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The Following Is The Description Of This Book On Just Make Me A Sammich Is A Collection Of Humorous Essays From A Wild Mind, Don Ake He Explores A Wide Variety Of Topics, Finding The Absurd In The Simple Things And Hilarious Perspectives On Complex Topics His Warped Sense Of Humor Will Repeatedly Catch You Off Guard Sometimes Politically Incorrect, Sometimes A Bit Naughty, But Always Witty It Is Literally Laugh Out Loud Funny, Story After Crazy Story For someone who usually reads historical fiction or fiction with quite a bit of drama, Don s offbeat book of humor was a change up for me I m actually quite sorry that it s over because I looked forward to reading a few posts every day It truly is laugh out loud funny Good to know I can still enjoy Don s crazy sense of humor on his blog There really is no way to describe Don Ake s literary masterpiece of laughs without my husband oddly watching me maw like a donkey followed by unladylike gasps for air Just Make Me A Sammich Absurd Observations from a Wild Mind is possibly the funniest book I have ever read While it is true that some people will go out of their way to take offense to every politically incorrect word written in these pages, those who really do need a good laugh would benefit from reading the riotous wit which is so cleverly presented, so as trying hard not to offend Men s demands on women because they love us so much and women s scathing responses because they want their men strong I am still scratching my head as to why sammiches determine one s sexual attainment for the evening and even considered hiding the bread from my husband while reading Don Ake s words of wisdom After reading Don Ake s words, I can honestly say that dinner conversation at my house will never be the same again I thoroughly enjoyed each chapter and recommend this book to mature readers who have pondered why women think you should be able to read their minds, while men insist that they are not male chauvinist pigs Rosie Malezer for Readers Favorite