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When Joseph Djugashvili Was Born The Son Of A Poor Shoemaker, Few Suspected He Would Rise To Become One Of The Twentieth Century S Most Ruthless And Powerful Dictators Enad As A Young Man With The Revolutionary Politics Of Lenin, He Joined The Underground Marxist Party And Began His Pursuit Of Power By Leading Strikes And Demonstrations Six Times He Was Exiled To Siberia For His Illicit Activities, Escaping Many Times Despite Below Freezing Temperatures And On One Occasion An Attack By A Pack Of Wolves His Instinctive Ability To Command Authority And Divide The Opposition Through Lies And Deceit Set Him On A Path He Would Follow To Become Russia S Most Absolute Dictator He Was Never Reticent To Shed Innocent Blood In The Pursuit Of His Own Ends, And He Carefully Orchestrated Demonstrations That Brought About Massacres That He Then Used To His Own Revolutionary Ends His Vision Was Far Reaching, And While His Initial Purpose Was To Establish A Soviet Socialist State His Larger Goal Was World Domination Ultimately Responsible For The Deaths Of Over Million Million Alone In The Ukrainian Famine He Caused Stalin S Life Is A Sober And Heartbreaking Account Of The Reign Of Terror Suffered By Countless Millions At The Hands Of One Man Illustrated With Photographs

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    This is a well written and vivid book, although it s not a serious book It does not reference sources, for example, even when you wonder where the material they re summarizing came from, and tends to make broad generalizations It sounds a bit like a textbook, in that it simplifies and doesn t get into the grey areas However, it does an okay job of pointing out the atrocities and contradictions of the regime that killed 20 million Russians and destroyed their future Stalin is clearly the man who threw away the greatest accomplishments of 19th century Russians, as well as destroying their future, as well Today s Russians are still paying the price.The author clearly has an ax to grind At one point, he throws out the accusation that in the United States, American liberals borrowed communist ideas in the form of social security I ve searched assiduously for evidence to back this up, and it appears that it s an accusation only put forth by the far right In addition, the numbers of deaths appears to be wildly exaggerated In a recent article in the New York Review of Books, academic Timothy Snyder informs us that the number of people killed by Stalin has been revised drastically downwards since the opening up of the Soviet archives Marrin does not benefit from such research, and in fact, makes the accusation that most of the people who went to the gulag died, when in fact, only about 50% did.This book seems to be written as a young adult YA book, and it reads as such Reader take note.

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    If I were this author I would ve kicked myself for not waiting another year to publish, this book s date is 1988 right before the iron curtain fell and much information became available Had it not been for this I might have given the book another star.You may want to read something written recently But overall this was a pretty good book It gave me the overview of Stalin s life that I wanted without going into a ton of detail Someday though, I ll have to read a complete book on Russian history as this one leaves you with no idea what really caused the communist revolution You do however get a good look at Stalin the man.

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    This book tells a great deal about who Stalin was, what he did, and basically how evil he was This book helped me learn a lot about WWI WWII and the form of government the U.S.S.R had at that time Also, you meet Hitler, and how he was involved in Stalin s miserable life This book makes you appreicat freedom

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    In the early 20th century eastern Europe was gripped with poverty and terrible tsars Meanwhile in Georgia a man with strong beliefs was learning about Marxism and how the people should rule the government Little did anyone know that he was to become the sole ruler of Russia With him came a wave of terror, purges, and brainwashing Stalin or the man of steel they called him, would change global history for years to come.I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about Stalin and what made him become ruthless The book tells us about his early life and his hardships which led him to want change It tells us about his failures as well as his accomplishments One quote in Stalin s bio goes on to say, Bitter against the world, oppressed by fear, he didn t feel safe anywhere or with anyone , It shows us how paranoid and delusional he was This book was really interesting, i learned a lot about the Russian history For anyone who loves history, you sure will enjoy this book And for those who do not like or are not interested in history, i m sure this book will change your opinion.

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    Wow I read Hitler by Marrin first, and thought nobody could be as bad as Hitler Then I read Stalin I am not sure that Stalin was insane, as I think about Hitler But I didn t realize how influential and murderous he was So many dystopian novels based on governmental control sound like his regime, only his was worse I had no idea how many people he had killed You breathe a sigh of relief when he finally dies at the end, and like Marrin and the people under Stalin, are glad he stays in the grave and can t come out to terrorize anyone else His use of terror to control his people also helps me understand modern Africa, knowing that many of Africa s freedom fighters went to Russia for training The biggest take away is the warning of the dangers of Marxist thought and Communistic practice How thankful I am to be born in a free country, and may our flag ever wave o er the home of the free and the brave

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    Excellent overview of Stalin s life for young people, middle school age Marrin clearly loves history and he loves telling history as a story, which of course, it is However, for modern Americans, history must be dry, filled with dates, and written like a textbook with the information presented in disconnected little boxes to be considered scholarly That isn t Marrin s way If you re expecting extensive source references, etc you won t find them here, but rather a good broad look at the life of a very evil man.

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    This was a well written book for young people about the life and times of Stalin It was all I would care to know about this evil man and his atrocities to the Russian people.

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    Albert Marrin brilliantly tells the story of Joesph Stalin s life, going step by step from the time he was born Stalin was the de facto leader of the Soviet Union for three decades, during its prime His political life began rising through the ranks of the communist party, after an already hardening childhood Most noteworthy was his involvement in World War Two, where he helped the Allies defeat the Nazis Stalins life has always fascinated me, for he was one of the most powerful men of the past His influential tale is both terrifying and inspiring, and it leaves you to judge his place in history I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in history or historical leaders, it is a great read.

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    Meant for Young Adults, this book tells the horrifying stories of life in Russia under Stalin s rule Millions died as he committed genocide against his own people He set his country back in time by decades and created the hardest life imaginable for Russian citizens Starting with Stalin s early life and going all the way till his death, we learn about what kind of man Joseph Stalin was, how death of others meant nothing to him, how he treated his own soldiers, and how crazy, narcissistic, and paranoid he was A tyrant and dictator like no other I think he may hold the record for being responsible for deaths than any other human being in all of history.

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    Another great Albert Marrin book, this time about the under appreciated horror that was Joseph Stalin The book traces Stalin from his roots to his demise, though, as usual, it often goes beyond the realm of biography to explain what was happening elsewhere in the world something very helpful Recommended for anyone interested in Russian history, either of the World Wars, or any history in general