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Living With The Red Devils MC Is A New Start For Slum Mechanic, Racheal Trenton Having Suffered At The Hands Of An Evil Man, She S Ready For The Change Of Pace Devils Fall S Offers Struggling To Find A Way Back To Herself, Racheal Can T Seem To Stay Away From Handsome Dark Haired Tiny, Who S Kindness Seems To Heal Her Broken SoulBeing Part Of The Red Devils MC Has Been Enough For Tiny For Nine Years, But Meeting Racheal Trenton Made Him Realize That He Needs Obsessed With Her, He Finds That Her Broken Pieces Heal His Own He Knows Claiming Her Won T Be Easy, But He S Never Backed Down From A FightAlternate Cover Edition BKLPXIY

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    Even though this book was similar to the story line in the previous book, I enjoyed reading Tiny and Racheal s story Racheal, who has escaped the inner city and is the victim of her former husband s abuse, is actually a strong heroine Tiny is patient, loving and totally possessive I have read the first 3 books of this series and now going on to number 4 The only complaint I have is the pattern of poor editing that I have noticed in all of the books so far Thankfully they were not so much that it took me out of the story but it seems IMO the author should strive to provide better editing I like the writing style, the world building and the characters in the books but the editing is lacking.

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    When Racheal Trenton arrived at the Red Devils MC to work as a mechanic MC member Tiny kept a close watch on her Tiny knew Racheal would one day be his girl, but she needs time to heal and Tiny is willing to be patient until she is ready I did not expect a futuristic Mc story, but I found this to be entertaining I liked Tiny he is a hardened man but so tender with Racheal Had several surprises, looking forward to from this author.

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    I really wasn t too happy with this book I connected much to the first book it s couple than this one.First off, yes, it was super sexy and hot But these two were just TOO perfect It was annoying Then, there was the h s mother She was OTT annoying and I skimmed through every page her name was mentioned in because it was just ridiculous how she behaved.It was a sweet, nice, simple read with a very small amount of action I could see this being a little shorter yes, I said that and being of a novella, as nothing but 1 major thing happened in it for this couple At least IMO Now, as mentioned in my review of book 1, the only reason I started this series was because I stumbled upon book 3 and really wanted to read it.Now, I m excited to finally get to the purpose of my original mission I do recommend this series, just don t expect too much raw and grit Just of a mellow, very sexual read.

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    Embarrassing I had to stop to make this comment because in am really just disgusted at this point I have read six of your books before this one and loved every one If there were any editing issues in those books, i can t remember them I have really tried to be patient and read through the spelling errors, misplaced words and missing words, but there are just so many that at this point, this book needs to be pulled, re edited then re release It is a great story, but so painful to read

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    Disappointing With it s theme centering on an abused woman and how together, they overcome the horrors she faced in order to move forward, I fully expected this book to be better The book doesn t cross that bridge and of course, again, there are numerous editing mistakes Book 2 is really only worth 2.5 stars.

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    this is the third book I have read by this author and I am a fan it s not like the rest of the biker books i have read it was interesting when I first read about the storm wiping things out and the water being poisoned that s not something I have heard of before I really have liked these books so far and I am excited to read about trick and the rest of the mc memebers

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    Wow, this book to me was a lot better than the 1st book and the 1st one was good Especially for being a new author this book is really good It had a lot of different elements in the book and had me feeling different emotions especially towards the ending Great work and thank you for giving me a copy of this book to read as a beta reader Can t wait for books on this series Well done

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    Perhaps I could enjoy this book a bit if an editor would work on it As it was now, I encountered too many mistakes spelling errors, inconsistencies, poor inconsistent use of comma s for my liking.

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    Predictable, alpha male, mc, some tears moments but lacked any angst.

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    Good story, but really really needs to be edited.