over So, when there is only one narrator and one point of view, Margaret Tudor s, the story quickly becomes tiring and dull It s not until the coup d tat at Holyrood House in 1524 that I sat up The Queen Regent makes a true move for survival and I thought, Finally a strong Queen revealed However, the coup lasted one measly chapter and the whining continued the next I would have enjoyed reading detail about the coup, or the attempted abductions of James, or anything historically interesting, but alas, details are glossed over I m completely aware Three Sisters, Three Queens currently has a rating of 4.26 and obviously than not are truly enjoying this novel It just wasn t for me.

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    Philippa Gregory has written numerous wonderful books about the Tudors Unfortunately this isn t one of them The narrator here is Henry VIII s older sister, Margaret When the book opens, she is a whiny, self centered 12 year old Eventually she becomes a whiny, self centered teenager, then a whiny, self centered adult Rather than shaping history, poor Margaret is mostly left sitting on the sidelines I can t imagine a less interesting person through whom to explore this fascinating period.

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    If you enjoy audiobooks, I would highly recommend listening to THREE SISTERS, THREE QUEENS, because Bianca Amato s narration is outstanding This book has a big cast of characters with different voices and accents, and Ms Amato handled it beautifully Very entertaining and well done So, the title refers to sisters Margaret and Mary Tudor, and their sister in law Katherine of Aragon The book focuses mainly on Margaret, from her girlhood days in the Tudor court, to her years as Queen of Scotland, though Mary and Katherine are always there on the sidelines to annoy, betray, and support, like sisters can do.I enjoyed Philippa Gregory s portrayal of Margaret, though she wasn t easy to like at first Her character makes quite a transformation from a spoiled princess obsessing over the best gowns and titles to a struggling Regent holding the crown for her only son She was a fascinating woman whose life was almost as turbulent as that of her granddaughter, Mary, Queen of Scots It was interesting to read about Margaret s life though, yes, a fictional account and her rivalry and friendship frenemies with pious Katherine and beautiful Mary I love Ms Gregory s storytelling, didn t want this one to end THREE SISTERS, THREE QUEENS is book 8 in The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, though it can easily be read standalone 4.5 stars Disclosure I received a copy of this audiobook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Aceasta este cea de a patra carte pe care am citit o de la Phillippa Gregory i pot s spun c nu m a dezam git Romanul urm re te via a celor trei regine surori Margaret, regin a Sco iei prin c s toria cu regele Iacob al IV lea al Sco iei, Caterina de Aragon, prima so ie a regelui Henric al VIII lea al Angliei i Mary, regin a Fran ei, prin c s toria cu regele Ludovic al XII lea al Fran ei Ceea ce m a atras foarte mult la aceast carte a fost faptul c autoarea a descris i copil ria celor dou regine surori, cu excep ia Caterinei M a teptam s fie reu it i interesant acest roman, deoarece mi place foarte mult cum scrie Phillippa La un moment dat, so ul Margaretei, regele Iacob al IV lea n carte numele s u este James este omor t de armata englez n b t lie, iar rela iile dintre Anglia i Sco ia se deterioreaz Margaret face tot posibilul s men in pacea, n schimb Caterina dore te cu orice pre capitularea Sco iei Pe l ng acestea, Mary, sora Margaretei i a lui Henric al VIII lea se c s tore te cu regele Ludovic al XII lea al Fran ei doar pentru pu in timp, pentru c acesta moare la c teva luni de la c s torie Bunica mi spune c moartea mamei este modul Lui Dumnezeu de a mi ar ta c n fiecare bucurie exist durere i c titlurile i fastul lumesc sunt pl ceri trec toare O c s torie nu poate fi desf cut pentru c oameni cu rang nalt doresc ca o femeie s fie liber O c s torie nu poate fi desf cut din cauz c un so a fost at t de nechibzuit i at t de slab nc t s se ndr gosteasc de alt femeie O c s torie adev rat , f cut n fa a Lui Dumnezeu, nu poate fi desf cut niciodat.

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    I really wanted to like this book I was one of the first people to have it from the public library and I was so excited Then I started reading, and this is the least interesting heroine I ve read since a V.C Andrews novel Margaret is a whiny, self centered person who judges EVERYONE Gregory writes the book as though we are reading Margaret s journal or listening to the thoughts in her head so the only point of view we read is Margaret s It is a very limiting point of view The reader does not get an idea of what anyone else in Margaret s world is doing, thinking, or feeling Margaret s marriage to King James IV is practically glossed over I wish I liked this book, but it s just too slow moving and the narrator is an insufferable bore A great disappointment.Abandoned at page 167.

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    Fickle, vapid, vacillating these are just a few words that can be used to describe the voice of Philippa Gregory s Three Sisters, Three Queens Don t get me wrong Margaret Tudor the real life woman of history is an intriguing figure But the Margaret Tudor of this novel is greedy, spiteful, and vindictive For those who were misled into thinking this would be a tripartite novel from the perspectives of Katherine of Aragon, Mary Tudor, and Margaret Tudor it isn t Margaret is the sole, first person narrator, and she is just so insupportably vicious that reading felt like a soul sucking, wearisome endeavour Early on in the book you persuade yourself to persist nonetheless because initially Margaret is a 12 year old girl and her petty, juvenile attitudes are explicable, if unpalatable However, Margaret s mean spiritedness extends from the first page of the book to the last This is without a shadow of a doubt the single biggest reason why I disliked this book.It wasn t however the only reason Gregory is As You Know Bobbing harder than ever in TSTQ Main characters who we know well and have been mentioned frequently over the course of hundreds of pages are still nonetheless referred to by full name, titles, and a length list of familial connections Even Margaret s only surviving son, who we know full well is her last living boy because of the attention and detail about her other son s death earlier in the book, is referred to as my son, the king , as if we needed to be reminded of this oh which one was that again I ve been reading 300 pages about Margaret s life and her deep sadness at losing her other sons, but even though she only has one son left, I just can t seem to remember what his role in the story is Ah, of course He s the most important person in Scotland How could I forget It also does the book no favours that it retreads a lot of old ground It covers a lot of the same events that we read about in Gregory s previous novels, The Constant Princess, The King s Curse, and The Other Boleyn Girl And Gregory just can t resist the lure of throwing in all the old chestnuts the Sweat came from Henry VII s mercenary army from France to England no evidence the Tudors are cursed and apparently everyone knows it and Elizabeth Woodville was totally a witch and magic was real dontcha know no evidence, not to mention the laws of physics and simple common sense and Anne Boleyn is a horrid, horrid slut and her family are all pimps because the king couldn t possibly be an all powerful tyrant who is determined to always get his own way, the poor fellow must be being manipulated by a villainous woman Can t trust any of these sneaky low born women with their Renaissance educations and their thoughtful opinions, you know I ve provided links in previous reviews of Gregory s novels, but every time a new book comes out she drags up the same old ridiculous drivel, so I can t be bothered to do so again here Needless to say these portrayals are insupportable.To cap it all off, the book ends on a real low note inasmuch as it just ends, suddenly and without explanation, at a point that is neither Margaret s death nor a natural stopping point It simply stops in what feels like the middle of the story and leads us straight into the author s note I flipped between the pages a couple of times to make sure that really was it and I hadn t inadvertently skipped a couple of pages I think this has to be amongst Gregory s worst novels.1 out of 10

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    I find it odd that Philippa Gregory reminds us in her author s note that she writes fiction to flesh out the backgrounds of these noble women whom history has either glossed over, or left very unflattering impressions of This novel does not show Margaret Tudor as having complex emotions, she is entirely one sided in her view of her sisters She consistently suffers from jealousy of her sister and sister in law, and the constant inner narrative of her jealousy becomes tediously repetitive, especially since we do not see Margaret mature beyond those jealousies as she ages The theme of women wanting to put each other down and are constantly jealous of each other is not exactly a novel, or pro women view of history The one time she was reprimanded by her husband for her envy, I thought to myself, yes this is the part of the book where she realizes her new family in Scotland is important that petty girlhood rivalry, and the book will get better, but sadly no This would not be too bad if there was a strong historical basis for her obsession, but there appears to be none.Altogether the novel would have been improved if it included the point of views of Mary Tudor and Catherine of Aragon as well, to temper out the repetitiveness of Margaret s obsessive thoughts.

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    Auch ein starkes Buch mit einer interessanten Protagonisten, allerdings haben mich die letzten 100 Seiten ein wenig genervt, das Hick Hack hat sich die Klinke in die Hand gegeben und es war etwas lang, aber trotzdem ein sehr lesenswertes Buch Aus der Reihe bisher aber der Band, f r den ich etwas l nger gebraucht habe.

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    This is the first book I ve read by author Philippa Gregory but it certainly won t be my last I love history my BA is in history and I especially enjoy Tudor history Three Sisters, Three Queens was an enjoyable book that centers around Katherine of Aragon, Margaret Tudor and her sister Mary Tudor Told through Margaret s voice , it details the events and drama that unfold throughout their lives I ve read various reviews that stated that Margaret isn t a very likable character she s spoiled, shallow, and ambitious but for whatever reason, I liked her character I d recommend this book to readers that enjoy historical fiction books Good thing I bought The Other Boleyn Girl to read next