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A short holiday read about Kiel and Brady Kiel is only 23 but reads much older in this story, IMHO However, he acts like a 5 yr old when view spoiler Brady works in an animal shelter and had introduced Kiel to 2 sweet little dogs Mistletoe and Holly and Kiel had planned to adopt them Brady forgets to make his boss aware of the pending adoption and she adopts them out to another family Kiel then spends the NEXT WEEK moping around in bed and won t talk to Brady Wait, what hide spoiler A cute read that lost a little bit of its shine view spoiler when at 82% MC1 decided to sulk like a spoilt child over something MC2 had no control over.Bear in mind the story proper ends at 87% there is a Valentine s Day epilogue So no real apology for acting like a dick, just a text hide spoiler 3.5 starsSweet but kind of stupid No plot really totally contrived mini conflict that didn t make any sense Things were too perfect Nice writing and characters although they were all too good to be true, but not much else I liked that instead of the usual egg donor Brady referred to his mom as his maternal DNA I loved his relationship with his dad too And one thing, ham is very expensive They probably could have done three times as many regular grilled cheese or even with another meat on it. Cute seems to be the word that I am using most for my Christmas reads this year and it applies to this story also I am not an animal lover, and even I was broken hearted when Brady told Kiel that he wasn t going to be able to adopt Mistletoe and Holly but have no fear view spoiler this story has a HEA for man and beast hide spoiler This Holiday Kiel Rushton S Dreaming Of A Furry Someone With A Happy Heart And A Wagging Tail The Kennel Worker With Twinkling Eyes Seems To Think Kiel Could Handle The Responsibility Of Two Little Dogs That Come With A Heartbreaking Past Heartbreak And Responsibility Are Two Things Kiel Knows Too WellBrady Littleton Works The Shelter Every Saturday, Reliable Than Even The Postal Delivery Person When It Comes To A Dog Being The Right Fit For Someone, His Gut Has Never Been Wrong, But It S Been Wrong About Someone Being His Right Fit Way Too Many Times The Timid Soon To Be Dog Owner Just Needs Some Encouragement And Maybe A Doggie Play Date With His Own Dog To Show Him The Season Is Meant For Caring And Sharing With The Two Balls Of Fluff Will Brady Be Able To Convince Kiel The Two Dogs Were Meant To Be In His Life Will Kiel Convince Brady That He Was Meant To Be There, Too I enjoyed this a lot actually There was a problem with names getting interchanged though. 2.5 stars The story was okay There really wasn t much of a romance, other than a few kisses You really didn t get much time with them together to see a real relationship evolve Also, it ends way to abruptly. I loved this one My only issue was the ending before the epilogue It seemed a little disconnected But I do think that the characters were well developed and the story itself was perfect, especially for the holidays. 2.5 Cute story MCs are nice enough I appreciate that Brady wasn t a saint, but he wasn t a bad guy either Kiel was a good guy as well, but it felt normalnot preachy I think it s weird that they dated and their siblings were dating, but yet we never meet Brady s brother It was just odd I liked Brady s dad, his mom was alright The dogs were super cute Just a nice sweet read.