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Having Loved Trick Desperately For Four Years, Katie Mathews Wants Nothing Than His Touch Only Trick Thinks He S Too Old For Her Deciding That She S Waited Long Enough, She Plans To Find A Man Who Isn T Afraid To Admit That He Wants Her Only An Old Enemy Has Surfaced, And It Could End In A Deadly Confrontation Derick Trick Tannon Burns With Desire Every Time He Sees Katie Only He Knows That He S Too Old And Too Hard For A Young Woman Like Her Thinking That He Ll Never Be What She Wants Or Needs, He Forces Himself To Stay Away Only She S Being Threatened, And He Isn T Going To Stand By And Watch It Happen He Will Take Out Any Threat To Her With Single Minded Precision Nobody Who Threatens Katie Will Be Breathing When He S Through With ThemWarning This Title Contains Light Bondage And An Alpha Hottie Alternate Cover Edition BMZWUO

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    Katie has been in love with Trick for as long as she can remember He is the sexy big brother of her best friend, the only problem He doesn t know she exists out of the brother role he has given him self and refuses to see her for the woman she has grown to be Increasingly frustrated that the one man she wants refuses to see her, Katie decides enough is enough and it is time her heart moved on Only when trouble arises and an old enemy returns to scare and hurt Katie, Trick is the one that steps in to protect and maybe just maybe her heart will get what it has always wanted Trick Trick has always been aware of Katie but also aware of the fact he is older and a lot harder than she is He does his best to stay away and remember that she is his little sister s best friend and not some whore he can screw and walk away from When the club discover someone is out to hurt Katie, Trick can t help the possessive and protective side that shows No one will hurt or take Katie away from him But with all these new feelings arising in him and the club started to have trouble off another club again, can Trick really keep Katie safe and admit what he has always felt for her Or will it be to late I love this series and really enjoyed this installment My favorite is still number two but this comes close second I love, love, love the boys of this MC and love how the story is set It is refreshing from most of the MC books out there although it keeps the same sort of basic rule most MC books have I can t wait for Tanks story, he has been my favorite throughout Katie and Trick are a good match and strong characters At first I thought oh god another walk over lead female but as the book progresses you see the strength Katie has and admire her for it Trick you just want to scream at through most of it but he is so love able there really is nothing you can do but forgive him Not a lot of drama from the stalker plot but loads when it comes to the couple and their budding romance It was great to catch up with the family and see how everyone is getting on and I hope there are loads books in this series

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    Okay I finally made it to book 3 and I wasn t disappointed This was the best book by far, IMO, for this series.I love it when there is unrequited love on the part of the H The h had been in love with the H forever, but he was always pushing her away.Well, when she s ready to move on he isn t having it.What happens in this book is great There s a crazy stalker, a CRAZY OTT POSSESSIVE H even though he pushes her away and a really funny, sweet heroine.It wasn t perfect though It did get a little boring with the random girl trips, scenes about the h writing her bookblah blahbut other than that, it was good I wish it would have been longer on some parts and shorter on others.I do feel like, out of the series, that this couple was the most interesting and real.I for sure recommend this series and this book I don t think you MUST read them in order, but it would be a good idea The other characters would be lost on you Overall, a pleasant, sexy, fun alpha read.

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    Ok read.

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    This was very engaging, full of strong emotions and action that kept me glued to the page This series just gets better and better

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    I really loved this book It was quite a bit different from the first 2 books in the series I was thrown for a loop though at the end was not expecting what happened but it was definitely very good Very impressed with this writer being a new author she is doing such a great job Hopefully the next books will be just as good as these were Great job.

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    Trick was not likable at all I really wanted Katie to move on not really Lots or twists in turns.

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    Review coming

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    2.5 3