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Elliot Strand Isn T A Lawyer Yet He S Just A Lowly Paralegal On An Unexpected Flight To Wyoming Oil Has Been Discovered In The Wild, Beautiful Country Out Near The Bighorns, And Elliot S Bosses Desperately Need Him To Close The Billion Dollar Deal On Its Sale A Task That Should Be As Simple As Collecting A Signature Or It Would Be If It Weren T For Jared Carter, The Stubborn, Ruggedly Handsome Cowboy Who Refuses To Sign Away His Land Tensions Run High As Elliot Tries To Convince Jared To Sell The Rancher Is Than His Ultra Masculine Exterior Led Elliot To Believe At First Glance, Sensitive And Beautiful In The Most Unexpected Of Ways And Undeniably Attracted To Elliot Elliot Struggles To Ignore The Building Heat Between Them, The Strange Pull That Keeps Drawing Them Together Despite Mounting Pressures When They Give In To Their Deepest Temptations And Embark On A Passionate, Physical Affair, Will Oil And Money Drive Them Apart

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    This was lovely A random 1 click chance on a new to me author that totally paid off A bit overlong at times, some detail superfluous and made it drag in bits Otherwise I really loved this very much and the MCs were great Satisfying HEA I d recommend, for sure.

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    Kind of made me crazyOk, I enjoyed this book a lot but it really made me nuts at times To the point I wanted to stop reading it But, fortunately, there s that little thing called skipping pages Just way too much angst, indecision and girly behavior from Elliot Jared, on the other hand, acted like a guy and kept things interesting That said, Laurel Alexander is a very, very good writer.

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    GreatWhat an amazing story Jared and Elliott are wonderful together This story was chocked full of lust, intrigue and just good old down home cowboy love The descriptions of the farmland was fantastic I truly felt like I could see Roy and Rosie s old dilapidated cabin by the stream Just a really great read.

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    Sweet story about awesome charactersThis book had wonderful characters The way the characters grew and their relationship blossomed was completely endearing The story was sweet and I so did not want it to end This is the first book I ve read by this author and I am extremely impressed, I will definitely be looking into other books by Laurel Alexander.

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    Good story This was a good story I really liked the pace and reading as the romance unfolded I didn t want the story to end and would love to read about them again.

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    Such a lovely story It had a wonderful pace and I just loved both men I would love to read about them

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    3.5 stars

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    3.5 Stars

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    Being on different sides of a business deal,the should hate each other and be wary one of the other But Elliot can only see how beautiful Jared is,inside and out,and Jared is grateful that Elliot came into his life, no matter the circumstances Such beautiful emotions, such a wonderfully written love story I love it

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    Jared s land is sitting on some major oil reserves He refuses to sell the mineral rights Elliot is shocked when he a lowly paralegal is sent to talk him into signing He is further shocked when he discovers his boss relationship to Jared Later his growing attraction and feelings for Jared will worry him about his job security.Elliot is a pompous self centered fool when we first meet him He whines and moans that he is sent to Wyoming This behavior is his standard for him It takes awhile for him to start becoming a person that the reader can actually like and care about.Jared is a caring honest man who is well respected by the community He loves the land and wants to protect it The land was his grandparents and their influence made Jared the man he is today The book flowed well but had issues Both characters spent a great deal of time crying or teary eyed Nothing wrong with men crying but it was over the top Trouble is brewing and action is needed Big oil wants Jared s land and won t take no for a answer Elliot is set to leave the ranch soon and starts law school in the fall Jared is facing financial worries so the pressure to sign the contract is mounting These two of course do not talk Anger and a fight of course results The issues are quickly resolved and they get their HEA If they had only talked, it would have come sooner.