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The theme for my bookclub this month was Sci Fi and I have to admit it was the one I was looking forward to the least But, this book surprised me It reminded me of The Beach by Alex Garland crossed with The Hunger Games series Could easily be an episode of Black Mirror too Quite a fun read A different and interesting take on the something bad happens genre Different and intriguing with interesting and varied characters Lots of oh shit moments and crazy stuff happening Kept my attention pretty much start to finish, was really good.Only negative I d have to say about it is that it had insta love, which I hate, but in the way they were thrown together and how it happened, it wasn t out of place and didn t ruin the book.Really enjoyable, really good. Fifty People Go To Sleep In Their Own Beds And Wake Up In A Compound In The Middle Of The Jungle Men And Women From All Walks Of Life With Only One Thing In Common None Of Them Know Where They Are Or How They Got There Alex Is A Paratrooper Yael Is A Mathematician Max Is A Law Professor They Can T Leave A Lethal Barrier Surrounds The Facility, But No One Knows If It S There To Keep Them In, Or To Keep Something Out The Compound Is Comfortable And Provides For All Of Their Needs There S A Warehouse With DNA Coded Locks Only Barbara, The Doctor, Can Open A Fully Stocked Operating Room, And Only Alex Can Get Into An Arms Room With Enough Weapons To Outfit An Infantry Platoon There Is Enough Food And Other Supplies To Last For Decades, But Nothing To Tell Them Who Did This To Them Or Why For Alex, It S An Intriguing Mystery Anything Is Better Than Digging Foxholes In The Desert But He And The Others Don T Realize That Time Is Running Out On The Other Side Of The Barrier Lies A Horror Beyond Imagination, And The Barrier Is About To Come Down This is the book that made me join Goodreads It is one of those rare books that just grabs you and takes you somewhere else, and when you re done reading you feel sad that you have to come back to the real world I don t want to spoil anything, so I won t tell you what it s about, but you re probably not going to expect it I can guarantee that if you like this type of book I d call it an action adventure thriller with sci fi elements , then you ll love this one I was quite surprised to find out that this is a self published book The editing is professional, as is the cover I had no idea until I noticed the lack of publisher logo and looked at the author s website Guess the publishing industry dropped the ball on this one. The idea is interestung although far fetched and cliche, but the execution is very poor It s written as a middle grade kind of YA romance than anything All in all I was disappointed in this one. Stunted writing, overly descriptive of non essential tangential information is distracting I read to chapter 8 hoping it would get going with the story and less description without plot movement can t keep going Not worth it I can describe the characters clothing and clothing options than them as people and their motives interests. This was a poorly written novel, a huge disappointment The premise was intriguing but was poorly executed. Third person narratives are an easy read and I am a fast reader, but seriously, the book was so compelling right from the start that it felt like I lost time Seed is what I call boy fiction, BUT it is excellent fiction, so good that me, a lover of all things girly, really, really liked it and would recommend it to anyone regardless of whether they are girly girls like me or have in common with the male lead character I suppose the reason I found this book so likeable is because the main character is a compelling character He is not so HERO that you just assume things will work out for him, yet not at all a schmuck antihero My granny used to tell me that a good book should make you laugh, cry, think about things in a different way, and bang the book against the wall in frustration over character shenanigans, and this book hit all those notes except for tears and 3 out of 4 is a damn good average I don t want to give anything away, but if you like a good post apocalyptic romp, and if you want a story with characters that don t fall into the trap of trying too hard, if you want a book that raises questions about what we are doing to ourselves as a society and provides hints of ways we might be screwing ourselves without being preachy, this is a 5 star choice. The synopsis made me think this was going to be the adult version of The Maze Runner but the only real similarity was people waking up not knowing how they got there The plot was a bit far fetched, which I can overlook easily, but combine that with the insta love situation plus a lot of military,weapons and fighting and I can t rate it higher than a 3 star The lack of relatable, likable characters didn t help either The concept of what happened to the planet was interesting even if it was far fetched It was certainly original no aliens or zombies wiping out the population I wouldn t recommend this for everyone but it was a good read and I think most people who are drawn in by the synopsis will enjoy the story also. I picked this book up on impulse Someone in my Goodreads timeline marked it to read I like post apocalyptic and or dystopian reads sorry, Amber and the plotline sounded interesting.A diverse group of people find themselves in a strange camp with guns, strange technology, and no connection to one another although we do find out later there was It that was all it was, I would probably not have enjoyed it as much But there was good dialogue and situations, interesting characters, good intrigue and villains, and a great ending I even wanted the story to go on Kudos to the author