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Really good addition to the series, sets up for next book at the end really want to read it D I chose this book to read for the spookathon 2017 challenge Read a book with a spooky word in the title This is the 2nd book from I Text Dead People I loved both of the books This story again follows Anna and her ability to talk with the dead This book picks up from where the 1st left off and goes on a whole new adventure with new dead people A wonderfully creepy book to read around Halloween I expect there will be another book because of how it ends Well I hope there will be another I would recommend this to everyone Just enough creepy and eerie for every age. Middle School Is A Lifeand Death Experience For Annabel Craven, A Girl Able To Communicate With The Spirit World With Her Phone From The Author Of I TEXT DEAD PEOPLE All Annabel Craven Wants Is To Be Normal But That S Hard To Do When Ghosts Keep Texting Her And Keeping Her Secret From Her Nosy New Stepsister Isn T Going To Be EasyWhen A Ghost Girl Named Harper Begs Anna To Help Her Rejoin The Living, Anna Warns Her That It S Impossible Once You Re Dead, You Can T Just Start Living Again Or Can You In this sequel to I Text Dead People, ghosts continue to text and hassle Anna Newly dead, super popular Harper refuses to cross over and finds a way to inhabit her old body To Anna s dismay, Lucy also makes a return appearance When reincarnated Harper becomes friends with Tabitha, Anna s new stepsister, Anna s woes escalate Tabitha s dislike of Anna and friendship with Harper make Anna s life wretched as she tries to get the ghosts back to the other side Add to the mix a curious spell on her parents and typical teen issues and you have a somewhat scary and at times gruesome read that middle school readers would enjoy Dark humor, detachable body parts and a few dark but cute black and white illustrations add enough scare without being overly gruesome It s a quick, edgy read for horror fans, especially girls Fans of the first installment will no doubt enjoy this one, but this title can stand on its own. Middle schooler Annabel Craven is able to communicate with the dead or they can communicate with her through texts on her cellphone But Harper Sweety, a local Mean Girl, refuses to cross over to the great beyond and causes much trouble for Anna I felt sorry for Harper as she patches herself together and tries desperately to return to the living Things get a little complicated for Anna with the addition of a stepsister from whom she needs to keep all this a secret Although I m not wildly enad with this series, it has plenty of creepy and amusing moments, and is less Dead Serious than its title might warrant Middle grade girls in particular will enjoy this one I like it, despite some of its flaws, including its predictability, because it is different from the usual horror series. Fresh from her previous adventure in I Text Dead People in which she had to convince vengeful teen ghost Lucy to cross over, Annabel Craven, a girl who receives text messages from the dead, encounters another recently deceased teen The new ghost, Harper, died when she was pushed off a balcony by someone she didn t see and is reluctant to move on While Annabel struggles to cope with Harper, she learns that Lucy did not actually cross over either Then, her mother and Winston, her new stepfather, start acting weird Oh, yes, and she finds out she has a stepsister when Tabitha, Winston s previously unmentioned daughter, arrives to join their dysfunctional family Even her witchy best friend, Eden, betrays Annabel with a secret spell It is difficult to keep the characters straight since all the girls seem to be equally obsessed with clothes, boys, and status, and all the adults are clueless, but short chapters and black and white sketches do their part to hold readers interest. This book grabs your attention right from the start when Anna stumbles upon both the body and the ghost of Harper Harper is selfish, spoiled and dead and for Anna that s of an annoyance than a problem Anna can see ghosts as well as receive texts from them Though reluctant, Anna reaches out to help Harper move on from this world to whatever lies beyond Anna and her friend Eden soon realize that something is not quite right about Harper The story starts out strong but gets a bit bogged down in the middle with teenage drama Overall though, it s a fun read and even though I have not read the first book in the series, I easily picked up the story line Great for 6th grade and up. Anna gets texts from dead people It s her job to help them cross over, but Harper flatly refuses to go She discovers a way to inhabit her old body and Harper is back on the loose again Anna has to figure out a way to get Harper to cross over while dealing with a new stepsister, a crush with memory loss and a whole host of other ghostly issues.This book ended very abruptly and confusedly I would recommend it as an optional purchase for ages 9 12. The second one was at the library so I figured I d give it a go, I mean, sometimes the sequel is an improvement, I mean look at the Series of unfortunate events, dude didn t hit his stride till book 3 or so It worried me slightly that the book was much thinner than the first I still really like the idea behind these 2 books, and I m still all for them being comic books cause I just feel like it would flow better, and the little flow issues and details could be handled in the background of images, like the clues are there, but you have to go back and look for them There s room for improvement, and I will read the next one, if it s coming, I feel it s coming, and I ve still got this big bit of optimism that it gets so MUCH better with the next one.It was better in some regards bust still suffering from the same issues as the first one was Once again some of the things I ll be mentioning will be spoilery, there will be warnings before we get to that part.Overall the writing level was the same, it still felt like a middle grade book even though it was labeled YA the fact that it s shorter than the first one, being only 199 pages, allows for even less mystery, and subplots and all the little details that would improve the twists and turns, and it especially made further character development difficult I ll admit I actually got a little emotionally invested here, like my anger and my injustice was spiked, way worse than it was in the first book, and because it was shorter, it didn t have time to ebb which kept me reading, so in that regard it did a good job, it made me care about a characters well being, it made me feel for them, but only for a specific situation.Ok Now we re getting into slightly spoilery bits so I advise you to stop here1 Ok so Anna legit came upon the scene of a ghost girl ranting about just falling pushed really off a third story balcony we never learn why the heck she was freaking there in the first place, she didn t live there, but that mystery was never solved ANYWAY, this girl died, Anna can see the ghost ranting but she doesn t up and call the police, not an ambulance, not someone who can come TAKE CARE OF THIS TRAGEDY before anyone else unwittingly stumbles upon like hello, this is a dead girl on the ground in broad daylight call someone to take care of this What is with these characters completely ignoring the fact that dead bodies need to be taken care of by professionals, the ghost can wait, someone needs to contact the police so her parents can be alerted Ugh this lack of focus on what happens to the bodies of the dead are so ghosted over, pardon the pun, that it s almost as if the people who actually come handle these situations only come up when the plot actually needs them like no, they exist, they gotta be there How is this not all over the news, how are parents not panicked that there s a killer on the loose going after young girls Why is no one at school whispering about it It could have easily drummed up panic in the background characters and made sneaking around harder due to watchful parents and cops patrolling the streets It could have added tension I ma harp on the tension a lot, AGAIN 2 Then when Anna goes up to talk to the ghost she s this cold, apathetic sort of badass almost ALMOST when talking about what just happened and what the ghost needs to do, with a small monologue about how she s gotten better at handling this ghost thing Really REALLY It s been like maybe 6 months since you ve moved here, you ve handled one ghost legitimately, and that almost killed somebody else here, ok you haven t improved that much, yer not that cold unfeeling brat, you need to calm your shit down Like this was a total 180 from what she actually is, and who she returns to being like a page later, so it was just very jarring to read, and it was not consistent with who Anna was at the end of the first book If you want her to be a cold, almost ruthless handler of souls then she needs to grow into that person She wasn t that person at the end of the last book, not even close, so she can t just be that person at the beginning of this book, such a harsh transition of character needs to be worked through This immediately lowered my hopes.3 I m glad Anna has a friend in Eden, and It s actually cool that Eden s a with, like that s pretty epic and useful, but the fact that Anna has to tell us that, like she literally narrates it out, this is a case of telling too much instead of showing , yes exposition is sometimes needed to move a plot along but in the second chapter, really, we need it this early There s just a little too much of this series, and I feel it would improve the story so much, and bring the readers in so much better if it showed and told less, like 80% show 20% tell This feels like 60% show, 40% tell That s a little too close to half telling the story instead of immersing us in it and that s just too no good.4 I really hate those quickie marriages that totally disregard how a child might feel about the entire thing Like yeah, she s not a little kid, she understands how this works It just grinds my gears personally when a parent takes very little consideration of how the child would feel Like yes, you r the adult, you re in charge, it is your life and you have the right to your happiness But SURPRISE you brought a kid into this world, a kid that legit can t go anywhere if you bring a new person to live into this home with you, a child who can feel displaced, not listened to, tossed aside, etc Like yeah you think having a parent to help out would be good, and the family will be a concise unit, but the bond you ve built, or at least THINK you ve built with this other human does not exist between that person and your kid It can take a much longer time for that level of relationship to form between a step child and the step parent, and at times the kid might honestly not want to have that relationship with this person Like yeah it s cool if they come over to hang out, but to live there with them, and get parented by someone who might not know how to parent, can feel demeaning and just like, who gives you the right to try and parent me, you re literally nothing to me.It s just frustrating that even under the best of circumstances children can still feel this way about a new parent, and in this scenario the 2 have barely known each other, gotten married, he convinced Anna s mom to work for him only, he s moved in and invoked a shit ton of new rules, and he s being a fairly strict father to someone he barely knows, and has, as far as the book has shown me, not tried to built much of a bond with Anna This is what pissed me off, this is what made me keep reading for the sake of a happy ending, as well as for Anna s sake cause she obviously doesn t like the situation.5 On page 54, 14 lines from the bottom, there s a sentence that reads she lived her for a few months , it should say here , there s an e missing, this is an editing issue, nothing to really blame anyone too much about, we re all only human after all, just wanted to tell ya so it can get fixed up later.6 Tabitha, so many things here where do I begin.6.1 I hate the vindictive, smile to your face, stab you in the back, turn people against you type of people I hate them when they come outta left field I get that she was there to add conflict to the story aside from the ghost, like yeah the ghost was the main conflict in the first book and a side conflict was bullies, now the bully so to speak is aggressive and lives in the same house I applaud the attempt at increasing the conflict and making progression harder on the protagonist, it does pull people into the story better when they can all band together to hate on someone who is pretty terrible So kudos there, but I really hate this child.6.2 Anna s mom didn t know the dude had a kid, that s super suspicious ok, no if I got married and they were like surprise I have a kid and she s coming to live with is, you are packing a night bag and going to find a new building to sleep in for the next month until we settle this whole keeping important news, such as children, and inviting them to live here without any permission from me I m not saying I wouldn t welcome the kid but I gotta know they exist, like what if you married someone who doesn t want children and then monday morning it s like surprise, you re a parent, like how rude is that shit, and the fact you kept that information makes you seem sneaky and very untrustworthy 6.3 Big spoiler, Tabitha believes in paranormal stuff That was thrown in at the end, and I just wished we were shown hints about this stuff, like in her clothes, in her decoration of her room Sure she may not want to broadcast that stuff, but there should be like little things most people might miss on the first look around, that Anna might have found through her repeated visits to Tabitha s room that at the end of the book it s believable that she s into spooky things.6.4 Tabitha was getting chummy with Spencer and Johnny How was Olivia not beyond pissed about Spencer, unless they re over and it was never mentioned, or they were never an item it was just a crush And even then how the heck did the 2 guys not get into a fight, like they had to all 3 at some point been near each other, how the heck did they not figure out they were both almost with the same girl at the same time That could have gone so bad for Tabitha, and ruined a bunch of friendships, not just between Spencer and Johnny, but whenever friends split up at times the group of friends is sort of pressured to pick sides, this could add tension between Anna and the relationship she s trying to salvage with Johnny.7 Archer was another one that came outta left field, I like him as a character, but I share Anna s suspicious about why, if he s Lucy s cousin, why didn t we get a few mentions back in book one, like why d he never hang out with his cousin, why did he sit aside and do nothing as she got bullied, why s he not being very angry and revenge seeking like, that was technically manslaughter on Olivia s part Where is the emotion 7.1 Archer is a warlock, ok sure that s one thing that might be ok to tell instead of show, since it would be a good plot twist if the story built up to it a bit I m not saying it couldn t have been vague clues that eventually led Anna to a shocking realization, it would have just taken way time and pages than what was used I just kinda felt like eh, we have a witch, you had to be a warlock Is there a secret coven of magic users in this town Why d Eden know you Yes he s strong, stronger than her maybe, but still, she never explained why exactly she wanted Archer away from Anna specifically Is there something in this town that they DO know of that she needs to be kept away from So many loose ends surrounding one character.8 The fact that Anna s mom and Winston are under a spell to be together is crossing severe consent and respect lines and it should be far terrifying to all parties involved than it is treated, which is another instance of missing the chance to add tension and drama and suspense and pull readers into the story for a spooky angle It at least gives the audience the knowledge that there s something stronger hanging around town and it has Anna s life in it s sights, if not Anna specifically then the people in the manor.9 At the end of the book the last chapter is wrapped up again by Anna narrating that all of a sudden she s made friends with her step sister and they re volunteering at a call center to help the living It felt like one of those end of movie montages where it s like where are they now , and it s the biggest case of telling instead of showing I have seen yet in this duology so far If Anna was writing that down in a journal, such as Harper had started earlier in the book, it would have worked better instead of her narrating what was happening That s a quick and easy way to handle giving a lot information in an acceptable telling manner I still feel you can t just pull out the fact that a character suddenly has a journal, even Harper mentioned that she s started to keep a journal again like she used to when she was alive, to make this idea feel believable Anna would have had to start keeping a journal much earlier in the book. Cooper, Rose The Ungrateful Dead Dead Serious 2 , 199 pgs Delacorte Press, 2016 12.99 Language G Mature Content G Violence G.The second in the Dead Serious novels, The Ungrateful Dead could still be read as a stand alone book Anna is a guided, someone who helps the dead transition While walking home from school, Anna comes across the body of a beautiful teen girl named Harper, who looks as if she has fallen from a balcony Harper doesn t really want Anna s help because Anna doesn t have much fashion sense, but does accept help from a ghost who does Lucy, a vindictive ghost who has issues with Anna, tells Harper how she can come back alive Anna must navigate how to deal with her new mean girl stepsister, following her mother s sudden remarriage to the local mortician while allowing Harper to live in her stepfather s large home This book is a fast read and has some fun cartoonish line art sprinkled in Anna s world is a bit of a soap opera for someone so young Apparently dead teenage girls are even shallow in death, so the dead aren t likeable and the book reads like a middle school drama fest with a few dead people thrown in.MS OPTIONAL Michelle in the Middlehttp 2017