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5 STARS I am not usually a Zombie fan but, this is certainly a new and different approach to the concept Thanks to goodreads for the ARC. This book surprised the heck outta me I honestly wasn t too sure what to expect I d read a zombie book or two but never one with the main character as a zombie so I was a little unsure of how that would play out Turns out, it was a really good book Yes, it was a little unpleasant when the MC mentioned how people smelled like sweet and sour pork to her but she s a zombie, so I suppose I shouldn t have been too surprised And I was pleasantly surprised that the gore and human eating was kept to a minimum I don t believe a single brain was eaten in the entire book, always a plus A fair few were shot though But it s the only way to kill a zombie So what can you do The characters were great I really liked Evelyn She was a good strong female lead who really cared and tried to save everyone despite the fact that most of them were mindless zombies I was so conflicted about Greyson Based on the description I assumed he was the love interest but when we first met him he was an ass and a little on the creepy side so I was disappointed And then she met Nicholas and I was like oh man, not a love triangle but it didn t really play out that way In the span of like 20 pages Greyson managed to surprise me as much as he did Evelyn and I can totally see his attractiveness now And the author does a really good job of differentiating Evelyn s feelings for the two and how they affected her as a person zombie The main reason I hate love triangles is because I m so bad at picking sides and no matter what I always end up feeling bad for the person who loses But I didn t feel that way in this book.I also loved the actual premise of the zombie and the origin of the virus I wasn t expecting such a cool back story and I was totally intrigued with the author s explanation about how this zombie virus came about and how it s spread.Overall, loved the characters, loved the plot its pretty faced paced and keeps you interested the whole way through Good mix of action, romance, with a few slower scenes used to explain the actual logistics of the virus So no complaints While there was no cliffhanger or anything at the end, there were definitely a few things I would have liked to see wrapped up a little better so I m hoping for a book two In the meantime, if you like action, romance and a little zombie ness this book is absolutely worth a read Narrated With Spunk And Humor By A Zombie Who Still Has Sex Appeal, Grey Matters Is A Fresh Take On The Undead Meme Where The Enemy Comes From Within, Literally One Of The Most Original And Shocking Takes On Zombie Literature I Ve Ever Seen Grey Matters Is Humorous, Acutely Terrifying, And Thoroughly Gripping From The First Page To The Last Katherine Boyle, Veritas LiteraryThey Bash Our Heads And Chain Us Up Because We Re Different Well, Maybe Knowing We Would Happily Throw On A Bib, Rip Out Their Guts, And Devour Them Like Hotdogs On A Stick, Without The Stick Or The Bib For That Matter Probably Has Something To Do With It No One Really Wants To Hang Out With A Girl Whose Idea Of A Slurpee Is Grey Matter And Blood Splashed In The Snow, Hold The StrawEvelyn Cross Has Everything Shampoo Commercial Hair, A Letterman Jacket, A Tiara, A GPA, And Now The Z Virus That Is Infecting Teenage Couples In The Small Town Of Eli As Usual Though, Evelyn Is A Cut Above Her Peers The Virus Has Made Her Look Like A ZV And Crave Human Flesh Like A ZV, But Instead Of Slowly Consuming Her Organs And Brain, It Has Transformed Her Into A Super Predator, Fighting Both Sides Of A Looming Conflict On One Side, Armed Z V Institute Snatchers Hunt Down Unwilling, Infected Test Subjects On The Other, Pale White ZVs With Body Parts Stuck In Their Teeth Invade People S Homes And Devour Their Families Evelyn Is The Grey In The Middle And She S Not The Only One Of Her Kind There S Also Greyson Childs, The Vicious Pack Hunting Player That Dumped Her Best Friend When They All Got InfectedWhen The War Really Heats Up, Evelyn Has To Take A Good Look At Herself And Decide If She Can Embrace What She Is And Make It Work A quick read with an unusual theme.if I tell you about the book I ll spoil the story This dystopian novel is fun and scary Its definitely for readers 13 and above It s a great book to read on trip or to wake up your creative juices. Since I live in Utah I really connected with this book I even live next to what one of the zombie hideouts is based off of so it was a little scary to read at night Grey Matters really captures your attention and keeps you on your toes I can t wait for the sequel to come out Warning you will probably fall in love with Greyson I thought this was a pretty cool book It isn t a normal zombie book, in the sense that the infected are dead They are very much alive, but are persecuted by the healthy population to the point where there are Zombie Hunts.The story is told through the perspective of an infected teenage girl by the name of Evelyn It really brings a new perspective to things to hear the story from someone who is infected Even though she is infected, she doesn t let that stop her from living She has made a home for herself complete with a book collection, and she tries to stay away from eating people.This book has a fair amount of action, but it isn t really too gory Much less than it could have been The characters are pretty dynamic, for being zombies , and the adventure they go through is pretty entertaining I hope to read from this author. Great imagery, makes me feel like I am in the story myself Narrator tells the story like it just happened yesterday. A refreshingly gruesome zombie romance with a ton of ass kicking I absolutely loved this book. Must read Great book that needs much exposure Great story, great plot and well fleshed out characters pun intended getting book 2 now This is a little different than your average zombie tale but, it explores how it is being a Grey aka still functioning zombie Although this is not a completely unique type of zombie book it s definitely well done and hasn t been done nearly as often as the usual zombie fiction I ve read many, many, many zombie books and whether you re a huge fan of this genre or you just love good fiction, this needs to be read So I ve never actually read a book about zombies before, so this was a pleasant surprise I was a bit wary about reading this book I have never found myself drawn towards books about zombies Other supernatural beings, sure, but not zombies.This book completely took my off guard when I actually greatly enjoyed reading it I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway.