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Introducing Loveable Dog Detective Monty The Must Have Book This Summer You Might Think That Dogs Can T Understand Us But You D Be WrongApart From An Obsession With Cheese, Monty Is A Perfectly Rational Animal So When His Beloved Master Is Stabbed To Death, Monty Decides To Use His Formidable Nose To Track The Killer DownLuckily He Manages To Find A Home With Rose Sidebottom, The Young Policewoman Who S Investigating The Case But With Her Colleagues Turning Against Her, And The Wrong Man Collared, She S Going To Need A Little Help Original Edition ISBN This Is An Alternate Cover Edition

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    4 stars is a very good rating from me for a book like this, partly because I am not a cosy mystery fan but also because I am not really keen on applying human characteristics to animals So why did I read it For a challenge of course This is why challenges are good because they introduce you to books you would otherwise never pick up at all And sometimes they turn out to be good books In this case Monty the Labrador, failed Guide Dog for the Blind due to his passion for food, turns detective in the search for his owner s murderer I found myself quite comfortable with a dog who could read, understand human speech, open car doors and google I cringed just a little when he started having conversations with a rat and then a magpie I nearly gave up when a talking ladybird arrived..However due to Monty s enormous charm and an entertaining and interesting story I enjoyed the whole book and am very glad I read it.

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    I was intrigued when I saw this book announced Then I was sceptical, about a book written partly from a dogs perspective, and finally decided to be brave and request a review copy That was the best decision I have made This book is amazing I have no idea where to start in reviewing this What I do know is this is the first of a brand new series, and I can t wait to meet Rose Sidebottom and Monty again This is a great mix of mystery as well as large amounts of book written from Monty s perspective, which is very different in a book Rose is a trainee detective who is struggling to get any respect from her colleagues She takes Monty home from the vet, after he was treated from the incident in which is beloved big un is murdered Monty is a key witness in the murder, but it takes a while for Rose to realise just how much she should trust her new canine companion.Monty is simply fantastic, he is determined to solve the mystery regarding his master s arrest, and enlists the help of a rat, ladybird and magpie in which to do so Between them they probably do as much if not detective work than the police.From Monty s perspective we learn a lot about how animals communicate with each other, including weemails , which Monty leaves for other dogs to get his messages Monty is far intelligent than any human will give him credit for, he can read, and with the help of Dante the magpie and even use a computer, he can open doors and generally is a delight Seeing the world from the eyes of a dog, may seem like a bit of a gimmick, but it really does work The chapters from Monty are the funniest, but also most emotional I was in tears at the funeral of his murdered master, in sympathy with Monty I can t really explain it, but Rose and Monty are the perfect partnership She seems very much in tune with what her new dog can do, and Monty has the most amazing sense of smell Hearing about simple bits of the world as a mixture of smells is fascinating Despite it being a mystery with a serious crime to solve, this felt far lighter than the average mystery Assorted serious topics come up, including the plight of the simple bumble bee, but the fresh voice, of Louisa Bennet s writing, is a delight I was hooked on Monty and Me from the first pages, and the I read, the I know I would love Monty to be my dog The chapters about Rose and the police force also work well, and help to move the story along I had no idea who the actual villain was until right near the end, and there are plenty of options as the crime is investigated I can t wait until books in this series are released I am so happy I had the chance to read this book, it was a complete and utter delight, and absolutely fantastic.Thanks so much to Netgalley and Avon for this review copy This was my honest opinion.

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    What a fantastic mystery with a pair of detectives that are smart and fun Rose is a police woman in training as a detective and her new pet, Monty, the witness to his owner s murder I love the fact that Monty narrates every other chapter and has the help of the animal world at his paws Anyone who loves animals of any kind will fall for Monty The ending set up a perfect beginning for book two and I ll be watching for it.

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    Monty and Me by Louisa Bennett is a cute and humorous cozy mystery Monty is a Golden Retriever about three years old in human years and was injured trying to save his owner, Professor Patrick Salt Professor Salt did not make it, and Monty is very sad Monty, though, is very determined to find the man who killed his master and friend.Trainee Detective Constable Rose Sidebottom can you imagine how the kids made fun of her in school was at the scene and saw Monty Rose went and adopted Monty when he was well enough to come home Rose lives at Duckdown Cottage Monty is thrilled which is humble, but it is home Rose is on probation for messing up Operation Nailgun a case she knew nothing about She had been nervous and stopped at a bar for drink one night She ended up talking to a man who turned about to be the target of the investigation When Rose went to the bathroom, she left her purse on the table who does that The guy looked through her purse and found her warrant card badge The guy ended up fleeing town and messing up the drug case I do not know how Rose was supposed to know about a case in a different department especially since she was new she could be accused of bad taste in men, but that is about it Rose is determined to redeem herself with the murder of Professor Salt Professor Salt s house was searched They can tell that his laptop and notes were taken What could Salt have that someone would want Professor Patrick Salt was a teacher and researcher at the local university He was doing research on bees The honey bees are dying are and Salt was trying to figure out why as well as find a way to help the bees Salt was also working on a new type of bee hive Could it have something to do with Flay Bioscience Salt was doing some work with them and the company is being less than cooperative While Rose is working her angles on the case, Monty is following his own leads Monty is not your normal dog He highly intelligent and can read as well as turn door knobs Salt thought that animals were capable of learning, and he taught Monty to read which comes in handy for reading Rose s notes on the case With the help of Betty Blabble the resident mouse , Dante a magpie with great computer skills and a penchant for shiny baubles , and Celeste she is a ladybug ladybird in UK who runs the Celestial PI Agency Monty with his keen intellect and sense of smell will find out who hurt Professor Salt as long as Monty does not let his stomach overrule his brain he loves food especially cheese.I truly enjoyed reading Monty and Me I laughed so hard during certain parts of the book wait until you read about Celeste The story is told from Rose s and Monty s perspective I give Monty and Me 5 out of 5 stars it deserves the highest of ratings The murder case is a breeze to solve if you follow the clues left throughout the book However, this story is irresistible I am eagerly looking forward to the next book in The Monty and Sidebottom series.I received a complimentary copy of Monty and Me from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The review and opinions expressed are my own

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    I absolutely loved this book Read it in a day, couldn t put it down It is a police procedural with a little bit extra, one of the witnesses to the crime is a dog, Monty His owner has been murdered and he saw it all He has vital evidence that could assist the police in catching the bad guy but how does a dog get that evidence over to the police without breaking any of the doggie rules Enter the doggie Detective Monty is lucky enough to get adopted by one of the detectives on the team trainee Detective Rose Sidebottom and together, and separately, they work on the evidence Rose with the other officers and Monty with his own crack team.On the face of it, this idea of a doggie detective writing his parts in the first person from his unique pov could have been a big mistake but it is so well written, some parts very funny, others so clever that I almost found myself skim reading the police bits so I could get back to what Monty and his crew were up to The crime itself was well plotted, characterisation was great both human and other Rose has the misfortune of following in someone s very big shoes and her grit and determination to overcome this came across well despite prejudices and other personal problems The relationship between Rose and Monty has definitely hit the ground running and I am definitely going to be keeping an eye out for the next in this series.I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    I really enjoyed reading this book, I loved the story and best of all I loved Monty He is everything you would want from a dog and he has a really good nose which is helping him track down the killer of his beloved master I thought all the characters were great I liked Rose who is the next person Monty goes to live with and he helps her too Wonderful little story that you just wont want to miss out on.

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    Pure joy to read Intense, insightful and fun Monty and Me took me by surprise, not only because of the fact that it is a crime story told from the perspective of a dog how cool is that, all you dog fans out there , but by its wonderfully positive humour and charming style I thoroughly enjoyed reading this ARC which I received in exchange for an honest review.By page 18 I had already realized that I had smiled, giggled and even laughed than 10 times Anyone who loves either reading or writing knows full well it is not an easy task to get laughs out of printed pages Louisa Bennet does humour naturally, her wit is unforced and clever, her tone so easy to follow that reading goes quite easy and you simply breeze through the text Monty, the accidental detective, is not just a dog, but a fully fledged character, and one you will grow to like from his initial accounts of his duck and food addiction, through his interpretation of human behaviour, to his emotional description of his owner s murder, and on and on I am trying to avoid spoilers as best I can, but cannot, so let me just mention a few I instantly fell in love with Monty and Betty chatting, the interpretation of the nickname Legless, Mr Google, Monty s account of his rapport with his new owner, his judgment of Rose s mentor and his sexist attitude, Dante the intellectual magpie being seduced by a stopping now, before I spill the beans.To those who take a stern view to an adult mystery being told with humour and through the eyes of an animal, either give it a chance and have some open minded fun, or stop taking things too seriously, or avoid this book To those of you who love animals and mystery, you will enjoy this book for reasons than one Although to some it may seem like two books blended together one child like with animals talking and one an adult mystery , for me it is not I love the blend.Normally, I love an author who shows the story appealing to all of the readers senses As should be expected, this author does all that, but puts particular emphasis on scents, which works out splendidly, because Monty uses them not only to interpret situations, but people s character, past and present The scent descriptions attached to feelings such as fear and sadness are simply amazing But it is not only a book with animals in it, don t get me wrong The bounty and complexity of human characters, their behaviour and inter relations only gain in expresiveness and impact by adding the animal view on things The author weaves her tapestry very cleverly Human relationships are completely convincing Leach and his stern, yet fair, attitude towards Rose, an interesting rapport between Rose and Varma, not to mention Rose s romantic crush and her family history I especially enjoyed the very illustrative and intriguing description of teenager Finn from the very first time we meet him.As animals get involved in the investigation, the reader becomes curious about how the murder mystery will be solved, how Monty will communicate his findings to Rose, or even who finds the killer first humans or animals The murder case being linked to the possible extinction of bees is quite up to date, and might even interest Morgan Freeman , and as the initial crime escalates and , the reader comes to a nail biting finale I would not sleep till I finished the last 70 or so pages, written in an excellent pace, and intense by the end Then there s the calm before the storm and then Bang If you are looking for sex and gore in your mystery, you might not find all that here If you like dogs, you will love this If you like intense mysteries, you will love this If you like clever books which mix genres, you will love Monty and Me If you like fluency and wit in writing, you will love this book I for one am looking forward to the next mystery solved by Rose and Monty

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    4.5 stars I loved Monty and Me The book was unique, entertaining, quirky and uplifting Mostly written from Monty the dog s POV, the story follows trainee detective Rose Sidebottom and Monty as they try to solve the murder of Monty s master Along the way Monty is assisted hindered by Betty the rat, Dante the magpie and the gorgeous Celeste, a rather beguiling ladybird.Sounds strange, I know, but Monty and Me is utterly bewitching and fun from start to finish It s a comedic murder mystery and Louisa Bennet s voice is fresh and captivating.This is the first in what I hope will be a long and entertaining series Well done

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    I loved this one a cosy mystery told from the canine point of view Monty is the dog detective whose owner has been murdered The policewoman investigating the case takes him in Monty wants to trace the killer.His point of view is given in some of the chapters and he has help from the animal fraternity to trace the killer Such a cute take on a mystery story from a dog crazy lady Looking forward to the next in the series Monty is a canine hero With many thanks to NetGalley for the chance to read this one.

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    This book was a delightful read for me I normally am not a great lover of the cosy fiction, however, Monty and Me is the best in this genre that I have read for some time.I immediately fell in love with Monty and his animal and human friends The animal antics and communication of course you have to suspend belief were great I liked the characters, setting and the mystery which kept my guessing till towards the end.The hardcover copy of book library loan was extremely attractive looking The graphics very appealing and also had a tactile quality to it with the glitter in the title I have someone in mind who would like to receive this as a present.I hope that Louis Bennet writes a sequel and look forward very much to reading it.