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Wow This is an amazing book with an unforgettable story Monika s writing was so powerful and sensory I found myself stopping often to retread, reflect , and want to have conversations with others about what I just read This is a special story, which seems to have everything.I cannot wait for others to be able to read and share this story as well. Slightly spoilery Proceed at your own risk Trigger warning A parent dies in the book, off screen, but dealing with it is part of the plot This book is, I feel, appropriate for middle readers It has some very serious subject matter, the 13 year old protagonist s father died in an airplane crash, he left the family with no money so they lose the house I don t think that s a major spoiler, since it happens in the first few pages The mother is not handling the loss well AT ALL, which irked me until we find out why towards the end of the book There is a good reason and it is completely understandable, but until you find out, you are VERY mad with the mom for not being there for her daughter Wren The characters, while secondary ones were slightly trope y, the main ones reacted realistically to what was happening around and to them The plot was serious in tone and slightly depressing, but it might help a child who is going through the loss of a parent to read about someone who is going through the same thing The setting was kind of Anywhere, USA to me, but the environmental and civic messages were solid They deal with the location in the book, hence me mentioning it in the setting portion of my review It makes sense when you read it The ending kind of tied everything up way too neatly, but for the age this is being marketed to, it works and is comforting I think When there is that much seriousness and sadness beforehand, one needs something to balance it out The ending does that well I believe This is of a 4.5 than 4 star book, but I rounded down because the plot, while good, went in a very one direction way You could see the ending coming and every rest stop on the way NOT a bad thing, it works for the age group, but I thought it was a bit too telegraphed for me Good for that age, not for mine I would recommend it to middle readers and up.My thanks to NetGalley and Capstone Young Readers for an eARC copy of this book to read and review. After The Death Of Her Father, Twelve Year Old Wren Finds Her Life Thrown Into Upheaval And When Her Mother Decides To Pack Up The Car And Forces Wren To Leave The Only Home She S Ever Known, The Family Grows Even Fractured As She And Her Mother Struggle To Build A New Life, Wren Must Confront Issues With The Environment, Peer Pressure, Bullying, And Most Of All, The Difficulty Of Forgiving Those Who Don T Deserve It A Quirky, Emotional Middle Grade Novel Set In Michigans Upper Peninsula, Be Light Like A Bird Features Well Drawn, Unconventional Characters And Explores What It Means To Be A Family And The Secrets And Lies That Can Tear One Apart 3.5I think it s official I like middle grade better than YA I d much rather read about the issues a middle schooler faces than the issues a high schooler does So, thank you Monika Schr der, Netgalley, and Capstone for giving me the chance to really discover that with this book.All that being said, it s a good book Not the best middle grade I ve read, but still very good In summary, a girl s father dies in a plane crash, body never recovered, and must learn about grief and death That s the basic story of it all, one that I ve seen done before While I thought that it was all very neatly tied up, and that most of the side characters didn t feel expanded enough or were just there to make things easy for the wrap up, I enjoyed a couple of things done.First, the friendship between Theo and Wren It was just so sweet If this was a YA book, there would have been romance between them rather than a friendship I much prefer reading about friendships than the whole will they won t they shit in YA, usually with a love triangle tacked on to make it interesting It was completely pure and sweet between Theo and Wren Two people who understand what the other is going through, and is there to just help The school outcasts The most touching scene in the book was between them, and it was played down when I just wanted of that sort of gut punch.Second, the truth of middle school populars Everyone remembers the populars in school I remember mine, trying to fit in with them and be someone who I just wasn t How stuck up most of them are Although, it is a stereotype because not all popular people are like that, just a whole lot of them it made me cringe and picture very specific people for those slots And, third, a great snapshot of a parent grieving This is another very small portion of the book, but it was one of my favorites You can see a portrait of a mother going through her grief, all while trying to keep it together for her child It s sad and since I m an adult it means because I can understand what Wren felt, plus what her mother did.So, while there were a few things that didn t work for me plotwise, it was overall a good book. A death in a family is like an earthquake It rocks everyone in a different way, and no one individual fully appreciates the impact on the others In addition, the struggle to cope can be greater when the loss reveals harsh secrets This is the situation in which we find a cast of expertly drawn characters in Be Light Like a Bird foremost, 12 year old Wren and her mother, who are struggling to cope with the death of her father in an aircraft accident over the ocean There is no body to bury, and thus, one less way to process grief While the inciting incident evokes feelings of sorrow, it is also the launch point for hope It is impossible not to root for Wren and her mother as they struggle to accept and transcend the loss, each in their own imperfect way Their journey involves a few precipitous moves that yank Wren from one school to another and evoke empathy for a girl who longs for roots and re centering Finally, Wren meets a boy who has lost his mother to cancer, and together they take on the project of saving a local pond and bird haven from being turned into a landfill The task involves garnering the strength to stand up to psychological demons and real life bullies and leads to a satisfying ending Told in the first person from Wren s point of view, this extraordinarily well crafted book illustrates how an author can capture the full value of feelings of secondary characters from the close perspective of one Anyone who has written in the first person will tell you that this is a very challenging endeavor, particularly with a story that is so emotionally charged Schroeder has managed here to give us the perfect narrative blend of internal monologue and showing rather than telling These are unforgettable characters in a memorable story It should be read not only for its lovely prose and literary value a study of grief, peer pressure, parental struggles and environmental topics but for its superb craft. Netgalley send me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Really enjoyed this one, lots of great morals especially if the intended audience reads this story highly recommend Full review Sometimes big things come in small packages Such is the case with Monika Schr der s newest novel, Be Light Like a Bird.Coming in at only 240 pages, Be Light Like a Bird tells the story of Wren, a twelve year old who recently lost her father unexpectedly in a plane crash Her mother fails to offer her the support she so desperately needs, and the two of them travel from town to town hoping to start a new life They eventually settle in Pyramid, Michigan where Wren must not only deal with her mother s cold demeanor, but a multitude of other issues as well.This middle grade novel tackles many weighty topics such as bullying, peer pressure, nature conservation, the rights of indigenous peoples, death, and the ability to forgive and it does so in a manner that even younger students would be able to process The language is simple The sentences are short But the overall effect will leave a lasting impact.I will definitely recommend Be Light Like a Bird to my middle school students and adults as well Be Light Like a Bird will be released on September 1, 2016. This book is about a girl whose father died in a plane crash The girl and her mother start to move from place to place Then they settle in a place called pyramid This is the starting of her new life When I was approached by the author about this book, I took a little while to decide whether I wanted to read it or not I was very intrigued, and was drawn to it, but not sure how I would cope with the plot as my own father has recently passed away.But Monika s writing style has an ease to it She make s you feel comfortable whilst reading about a difficult subject, and although it has quite a few emotional scenes, I was surprised that I was never brought to tears.Be Light Like A Bird, is a Children s YA book, that deals with some hard hitting issues It follows the life of twelve year old Wren, and her ever increasingly distant mum, after the death of her father, in a plane crash.When her mum throws all of her fathers belongings out, packs up the family car and moves them away from the only home that Wren has ever known, Wren is devastated, and hates her mum Especially after she makes them move three times in a short space of time.For such a young girl, Wren feels like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders, and the one person who should be there to comfort her, and tell her everything is going to be alright, is the one person making her life miserable Not only has her mum stopped having a relationship with her, but she won t even allow Wren to mention her father s name Wren eventually see s red when her mum gets rid of the only possession that she had left of her father, his beloved Volvo.When they finally seem to settle in a town called Pyramid, Wren gets to attend the local school Unfortunately, she is teamed up with the Geek of the class on a school project Over time with the Geek , Theo s help, Wren starts to enjoy life again, especially when they start campaigning to stop the local pond being turned into a refuse site.When her mum lets her into a secret she has been hiding, Wren accuses her of lying, but deep down she knows that her mum is telling the truth, she just doesn t want to believe it To me though, the secret that her mum had been keeping from her daughter didn t justify the way that she treated her I also feel that she should never of told her, as it only added to the hurt that Wren was already feeling.One of the many things that I like about the book, apart from the interesting and unique storyline, was that Monika has kept the chapters really short, something that I feel gives this an added interest to children and YA readers Her writing style has a natural flow to it and reminded me of Kate Dicamillo s books.This is a must read It s engaging, emotional, fun, interesting, and gripping It has realistic characters that you can connect with Most importantly it certainly won t leave you disappointed.Reviewed by Stacey at www.whisperingstories.com Coincidentally, I ve now read two MG books in a row in which the dad dies and the mom handles it badly Both times the mom has a reason view spoiler here it s because Mom found out about Dad s affair while cleaning out his stuff hide spoiler