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This Romantic Thriller Takes A Fictional What If Look At The JFK Assassination Suppose Accused Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald Had Lived To Defend Himself Imagine If Years After The Assassination Someone Stepped Forward To Reveal The Truth Of What Happened That Day What If The Assassination Was A Conspiracy And The Impact Of Those Revelations Reached Into The St Century This Is The Story Of Ordinary People Caught Up In Extraordinary Events You Ll Never Look At Your Neighbors The Same Way

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    This is quite simply the most compelling book I have read in quite a long time View From the Sixth Floor is very well crafted, appealing and full of surprises The suspense kept me turning pages and the characters were so engaging to me that when it seemed to be heading toward an ending, it took another turn and I actually looked to see if it was near the end The percent bar on my kindle registered 59% done and my reaction was, Good There s , a lot There was, and all of it satisfying, full of moments of worry about characters I had come to care for and moments to cheer when they rose to cope with crises.One bet I made with myself as I sat down to write this review was to check once it was posted I promise not to cheat but I am curious I want to see just how many Americans of a certain age who also reviewed it took a moment to share where they were and what they were doing when they heard about the Kennedy assassination I m expecting a lot of people will, it s a wound that left scars I was a freshman in a Southern California high school French class I remember one French teacher who had been in the underground resistance in Nazi occupied Belgium as a boy came out of his class to ours to confer with our French teacher who was from Dallas The words coup d etat were mentioned with a certain anxiety At the time I wondered if that was some kind of European, paranoid way of looking at the situation Considering the way our society has been changed since that day, those words resonate differently to me now Paranoia strikes deep sorry, anything to do with the 60s brings out my song quoting reflex.This is one of those books I had to tell friends about It was that good I don t want to ruin the suspense for anyone by saying much .

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    THIS REVIEW WILL CONTAIN NO SPOILERS This book needs to be a MOVIE, right now so MR MOVIE PRODUCERS read this book and open your wallets.I at first was a tad unsure of the being non yank and a limey through and through but the fact i was a non american didn t halter my understanding of the plot or series of events mentioned in the book.This book is written in a delicate, yet strongly worded way that really pushes a multi layered plot arc, that gives each character a moment to shine It flows well, and each key point and twist is written to a fine edge that s razor sharp and makes the reader sit up and take notice But yes it works well as a read on so many levels and it will entice readers from all different demographics and interests, But yes this needs to be a movie NOW THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN A 5 STAR REVIEW BUT AN I KNOW I M PICKY BUT I FELT THE BOOKS COVER REALLY LET DOWN THE BOOK review verified on .co.uk

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    I have actually read this book several times I yearn for a sequel This is a tender story about a retired school teacher and her late husband s best friend on a quest to find out the true story of the JFK assassination as the 50th anniversary of the day approaches Olivia has always accepted the facts as presented and never questioned any of it until an encounter with a strange man in the grocery store who asks if she thought Oswald did it.Having never thought about it much she decides to do a little research She reads several books, watches documentaries on tv and finds she has questions than answers and so decides she wants to go to Dallas When she tells her friend and neighbor Bill about her plans he does everything he can to talk her out of it but Olivia is determined and so Bill makes plans to join her on the journey that will change their lives.I too, always accepted the facts as presented about the assassination until I read this book I began to look at things differently too Elizabeth Horton Newton is an awesome story teller Her characters come alive and you feel as if you know them Olivia s growth is something I particularly enjoyed watching I was also thrilled to read a love story that didn t involve twenty somethings but was a mature relationship that grew from a good friendship.This is one of my very favorite books and I highly recommend it I give it 5 0ut of 5 stars

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    A MUST READ, BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN What a story Fifty years ago, I wasn t even blip on my mother s radar, but this novel certainly made me think hard about the political scandals back then and ask myself what secrets and skeletons do the people that worked for the government still keep locked away and how many innocent people lost everything because of it I will probably never know, but I hope justice finds them With that being said, this was an amazing conspiracy story with enough romance and suspense to keep me glued to my kindle until the last page was read, and left me wanting of Olivia s and Bill s story, Judy s and Mike s, oh and Jesse s and Shelli s I have to hand it to the author, I wasn t sure if I would love this novel as much as I do since most stories are of the young, violent, foolish, and most time gullible That s not what I look for per se in my reads, it s just harder to find books with seasoned characters that can make up their mind in a split second, over forty years old, and can evade the cops successfully Well, I found the proverbial needle in a haystack, and it was so worth the dig Elizabeth is now on my radar and I ll be looking for top notch reads from her about whatever.

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    Wow I totally enjoyed this book, talk about romance, suspense, thriller, it has it It s a book that goes back in time to the period of president Kennedy s assassination, it s a book about the character of the supposed assassin in the president Kennedy s murder His changed lifestyle, running and hiding from higher powers that be, trying to kill him, his adventure with Olivia, falling in love with her and finding a way to be together against all odds I also like the character of Judy who stood by her friend and in the process met Mike too I highly recommend this book I got a copy of this book from ebook discovery in exchange for an honest review.

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    This book is unique, bizarre and a bit unbelievable When Livvy s husband passes away suddenly she somehow becomes obsessed with the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination Despite being close to 60 she has few memories of 11 22 63 and begins researching with a fervor Eventually she concludes she needs to go to Dallas and convinces her husband s friend to accompany her He is reluctant since he has a personal tie to the assassination, but doesn t share this with her view spoiler Not really since it is in the title and description he s Oswald hide spoiler

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    A fascinating and unique take on an unforgettable event in American history The book is as much a romance as it is a thriller It s well written and the story ticks along at a steady pace.The main characters of the story, Olivia and Bill, are believable and make a great couple It was refreshing to read a book in which the protagonists were older than I am The book is written in the first person and after a page or two, I felt like Olivia was telling her story to me personally and from that moment on I was hooked on this interesting and enjoyable read

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    A must read I was unable to set this book down I must admit though it is a fictional book it could have anyone believing in the conspiracy of J.F.K Bill and Olivia have been long time neighbors and friends When Olivia decides she needs to know about the assassination of the President on the fiftieth anniversary, Bill will help her to get her answers , than she could know.

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    I was intrigued by this novel It is an interesting take on a unforgettable conspiracy I also enjoyed that it was a love story between two older people Often times it is forgotten that love can still exist after a certain age I found this to be a non stop page turning adventure I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good suspense and love after 40.