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A combination of a dystopian world and a MC living outside the walls of the privileged city I was surprised how much I liked the beginning of this series But I have read the Blue Bandits series, which is set in the same world and liked that series It s a story of insta love lust on the part of Lucca but Molly is a strong heroine and resists his advances He s one OTT possessive, alpha man who finds himself pampering a woman when he has vowed never to be chained down to one woman Loved the secondary characters and I m moving on to the next book in the series. The Wall Was Put Into Place To Protect The Rich And The Privileged From The Fallout Of A Catastrophic Natural Disaster That Destroyed Half The World The World Outside The Wall Was Left To The Lawless, While Behind The Wall The Class System Was Only Fair To Those Born In The Upper Districts They Ruled The Lower Class With Fear Of The Being Forced Into The Lawless World Outside Of The Wall Molly Daniels A Mechanic Living In The Slum District Is Convinced She S Found Love Or Maybe Just A Way Out Of Her Servitude Instead She Finds Herself Abandoned By Her Lover And Her Family, And Thrust Into The World Outside The Wall Fearful And Alone She Tries To Find Her Way In A World That S Filled With Unknown Dangers Only To Find That The World Outside Might Just Be Better Than The One She Was Forced To Leave Behind Lucca Bone Brighton Is The President Of The Red Devil MC His Only Family Is His MC When Molly Ends Up In His Town Sick He Saves Her Life And Decides To Keep Her, Only Molly Doesn T Make Life Easy Not Getting What He Wants Isn T Making Him Happy But When A Rival Club Kidnaps Molly, He Realizes That He S Not Letting Her Go Without A Fight This Prez Isn T Lying Down Anytime Soon, And He S Not Allowing Anyone To Take Molly From The Red Devils Until He S Dead Alternative Cover Edition ASIN BJKQDUYou Can Also Use The Librarian Note Feature Found Near The Top Of The Book Edit Page To Attach A Note To The Book This Helps Prevent The Book From Accidentally Being Deleted By A Librarian Who Thinks It Is An Invalid Entry Please Do Not Use The Edition Field For Information About Alternate Cover Editions 3.5 Stars.This was a fairly good, hot read I felt like the world building needed a little description, additions to make it interesting It just needed something it was a good idea.It was short, and semi interesting and had lots of hot sex.The H is smart, a biker and OTT protective The h is learning to step out of her shell that her family made her build around her self Very quite shy.a little doormat ish My only real complaint was that it had some really cheesy parts You know like so cheesy they were not believable and made you roll your eyes for example the h stands up for herself in the beginning and then gets framed from the very girls she stood up to okay it doesn t sound cheesy when I type it, but trust me, you ll role your eyes when you read it especially her fiance s response Then there were other parts that were very real and gritty which is what you want in an MC read Especially one that s supposed to be rough and crazy from the world having to starting over.Anyway, I would recommend it I m reading the 2nd one and it s along the same lines But I m finally working my way closer to the 3rd, which was the one I ORIGINALLY wanted to read and why I started this series in the first place. I had high hopes but the poor editing and poor writing pissed me off The book needed an editor or even a proofreader at least as there were so many missing commas, run ons, wrong spellings, and just bad composition The story had potential but the writing qualty failed the book It surprised me coz I read the Blue Bandits and the writing in that series, especially in Reaper Unleashed, was ok and did not have a lot of editing mistakes. Michelle Wood s Taming Lucca is not the conventional MC read Michelle creates a dystopian world, where a natural disaster has divided a city between the rich known as the Hillies, and the workers, known as the Slums A wall protects them from a lawless land outside Set in 2072, the lawless lands are divided into small towns and ruled by motorcycle clubs families that abide and protect with their own laws Some are ruthless, but some are just trying to survive Molly is a mechanic and lives day to day in the slums But she was lucky She had a boyfriend, a Hillie, and it seemed she would be moving up until she was set up and sentenced for a crime she didn t commit The punishment to be banished and cast out into the lawless land Alone and scared, she tries to navigate through a world she s never seen Lucca Bone Brighton, is the President of the Red Devil s MC and does not do relationships But something about the little spitfire, has him taking her home, putting her under his protection, and wishing she could be his Michelle is a new to me author, and I believe this was one of her first books I loved the concept Futuristic world, complicated class system, distrust of the unknown I do wish the author had expanded on the dystopian aspect of this story and the wide eyed innocent wonder of being on the outside of the city There where a few grammatical errors, but the story was original and good and I could not stop reading it Michelle Woods is an author that I see on the rise and I m looking forward to reading the next in this series. This combined two seemingly diverse categories, dystopian and motorcycle club romances Dystopian, I have to say, is my absolute favorite I love to read what an author has envisioned as a post holocaust future for the planet and the inhabitants Michelle Woods had a good idea with the water poisoning and the walled city with the class structure It is something that has done before, but she put her own spin on it I loved the outside inhabitants as well I liked the setup where our heroine was a mechanic, interesting twist It would have been nice though if the reader were given even details of the world as it is now, a richer understanding of it Perhaps that comes throughout the series though Lucca is the president of the Red Devils Molly is kicked out of the city into the unknown outside She is innocent and completely unprepared for the outside Then we have insta lust with some complications, and that is the plot That is not a bad thing really It was a little too cut and dried, but it wasn t bad at all What lost the stars for me with this book was the atrocious grammar, punctuation and word misuse errors I m pretty forgiving if the story is good enough to lose myself Some of these included actually several points where our hero, nicknamed Bone, is actually called Bones Word misuses such as the word since instead of sense and so forth It was sad to see as this was a good book otherwise and could have been cleaned up so nicely but a strong editor So, I wouldn t rule out this series or author at all, but I hope along the way she picked up a good editor because it is a shame to see a good idea lowered so much by poor execution. EhI like the world Bone was cool but did come off as a dick Molly was grounded and likeable The action was lacking like it was hardly there The kidnapping was done fast and zipped by way to fast You did not fell the other club Was a threat The best part was the class setting in the post apocalyptic world. 3 1 2 4 stars Rather sweet mc romance Liked the kind of futuristic wild feeling Alpha, yet sweet H who definitely has a case of instant lust love , and a rather innocent but strong willed h Pretty spicy, but not inundated with sex scenes they don t really start until the second half Easy to follow writing style Good characters main and secondary Nice amount of suspense action Tough bikers, but on the good guy side Will probably read of this series. I would like to tell you Im in love with your books, but Taming Lucca has some major flaws It has horrible grammar, puncuation, and is extremely hard to follow sometimes It honestly looks and reads like a rough draft It would be great to correct to it because I really like it but Im going to have to give a bad review if this cant be fixed. This book was good for me even though I am not a big fan of mc books It kept my interest and did not drag out the story line which is always a plus It was a different plot as well with the futuristic stuff but not so much to make it a sci fi just enough in my opinion I pretty much read this book in 1 sitting and was enthralled for the most part A good read I would recommend.