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padne do kaminorating baad me krlna xams k baad Captivating, i started reading with my usual target of 20 pages at a time I was so engrossed in the characters and the story that I finished this in two sitting Characters are vivid, and the conversation so real that relating to them is natural.A common problem of every other human being who always seek completeness from outside His perception of getting the fulfilment from material things always leaves him her with disappointment, frustration and regrets in later stages. This is one of the best plays I have ever read in Hindi Layers keep opening up as the play progresses and the the author is able to change the perspective of the reader viewer so many times It leaves you with a kind of heavy feeling and stays with you for a long time The characters are flawless and realistic So realistic that you can relate to each and every one of them, and that s what makes this play awesome The fact that we are all the same and the quest for living with a complete person doesn t get you anywhere has been highlighted beautifully A must read for anyone who is interested in contemporary Hindi literature This is classic. Lumps of clay All of youlumps of clay Halfway House is a translated version of the play Aadhe Adhure by Mohan Rakesh The play is a reflection on human behaviour and a common man s dilemma All the characters in the play are incomplete, fragmented and face identity crisis The above quote highlights this scenario where the people live and act like lumps of clay, without a definite identity and a purpose in life They live in a house, not a home They live a loveless life, have bitterness towards each other and they simply exist in the world, without living their life for good It is a story of hopelessness, ruin and fragmentation, which is sadly the reality most of the families today. Halfway House or Aadhe Adhure wonderfully portrays the breaking away of human relations and a crumbling society through the story of a family. As a play, I quite liked it, even though I read it rather than watch The way imperfections of people come out in the play were attention grabbing and yet telling, giving you feeling that things like these happen MINOR SPOILER And yet, there was a major concern about the way domestic violence appears to be legitimised in a way That alone makes me mark it at 4 instead of a 5 SPOILER ENDS Halfway House, A Translation Of The Hindi Play Aadhe Adhure , Tells The Story Of A Dysfunctional Middle Family Who Live An Unhappy And An Unsatisfactory Life With Each Other A Sort Of Frost Seems To Have Descended On The Souls Of The Human Agents Every Confrontation And The Play Is A Series Of Confrontations Instead Of Thawing The Ice, Leaves It A Bigger Iceberg RLNigam, In Enact I was not aware about this book and came across while I searching for the play It was one of the most interesting finds I had already watched an enactment of the play on which the book was based, but despite this I enjoyed the book Mohan Rakesh is a masterful story teller who weaved the scene as if it is directly out of the real life A woman struggling to find perfect qualities in different men and yet feeling discontented The story is about a daughter my favorite character who believes that she is unhappy because the vestiges of the home strife are forever embedded in her heart I do feel that the book does not favor the women at all, yet it is a story which has stayed with me for long.Overall an amazing find Full review can be read at my blog I cant read WOW