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Makoto Amano Wants To Become An Actor, But His Stern Father Has Decreed That The Only Way Makoto Can Pursue His Dream Is To Spend The Last Two Years Of High School As A Girl He Quickly Makes Friends With Popular Tomboy Ito Miura, Another Drama Enthusiast At This New High School And The Only Student To Find Out His Secret But Are They Than Pals Creepy Sakamoto Is Looking For A Girlfriend, And He Wouldn T Mind Dating Ito Or Makoto Then Makoto S Sister Tsubaki Is Brought In To Sakura High She S Says It S To Be A Teacher, But Is It Actually To Be A Spy For Makoto S Father It Looks Like Makoto And Ito Have A Few High Hurdles To Jump Before They See The Goal Line

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    A decent amount of comedy and fluff Really enjoyable plot building and really relatable.

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    By looking at faces Ito is a boy and Mako is a girl but in realisticMako is a boy and Ito is the girl Mako came to Ito s school cause he wanted to be a acto, his father said if he went to schoola nd pretehd to be a girl he can be a actor instead of taking place of his Dojo When Ito find out that Mako is boy, she try everything to help him THey fall in love and Mako is protecting her from Sakamoto He is a guy who known as liking Ito but he want o find out the guy who is she dating and who is the blond hair dude all is Mako Sakamoto likes Ito and was sticking up with the IIzuka family and Toki trying to see who is the dude with Ito These two guy who likes Ito and the IIuka family s princess or known as Mako s fiancee who likes Mako and her brother is trying put out Mako s sercert so he can just go back to his family and take care of his father s Dojo and can married his sister.

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    the plot in this book is Makoto s sister comes to spy on his father Makoto s family has a lot of problems but he has his best friend to help him and since Jto looks like Makoto there both going to have a lot drama then they would of thought i can connect to this book becuase is one of my family members only came to see my was to watch out of my parent i would think it was pretty werid and want to find out why but it was really cool that Makoto had a great friend to help him get through all of this i rated this book 3 out of 5 stars becuase it was good it had a lot of drama in it its really a teen book becuase teen lives are fulled with drama i recommed this book to someone how likes conic books and if they read the 1,2,3,4 book of this series.

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    I love this gender bender, funny, romantic, a little paranormal manga Ito Miura is a tomboyish girl whose looks and attitude makes her easily mistaken for a boy As a member of the drama club she always play male roles Soon she meets the new transfer student Makoto who is a beautiful girl, who is really a guy in disguise Makoto has made a deal with his father, to be able to follow his dream of becoming an actor, he must attend high school as a girl and nobody must know So when Ito finds out the secret by accident she swears she won t tell This starts their weird friendship that soon turns into a strong bondloveThroughout the story there were a lot of love stories that come into play as examples which the witness and strength their love.

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    i want to know why everyone thinks that ito needs protection she seems fairly capable of handling things on her own but then she keeps running into people that can easily overpower her i get a tad confused about how her physical descriptions and the way she is portrayed to always being pretty powerful and have a decent amount of strength, but still always needs to be rescued i find it to be than slightly contradictory.

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    This volume was highly repetitive to the previous volumes All the characters are literally doing the same things they were in previous chapters The two things that happened to move the plot forward could have been added to either the previous or next volumes and this volume could have been cut out entirely Honestly, this makes me worried for the series If the mangaka is recycling material this early on, how repetitive is the rest of the series going to be

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    I m enjoying the challenges that Ito and Makoto are facing and the way that these things are drawing them closer together.

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    Romanticish not the type for it but it dragged me in Willing to trade for Kitchen Princess 4, or if i already have 4, 5 You dont really need to read books 1 4 to get this.