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Recipes For Affordable Meals Presented So Polished You D Never Know Their Lowbrow Origins, Complete With Tips And Tricks That Prove Fabulous Hosting Doesn T Have To Break The BankRachel Hollis, Blogger And Founder Of The Chic Site, Which Reaches Over , Users A Month, Delivers This Swoon Worthy Cookbook Packed With Delicious And Easy Comfort Food That S Sure To Wow At Both Family Suppers And The Fanciest Dinner PartiesRachel Puts A Finger Licking Gourmet Twist On Classic American Favorites In Sections That Include Recipes For Casseroles Balsamic Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf, Bacon And Green Chili Mac N Cheese Potluck Loaded Baked Potato Salad, Seven Layer Salad Dips Grilled Guacamole, Corn Dip, Chili Cheese Dip, Pizza Dip Sips Strawberry Rosemary Moonshine, Grandma S Sweet Tea Somethin Sweet Banana Pudding Parfaits, Mema S Carrot CakePacked With Big Flavor And Simple Enough For A Beginner Home Cook To Master,Upscale Downhome Focuses On Great Tasting Food And Beautiful Presentation That Is Guaranteed To Impress This Is The Kind Of Food That We All Like To Eat, Served Up With A Chic Twist

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    This is the prettiest cookbook I ve ever seen in my entire life and I swear I m not just saying that because all the recipes are mine

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    After looking through this cookbook, I placed an order for my own copy so I could return this copy to the library I saw a post on Facebook about this cookbook so I put a hold on it at the library and after looking through it, this is definitely a keeper I will tell you that I haven t read any of Rachel s other books so, I am now looking into them but right now, this one has my attention.I am not a fancy cook as I eat normal food Once in a while I will try something different, if the mood strikes me but I have to psych myself up for it This week I bought some beet chips at the store, I said bought, I haven t eaten them yet but I have them in my possession as they looked good and I liked beets a lot and they re baked, so hopefully, they re not too bad After thumbing through this cookbook and reading quite a few pages, I really think I could make everything in this book It looks all normal, it looks pretty easy, it s comfortable food without a lot of fancy ingredients and it looks like food that my friends and family would eat This cookbook looks like a winner to me In sections that are pretty typical snacks, dips, casseroles, potluck, slow cooker, parties, etc., I found many recipes I am excited to try I also was excited about the parties section and the sips section The parties section has a listing of 10 different types of parties and for each of the parties, the author gives suggestions on how to host them From decorating, to food, the author has great suggestions and pictures to help make the party a success In the sips section, there are 10 drinks to create from moonshine, gypsy, margarita popsicles to patriotic punch There are some that are nonalcoholic too Let s talk about the recipes The illustrations in the cookbook are different, I thought The author shows us a variety of illustrations for each recipe, and yes, each recipe has illustrations Each recipe has a series of illustrations 3 5 that show the progression of the recipe as you follow the steps plus a final product illustration This makes the cookbook bright and colorful inside There is a little blurb and serving size information for each recipe but nutritional value is not provided The ingredients and preparation are listed and they are easy to follow What I like about cookbooks are, they may have the same title of a recipe that you have tried before but the ingredients are a bit different There are some recipes whose names look familiar Loaded Baked Potato Salad, Seven Layer Salad, Spinach Artichoke Dip, Chili Cheese Dip, and Spaghetti Salad but following this author s recipe and or using her other suggestion, these just might make this dish stand out I thought the Breakfast Scramble, Raspberry Peach Dump Cake, and the BBQ Root Beer Chicken sounded amazing just to name a few I can t wait to get my copy in the mail.

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    This cookbook is nothing to write home about Hollis s recipes aren t especially original or creative, and too often they rely on cans of mushroom soup, packets of french onion soup mix, or whole bottles of generic BBQ sauce I understand the appeal of recipes like this, it s sort of a throwback to the 1950s when home cooks were figuring out how to use new processed foods to lighten the labor of scratch cooking Yet in practice I find that when recipes depend on pre made elements like this it becomes hard to guarantee a good resulting dish there is just so much variation in taste from one bottle of BBQ sauce to the next, so much variation in salt content from one packet of french onion soup mix to another I made the BBQ Root Beer Chicken in my Crock Pot, and I used my favorite BBQ sauce and a random bottle of root beer, and I will never make it again It was super MEH And it requires too much chicken to just experiment with different sauces until you find the right one I think I d have liked this book if she d recommended certain brands seriously, which BBQ do you use for this chicken dish , but then again so many recipes depend on these elements it could easily have ended up feeling like a giant advertisement for other products.That said, there are two things about this book that I really love First the dip recipes Sweet Jesus, I love a good dip Some of these were familiar to me, but there are some new ones I will definitely put into the party rotation And second, and importantly, there is a whole section called Leftovers where she tells you how to make new dishes from the leftovers of some of the other recipes in the book that yield a lot of food THIS IS A GENIUS IDEA It s also the only reason this cookbook didn t get a 2 star review.

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    I love classic recipes slightly re imagined It s the kind of food that everyone wants to eat

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    Nothing real new or inventive in this book Also, the list of needed items was a bit munch I could not stand the I m just like you with my inexpensive items she throws in here Trying way too hard to be like regular folk I found myself rolling my eyes often than not and left with an over all annoyed feeling Really glad I did I not purchase this one.

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    An absolute palate pleaser We looked at this cook book for our cook book club, and wound up buying it for personal home collections It s easy to use with ingredients that you use everyday with easy to read instructions Make this book a winner.

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    Great recipes for get togethers or just casual family dinners I loved that most of the ingredients were things I either already had or could easily acquire No crazy ingredients in this cookbook I love Hollis fresh voice, and new take on favorite recipes.

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    Nice pictures and layout for book However, only kept one recipe to try.

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    Cook some jerk chicken

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    I liked 8 of the recipes in this book, that s a good number for me I m usually too picky , but many of these recipes seemed do able.