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Sixteen Year Old Tomboy Ito Miura Has Been Chosen To Play Romeo In Romeo And Juliet The Problem She Doesn T Want The Male Role So, Who Will Be Juliet The Favorite For The Part, Beautiful And Vain Tsugumi, Must Compete With The Cute New Transfer Student, Makoto Amano But Makoto Has A Secret, And If Rival Tsugumi, Or Anyone In The School, Finds Out, It Could Ruin Makoto S Life, Dragging Ito Down As Well

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    Ich liebe es einfach

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    Perhaps this is suffering from first manga syndrome I d read this once before when I was new to shoujo and couldn t remember anything much about it, though apparently I gave it 4 stars Now upon rereading, I find it rather dull The premise is basically this A tomboy who looks like a guy and a boy disguising himself as a girl for high school in order to win his freedom from family business obligations join a drama club and fall in love They keep playing the lead roles with swapped genders.Maybe it s because it s from the 90s, but I feel like I ve read these scenarios a million times over with better art since then.I won t bother tracking down Vol 2.

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    An interesting twist on the gender bender a high school boy wants to become an actor, but his father wants him to inherit his dojo So they make a deal if the son is a good enough actor to pass as a girl for the last two years of high school, he won t have to run the dojo Can he do it Only with a little help from the manliest girl in class

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    Very very great This is a very best comedy romantic manga and I recommend it for everyone Hm this is best for a single too, who expect a perfect man Haha The main characters is very different but they re totally unbeliavable. care and love each other.

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    One of my favorite series, I reread from time to time The first volume introduces us to tomboyish Ito and the introduction of the beautiful new transfer Makoto who has a big secret fun series

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    An older series, but still a great one.A male looking female gets the role of Romeo and falls in love with a female looking male that gets the role of Juliet.It s quite amusing.

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    This review is for the entire series finished or unfinished I started only adding the first volume from manga titles because, well, do you realize just how many volumes of One Piece there are I didn t get very far in this manga maybe to volume 2 Normally a romance with a gender bending element is alright for me I loved Hana Kimi Maybe it s because there s just too much bending going onIt was difficult for me to get past the fact that he looks like a girland she looks like a guy I just couldn t do it lol The storyline seemed compelling and I might ve enjoyed at least that element of it if I d been able to get past the uh, weirdness As for the artwork, I m kind of particular I don t mean that in a rude way there are plenty of styles I enjoy and I m willing to try most things But there are times when I encounter a style that doesn t jive with me, and this manga s style was one of those.

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    Reviewed by delil1 Makoto Amano wants to be an actor moor then anything in the world, but his father has other plans for him They make a deal, of Makoto can prove his talent by spending his last two years of high school as a girl without anyone finding out he is a boy, he can pursue his dream But almost immediately he is found out by Ito Miura a tomboy with dreams of being an actress They make fast friends and she decides to help him keep his secret and win the bet So starts their hilarious mission to protect his secret I loved this book it is a very strange romantic comedy complete with a boy as the leading lady, and a girl as his Romeo I would recommend this series to anyone who sees the funnier side of romance Also if you like Tokyo Crazy Paradise or Boy Princess you will love W Juliet

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    I love this gender bender, funny, romantic, a little paranormal manga Ito Miura is a tomboyish girl whose looks and attitude makes her easily mistaken for a boy As a member of the drama club she always play male roles Soon she meets the new transfer student Makoto who is a beautiful girl, who is really a guy in disguise Makoto has made a deal with his father, to be able to follow his dream of becoming an actor, he must attend high school as a girl and nobody must know So when Ito finds out the secret by accident she swears she won t tell This starts their weird friendship that soon turns into a strong bondloveThroughout the story there were a lot of love stories that come into play as examples which the witness and strength their love.

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    This was a cute series and I enjoyed it when I read it but its not one I would go back and reread Interesting but contrived story about a girl who falls for a boy who has to live like a girl in order to convince his family if I am remembering this right that he s a good enough to become a full time actor So as far as her family and their friends are concerned he s a she but Ito, who s a tomboy and often mistaken for a guy knows the truth The two become good friends and fall in love and often encourage one another Ito is very earnest and this is, to me, a classic manga as there are lots of support one another and try your best themes that so many of these kinds of manga tend to espouse Worth the read but upon reflection over time I d say this is a 3.5 star series.