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Charity Tannon Just Wants A Chance To Discover Who She Is Without The Interference Of Her Brother And His MC Disappearing Was Easy Dealing With The Man They Sent To Find Her Isn T He S Taken Annoying To New Heights And His Son Is Even Wilder Than She Was The Boy Needs Boundaries And A Keeper The Father Needs An Attitude Adjustment Her Brother S Brilliant Idea To Make Her Pay For Trying To Live Her Life Making Her The Kid S Keeper And The Man S House Mouse And All She Wants To Know Is What Did She Do To Make Him Hate Her So MuchTick Davidson Is Mad When He S Sent Chasing After A Grown Woman Acting Like A Child She S A Pain In The Butt, And He Doesn T Know What He Ever Did To Her Brother To Make Him Hate Him Saddling Him With His Sister Was A Low Blow, After All He S Not The Babysitter Type He Agrees Only Because She Seems To Know What His Out Of Control Son Is Thinking Needing To Get His Life Back On Track, He Agrees To Allow Her To Stay Only By His Rules, And If She Decides To Run Again All Bets Are OffThis Title Contains Plot Points That Relate To Series As A Whole Limited Club Interaction Due To Plot Development With Red Devils Series Alternate Cover Edition BOXLCM

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    This might be my favorite of this series There were some definite laughs that I didn t see coming I always enjoy a book that can make me laugh out loud Thanks Ms Woods for another great book You seem to keep outdoing you last book Can t wait to see what you do next This book can be read as a stand alone or with the series, just a fyi.

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    3.5 Stars

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    One of my favorite story lines thus far but as usual there are way too many editorial mistakes The story has a few question marks associated with it as well For someone who is so careful concerning women around his son, I was astonished that both of them agreed to be only bed buddies That definitely deserved some literary exploration Also, poor poor travis Always the bridesmaid and never the bride..can t wait for his story He definitely deserves a HEA all his own

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    I purchased this as it was a MC book It was very light on the MC side of the story, truth be told it felt like the lead male was a farmer I think the book made mentions about him and his friends fixing tractors and fences than it did about MC business It was a very quick read.Don t think it is worth 2.99 If you are looking for a short romance to read to fill in a couple of hours, it was good for this.

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    What a great series Another great book by Michelle Woods This is such a great series I can t wait to read the next book in this series A definite must read Happy Reading

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    Wow loved itI loved this The characters were great It was an easy read without a ton of drama It did not seem to have much mc action but was still very enjoyable.

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    Must say that this and bones story I enjoyed the most