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Did not finish 2.5 stars for the 1 3 I read Thought it would be amusing since I too moved to the Idaho Panhandle in the early aughts, but I became bored quickly Did have some funny parts particularly the problems with getting a good haircut and the scary off road vehicle story. I lived many years in Sandpoint, and most of my family still lives there I m in Montana now, and this book brought back a lot of memories for me Duke is funny, and he made me laugh out loud on many occasions Mostly he made me hungry for a Dubs cheeseburger and strawberry dipped soft serve ice cream cone Sandpoint is as beautiful as Duke states One of the most beautiful places I ve ever lived, and I ve lived in many different places This was a funny and engaging look at small town life and I d recommend this book. Have You Ever Wanted OFF The Treadmill New Author Duke Diercks Bursts Onto The Scene With The Hilarious Memoir Of One Family S Move From The Big City To The Panhandle Of North Idaho No Jobs No Friends Just Buckets Of Our Own Ignorance Follow Along In Horror And Hilarity As The Family Acclimates To The New Small Town Way Of Life And The Author Bounces From Jobs Working In A School Cafeteria To Selling Women S Clothing In A Call Center To Opening A Barbecue Restaurant Written In A Smart, Self Deprecating, Salty Style, Small Town Ho Is All At Once Poignant And Laugh Out Loud Funny, Full Of The Struggle Of An Ordinary Family Consisting Of Three Boys, One Big Black Lab, One Assassin Of A Cat, And Two Very Tired Parents Funny small town insights, language warning for prudes Not a fan of Ho as a reference but I get it for marketing In spite of the title s promise, this book is just not that funny This family moves to a small town where people are kooky Okay He gets a job in retail and finds customers annoying His dog poops a lot and is not very smart His teenage boys like Taco Bell His family does six loads of laundry a week Please I have my own boring life to live, why am I reading about someone else s Seemed much longer than it isI really wanted to like this book and was looking forward to becoming enchanted with life in the Idaho panhandle But I was bored and found myself flipping many pages without reading them Didn t enjoy the frequent use of course words and describing people negatively Sorry but 2 stars is a stretch and gave this rating because at least it didn t have typos. Currently, I m still reading this book Having moved from a large urban setting to a rural on within the past several years, I find that a lot of Duke s experiences intersect with mine It s an enjoyable read Funny and PoignantEasy to read Hilarious The descriptions and adjectives are creative And dead on.I live 30 miles north of Sandpoint Duke.Please write another book about anything The Ho of this title means Idaho just so you know This book is NOT hilarious, and it is not even that slightly funny most of the time I was forced to speed read it for info about Sandpoint because I have family moving there soon The writing teetered on good, but then he dumped in garbage words tons of them trashy and distracting Shame on you, Duke Clean it up and reach for something higher The next time you write about Idaho, show some respect to yourself. After countless conversations with my boyfriend, weighing the pros and cons city life vs life in northern Idaho, I could not have read this book at a better time It was a laugh out loud, entertaining and fun read Whether you ll find this book as entertaining as I did might depend on your familiarly with Norther Idaho Because I could identify with so many situations he described, I could not stop laughing at certain parts The author does jump around a bit with the subject matter, but, overall, a solid 4 star book for the many laughs