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Water We Can T Live Without It Not A Drop To Drink Sounds The Alarm, Detailing The Current State Of Emergency Facing The US Water Supply From The Parched High Plains To Corporate Boardrooms, Ken Midkiff Explores Water Wars, Privatization, American Agriculture, And Global Warming And What We Can Do To Get A Glass Of Water

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    This book is as dryly written as a Sierra Club pamphlet, and kind of depressing besides the three stars is for the importance of the information it presents We are destroying our rivers and native fisheries so we can grow rice in the desert, we are overtapping our groundwater reserves in service to wasteful corporate agriculture monoliths, and areas such as California are already feeling the effects of multi year drought and mandatory urban conservation While the What You Can Do parts of each chapter run the gamut from write to your Congressman, to write to your Senator, it is true that each of us needs to be aware of the issues surrounding our natural resources, and become actively involved citizens A decent introduction to several of the most pressing water crises that are right on our doorstep.

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    A good discussion about water use within the united states and the differing motivations of communities, farmers, environmentalists Each chapter seems to deal very specifically with issues, which is difficult to do when there are so many inter twined influences for this topic.

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    I am ashamed of the world we are leaving our future generations.