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A High School Field Trip To An Amusement Park Has Ito And Makoto Switching Clothes Just To Hang Out Together, And Their Friendship Is Threatened When A Classmate Sees Through The Ruse Later, Back In The Drama Club, Cute New Student Kohei Is Determined To Win The Woman Of His Dreams Makoto

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    I love this gender bender, funny, romantic, a little paranormal manga Ito Miura is a tomboyish girl whose looks and attitude makes her easily mistaken for a boy As a member of the drama club she always play male roles Soon she meets the new transfer student Makoto who is a beautiful girl, who is really a guy in disguise Makoto has made a deal with his father, to be able to follow his dream of becoming an actor, he must attend high school as a girl and nobody must know So when Ito finds out the secret by accident she swears she won t tell This starts their weird friendship that soon turns into a strong bondloveThroughout the story there were a lot of love stories that come into play as examples which the witness and strength their love.

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    I torn between liking the main character and disliking him because he seems very possessive.

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    Super cute yet again Lots of drama Good plot building.

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    the plot of this book is that Makoto and Jto are like best friends now but underneath that is something there freindship is on the rocks becuase a new student wants Makoto his they both still want to be actors and have big surpise s they are gender benders i can connect to this book becuse when me and my friends are really close we dont want any one to come between us just like Makoto and Jto s friendship and if it does all you can do is try to make it better for you becuse you can possable get back to normal i rated this book 3 out of 5 stars becuase it was good and i could relate to it with my own life also it was at points a bit boring but i got over it i can recommed this book to people who read the other parts of this series like book 1,2.also to people who like comic books.

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    Fa on Lovely Complexe avec une h ro ne un peu hors norme physiquement pour une japonaise parce que chez nous elle passerait inaper ue M me si je lis des mangas depuis toute jeune et suis familiaris e avec la culture japonaise, hors yaoi et son pendant f minin, a me gonfle toujours ces histoires avec les filles ou mecs tordus qui v n rent leurs camarades de classe du m me sexe, au point de friser l homosexualit Non pas que j ai quelque chose contre serais je fan de Clamp autrement mais a fait bien trop jeunesse paum e comme c est pr sent Ils sont flippants

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    El que mas me ha dejado en Shock

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    i m liking this as i read further