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A feel good story Nothing unique in the story Too much of cliches. Hill Mansion Wasn T Really A Mansion It Was Just A Ramshackle Hut On A Small Hill But For Robert Pereira, It Was Better Than Any Place He Had Seen In His Village Golvada His Chaddi Buddies Anand And Baloo Lived There With Their Elder Brother Dattya His Hero And The Village Cricket Team Captain Robert Had Named Their Hut, Hill Mansion , Moved By Love For His Buddies It Didn T Matter To Him That They Were The Sons Of A Domestic HelpRobert Loved Hill Mansion Than His Own Modern House, Because The Poor But Strong Residents Of Hill Mansion Had Given Him The Courage To Live And Fight, Bestowing On Him The Pet Name Samson On The Other Hand, His Siblings And Village Bullies Made Fun Of His Clumsiness And Weakness, And Nicknamed Him Pondya An Indolent, Feeble FellowWill Robert Be Able To Fight The Village Bullies And Erase The Shameful Pondya Tag To His Name Will His Love For His Buddies Stand The Test Of Time And Social Barriers As He Grows Up Chaddi Buddies Is A Tender Story Of Friendship, Love And Brotherhood, Loosely Based On The Author S Childhood, Which Will Kindle Sweet Memories As You Read On Oswald Pereira the best selling author of The Newsroom Mafia and Revenge of Naked Princess is back with a bang with his third coming of age novel Chaddi Buddies As the title suggests, Chaddi Buddies is a tale of four friends who grow up together and whose bond undergoes a huge change with coming of age Oswald Pereira is a master story teller who seamlessly weaves stories within stories as was demonstrated by him in his edge of the seat thriller The Newsroom Mafia On the contrary his Revenge of Naked Princess was full of super natural aura to scare the readers to their wit s end Whereas in Chaddi Buddies the readers get to see a completely new side of Oswald as a story teller whose childhood holds an extremely special place in his heart.Chaddi Buddies is set in a village called Golvada near Thane It is about the special friendship that gets developed on Hill Mansion over a period of time between Robert Pereira and the three sons of domestic help of the Pereira household These three sons namely Dattya, Anand and Baloo grow up with Robert doing all the naughty things together that children back in sixties did There were no video games back then and kids had no luxury of iPhones and iPads on which they could play clash of clans Those were heady days when after the school hours children would toss aside their school bags and venture out into the fields to enjoy in the lap of nature without a care in the world.Those were innocent days when only two things were expected out of children Study and play Childhood meant unlimited fun filled activities sans the burden of peer pressure or a trap called ranking system What Oswald Pereira has captured in Chaddi Buddies is the message that childhood is invaluable but every child is special We should refrain from judging the kids harshly and thereby allow their natural talent to surface on its own.Chaddi Buddies is laced with humours tone The beginning of the book is engaging as it starts off with two things religion and cricket that define every Indian Oswald Pereira s lyrical prose makes the live commentary of a cricket match between two village games in which our protagonist Robert is making his debut as a batsman so real with his knowledge of field placements and batting techniques that the readers can see Robert scoring the winning run with the entire stadium erupting in joy right before their eyes.His portrayal of Dattya who is the Godfather to Robert and leaves no stones unturned to teach him the ropes of life is an icing on the cake Only Oswald Pereira can create such selfless characters and present them before readers in a convincing manner.Apart from childhood game and usual tantrums between jealous siblings, there is a lot of Christianity in Chaddi Buddies But the depiction of religious beliefs and dogmas is in a lighter vein and doesn t sound preachy Our obsession with the sainthood and how rebellious believers are axed from the church or communities also finds its mention in Chaddi Buddies with the intention of conveying how nothing is perfect in the world.While reading Chaddi Buddies, be prepared to have an emotional trip down the lane of your memories of childhood This book will serve as a trigger to look back and ponder over what you ve achieved as an adult and at what cost At the same time, certain incidents narrated in the book will turn out to be cathartic giving vent to your tears.In a nutshell, Oswald Pereira s honest as baby s heart novel Chaddi Buddies will give you something to smile at and something to cry over But this the author provides in equal measure to strike a balance between joy and sorrow, happiness and suffering Undoubtedly, Oswald Pereira can manipulate your emotions at his will Do pick up Chaddi Buddies to rekindle your childhood memories It reads like a breath of fresh air. Everyone has a dream to relive his her childhood memories once again Although, they are the best time anyone can get Naughtiness behavior, curious mind, dependence on others, competition with friends even while eating was a common characteristic of every child Even I was like it, when I was one.When I firstly held the copy of Oswald Pereira s Chaddi Buddies in my hands, it was really feeling like getting into those childhood days once again The title in itself is very catchy Not only elders, this tile will accomplish to get the attention of child readers too As I went through its back cover synopsis, it ignites my curiosity for this book Specially the last three lines Chaddi Buddies is a tender story of friendship, love and brotherhood, loosely based on the author s childhood, which will kindle sweet memories as you read on these lines were enough to attract my attention towards it.When I went through its first few pages, my attention was fully hooked at the story The characters were very cleverly chosen, and their description is fantastic The whole story of this book revolves around Robert, who is the main character in this book There shown his journey for erasing the tag of Pondya from his name I would like to appreciate the story telling ability of author, the way in which various scenes were described, make this book heart touching Several scenes, makes you memorizing your childhood days The first half of the book is enough entertaining to keep your attention focused at it There is always a suspense What next will happen in Robert s life I would like to mention that Cricket match, in which Robert had played the winning shots for his team which was just incredible for the other village boys The narration really makes it enjoyable After every chapter I read, my eager to complete this book grew.The ending of this book is packed with emotions, and inspiring taught When Robert grew into a young teenage boy, the story also seems to at a new level Everything looks just perfect But, the use of regional language during conversations is its one drawback for me Sometimes I felt it very difficult to understand it.In the end, I ll like to thanks the author for trusting me to reviewing your book It was really a great pleasure in reading Chaddi Buddies and thank you for taking me back to my childhood memories. Childhood The era of innocence, innovation and enjoyment A tale of four childhood buddies, their past and their journey as they become grown ups is enough to make you relive your tears, fears and joys as a child.The book engages you right from the very beginning Its hard to keep down the book as it progresses The emotional saga with a humorous touch makes it an interesting read The journey of a child into a teenager and then into an adult has been well described and this can appeal to any reader whoever picks up the book irrespective of age group.The title is apt and interesting The cover page could have been innovative as the title The honesty and simplicity in writing with understandable and easy language makes you to imagine things with eyes open The characterization and the narration of events is lively The story is gripping and lyrical It strikes the perfect chord of happiness and tears It was fun and refreshing to read about school life and how life was without technology A brilliant piece of writing I just fell in love with this novel.Thanks to the author for bring out this awesome work and making us nostalgic about our lost precious days of childhood filled with joys and fun without burden.