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After The Most Grueling Harvest In Violet Vineyard S Twenty Year History, Claire De Montagne Is Looking Forward To Her First Ever Crush Party The Weather Is Perfect, The Food Is Fantastic, And The Wine Is Superb The Guests Are A Mixed Bag Of Thirty Old Friends, Two Dozen Neighbors, Ten Business AssociatesAnd One MurdererNo One Except Claire Is Surprised When Wine Auctioneer Dimitri Pappos Is Found Floating Face Down In One Of Violet S Wine Fermentation Tanks Though Dimitri Had Arrived In Napa Only A Year Before His Death, He Had Quickly Managed To Create An Army Of Enemies And Every One Of Them Seemed To Have Shown Up At Claire S PartyBy The Time Napa County Sheriff Hunter Drake Has Questioned The Partygoers, The Suspect List Is Almost As Long As The Guest List, But When Samson Xenos, Claire S Crusty Old Winemaker And Resident Curmudgeon, Is Arrested For The Crime, She Finds Herself Thrust Into The Middle Of Another Murder Investigation An Investigation That Threatens Not Only Samson S Freedom, But Also Claire S Relationship With HunterAs The Killer Begins To Eliminate Every Potential Witness, Claire Races To Identify Him And Stumbles Across A Chilling, Long Buried Secret That Puts Her Own Life In Jeopardy

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    Waiting for the next book.Claire de Montagne is the 50 yr old owner of Violet Vineyards in Napa Valley.She is hosting her first crush party and as the party starts to take off a dead body is found in a vat of wine No one is surprised that the opinionated and mean mouth wine connoisseur Dimitri is dead In fact many are happy.But when Claire s winemaker and right hand man Samson is arrested, Claire takes matters into her own hands and discovers secrets he has kept hidden As the bodies pile up, who is behind the vintners problems.I immensely enjoyed this book, after the first few chapters Which for me just gave to much winemaking detail But that is probably because we do a lot of wine tours and tasting.The description of the valley and wineries are so perfect that I could close my eyes and I was back in Napa.The characters are well written and filled out with personality.And when I found myself irritated at Claire and Samson and their actions, like they were real Then I was sure this writer is invested in his characters The ending was so good and if truth be told, this series would be much better on Hallmark than some of the others Thank You

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    Another good Violet Vineyards Mystery I love the characters and the mystery was really good I was totally shocked by the killer I really didn t suspect that person at all My only issue with this book is about the MC s relationship I think she got too easily offended by the things he said and did P But, overall, I look forward to reading the next one.

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    Same song, different verseIt s been done before, about a bazillion timessome better, some worse Female business owner thankfully, not another tearoom or bakery becomes embroiled in solving a murder Male officer of the law and the female amateur sleuth have chemistry and a history, and of course they butt heads and both do stupid, irrational things to enable the plot There is drama, the mystery ends up getting solved, and the end has a twist that was hinted at earlier The winery bits were very interesting, though.

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    E Reader Cozy MysteryClaire De Montagne owns The Violet Vineyard Victor the Forman, Samson is the wine maker her daughter, Jessica are also in this book Also Napa County Sheriff Hunter Drake If you have read book one, this the follow up.There are many characters too many to list.You will be amazed at all that happens in this book Murder danger, so much Definitely worth reading this book.

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    I really liked this book I have not read book 1 yet but will be doing that soon This book takes place in Napa Ca Napa is one of my favorite places and I thought the author did a wonderful job The characters are a real kick I loved the little bit of craziness.

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    ThrillingBoth of JM s books keep you on the edge of your seat Just when you think you know who did it the plot thickens

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    3 1 2 stars Well written and very informative on wine and wine making Good story but a little too much of the main character getting beaten up

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    Pretty good although she was a little slow to catch on Misuse of I a few times really bugged me but mostly decent writing beyond that Solid 3

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    A good readThe characters were real and the wine industry interesting The end was a surprise All in all an enjoyable read

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    GreatI liked this book better than the first one, and I expect they will keep getting better It is rather long and took me awhile to get into it, but then I couldn t stop reading.