{Textbooks} Kylie in the City- Book 1 Author Laura Keysor – Multi-channel.co

Choosing To Follow Her Dreams And Moving To The Big Apple Had Been A Big Risk For Single Mormon Girl, Kylie McKay Now That She S An Actual Resident Of The City That Never Sleeps, She S Found That Being Mormon And Single So Far Away From Utah And Everything She Knows Is Much Of A Challenge Than She Had Anticipated Kylie Loves Living In The City, But Attracting Great Guys To Date Is Seriously Exhausting When Every Girl Her Age Is Than Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Snatch Them For Themselves The Guys Aren T Making It Any Easier On Kylie And Her Roommates Either, So In Return The Girls Devise A Plan To Even The Odds In Their Favor From Romantic Dates To Meaningless Make Outs, Kylie Finds Out What It Really Means To Be A Single Woman In A City With Infinite Possibilities

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